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07 Jan 2021 18:24:55
Cristensen out for rest of season so Tomori not being loaned out.

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07 Jan 2021 18:44:45
Feel bad now for criticising him for not getting up,

07 Jan 2021 20:31:28
It's part of football but that kind proves everyone's point that he's not cut out for this league. I've heard the boy speak before and he really wants to be a Chelsea player so it's sad from that aspect but it would be best if he's moved on once he recovers.

07 Jan 2021 20:51:57
Always bad when a player gets a long term injury I’m sorry for him. That said, he’s on thousands of pounds a week and people are losing their jobs and businesses because of the C.V.: he is in a fortunate position.

08 Jan 2021 07:31:48
He got up a played on in that game, I don't care if he was ultimately injured long term. He could of got up, got in the box and influenced that situation. Harsh I know, but I think fair too.

08 Jan 2021 08:14:27
His passing is really decent. And he’s great on the ball. Ok in the air. But my god he’s a pussy. I like I big solid centre back.

11 Jan 2021 08:59:10
dadubliner and J and Blueboy, couldn't agree more guys, except, one aspect from blueboy1 (I like a big solid centre back), it's all about attitude mate, size isn't everything (whatever your partners might, or might not, say lol) You want to score, you got to go thru me first, but, I'm not going to lie on the ground being a girls blouse whilst my team concedes no matter how injured I may be.
Whilst I have been a big fan of AC ( fantastic in the bundasleaguer in the past) I now have to admit he is not premiership level on a week in week out basis.
Campions League, yep maybe, where it's about not losing, rather than winning, but EPL, sorry mate but you need to 'Harden up" and grow a pair!

07 Jan 2021 10:37:25
Ed002, is there a possibility that Olivier Giroud gets a new contract at Chelsea?

{Ed002's Note - Chelsea will not offer the contract he wants - they would like him to stay until the summer rather than leave this month.}

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08 Jan 2021 11:04:39
I think there is still a possibility of him leaving in January.

West Ham owners seem to be interested in him a lot and they just sold Haller for 20m£. So they need a new ST.

06 Jan 2021 22:17:51
Hello ED02 A few posts on here about Wijnaldum? Is it just random play station stuff or do Chelsea actually have an interest? Thankyou.

{Ed002's Note - Not that I am aware.}

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07 Jan 2021 06:34:21
He hasn't renewed his contract so that's why they are talking about him.

{Ed002's Note - There are numerous players who have yet to renew their contracts.}

07 Jan 2021 12:35:34
Chelsea doesn’t want him. Suddenly they are linked to Chelsea whenever they are in need of a mouth watering contract.

07 Jan 2021 13:46:43
I know ed002 that he hasn't been linked to us. I just provided an explanation about why people are talking about him coming to Chelsea.

04 Jan 2021 17:00:30
" Abramovich will not hesitate to sack Lampard, Havertz and Werner have been forced to play tactics they aren't used to, getting the best out of them is vital to the board and owner, they admired Poch but Tuchel and Allegri are available "


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04 Jan 2021 18:12:42
The sun :
Shevchenko on shortlist,

in that case, frank in,

04 Jan 2021 18:55:53
Chelsea do not have a ready-made succession plan to replace Lampard and are yet to hit the panic button. Cleary issues to resolve though

- Matt Law.

Frank is not going anywhere.

04 Jan 2021 20:36:48
Get Hassenhoetl.

04 Jan 2021 22:47:25
Tuchel or Hassenhuttl. If it’s not done before it’s to late Barcelona will get Tuchel to replace Koeman.

05 Jan 2021 11:12:30
Any of Eric Ten Haag or Hassenhuttl is my ideal candidate.

05 Jan 2021 11:39:13
No offence to anyone intended but why would anyone be cheerleading for Tuchel or Ten Haag.

Will they do any better than Frank, possibly. Will they take Us back to Winning Titles and Champions League's, absolutely not.

If it's just improvement We're looking for what's the point of changing Coach to replace them again in a few months?

In a couple of weeks it'll be some other coach who needs replacing, stirred up by the media and lapped up by the impatient masses.


05 Jan 2021 13:17:22
I for one think that Eric Ten Haag is way above Lampard as a manager.

05 Jan 2021 14:06:46
If you think it's a media stunt then you need to check the history of the club in sacking managers. The precursor is usually bad results accompanied with bad performances by the team and key players. All are present except the unusual legendary sentiments to Frank which seems to still buy him now. Point is that imo results won't improve so rapidly and any further result like in the recent matches must definitely force RA's hands.
Again there's no standout option for the Chelsea job available right now imo but Roman wouldn't mind an interim or stop gap to steady the team and make sure we don't start next season on a disadvantaged standpoint like missing out on the UCL. Make no mistakes, some average but experienced managers can achieve this.

05 Jan 2021 14:49:03
If frank goes it should be someone who knows the league, we can’t have a bedding in period or anther transition period, that’s why I’d only be happy his replaced by Rogers or hassenhutt, the later preferably. Someone who knows how to get best out of what we got,

05 Jan 2021 17:30:55
I hope Frank stays. We should not keep doing the mistakes we have done in the past.

But, yes, if someone is going to replace Lamps, it should be someone whom knows the league well.

05 Jan 2021 18:16:54
I don't necessarily disagree with any of the points made. It just sounds like some Supporters think that a change of coach means We just click into gear and start winning games.

What if We bring in another coach and We finish 5th. Do We then sack them and bring in somebody else. If the answer to that is no, then why exactly are We replacing the existing Coach?

A few weeks ago, Ole was a dead man walking now His team are top of the league. Arteta was one game away from the boot, He had to go now they're being spoken about as top 4 contenders.

Whether We care to admit it or not this is far from a regular season and every Club are suffering as a consequence. I would argue it's tougher for Us with so many first team additions.

Don't get Me wrong I'm not saying Frank should have an indefinite stay but unless We're bringing in the absolute elite of Coaches I honestly do not see the point.

Were We really a genuine title contender this season, I personally didn't think so.

Anyway I respect all opinions and know We all want Chelsea to be successful. Hopefully 2021 will see an upturn in form and results and give Us all something to smile about.


05 Jan 2021 18:32:12
Frank just seems lost and doesn’t seem to have any answers, in game management, style tactics, pressing Man City like we do was comical and naive, the inexperience is really showing, taking about when his been in the dressing room, can’t even compare the leaders then to what we have now so that’s not going to help, BUT, rice would change us drastically and I was very against the signing previously, w/ kante not instead of,

05 Jan 2021 20:09:49
Don’t think Rice is the answer and I’d be surprised if the board would back Frank and splash out more money on a busted project. Frank would probably play him on the wing anyway.

05 Jan 2021 20:24:43
Some are saying he wants him to partner zouma.

05 Jan 2021 21:14:51
Well someone needs to partner Zouma plays like he’s wearing hobnail boots.

06 Jan 2021 12:36:45
ED001, would you change FL for someelse and if yes, who would that be and why?
also, how can we get the best out of the current squad?

we are just not gelling as we should be . given that FL has now 18months at the helm and the chance to spend money. we seem a bit lost as a style of play has not emerged.

love your thoughts here EDs
Thank you in advance


{Ed001's Note - right now, no. I would give him the season at least. This is a difficult season and no manager is really going to be able to make a huge difference due to the lack of time to coach players. So you may as well give him the rest of the season before making a decision.}

31 Dec 2020 16:44:20
Hello Ed002

Are going to sign Mohamed Simakan in January? And if so, does that mean we are also going to sell/ loan 2 defenders or perhaps he will stay at his club on loan?


{Ed002's Note - Don’t expect much in January. These are some of the players the club has been looking at:

Before next season the club will look to sales plus a G, CB (as the club want to integrate Malang Sarr with Zouma and see how Marc Guehi, Xavier Mbuyamba and Dynel Simeu (not yet ready for first team squad) turn out), a DM if Kante goes (but preference is to integrate Ampadu although it is looking a little less likely) and a S if youngsters are not deemed ready. Everything else depends on departures.

Gianluigi Donnarumma (G) was first choice in 2020 and will be first choice in 2021 if Chelsea push with their plan to sell Kepa Arrizabalaga and use Mendy as a second choice. Problem is the contract situation is in Milan and him not being available until Milan fail to qualify for the CL. I suspect it will come to nothing and Ziger will be promoted.

Matthew Bondswell (LB) youngster from RBL that Chelsea are very keen on.

Boubacar Kamara (CB/DM) Marseille do not want to sell and interest from PSG will obviously go nowhere. Chelsea and Manchester City both maintain an interest, but nothing is happening. An unusual offer was made during the summer but Chelsea resisted to see what happens with emerging players available to them. Manchester City have been in regular contact with Marseille and may well look for an early conclusion. MIlan and Lyon will likely not have the funds to make an offer. There is interest from Barcelona who want the player and a member of Marseille's staff to join them. Milan asked after him when discussing another player and Bayern Munich have him on their list as a Jerome Boateng replacement.
Mohamed Simakan (RB/CB) Strasbourg defender who Burnley, Monaco, Rennes, Lyon, Borussia Dortmund, Bayer Leverkusen and Atalanta are keen on. Aston Villa have made an enquiry with his agent. Milan enquired and are very but ideally want include a player in exchange. But they are very keen. Chelsea can offer cash plus a player on loan which may suit Strasbourg. There have been discussions but his representation has a different focus to most.
Alessio Romagnoli (CB) unlikely but has been offered by a third party.
Benoit Badiashile (CB) Chelsea are interested in taking Badiashile in the future but also interest from others. However, he would never achieve Home Grown status in England, so it makes a move less likely for now and he has signed a new contract. Forget him for a year or two but I am advised he is potentially a huge emerging talent.
Jose Gimenez (CB) Atletico still have serious money problems that they can resolve by selling one of Oblak or Saul but will fight to keep Koke and Gimenez. Manchester City and Chelsea have each been quoted the full €120M cash payment required to even have Gimenez consider a move. At that price nothing will happen.
Anel Ahmedhodzic (CB) PSV and Ajax offer good solutions - interest of Milan and Chelsea is a problem as game time will be hard to find. One to keep an eye on.

Dennis Zakaria (DM) Borussia Muenchengladbach would have sold in January 2020 but Spurs and Bayern Munich baulked at the €60M asking price. Many sides including Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Juventus have scouted the player without declaring any serious interest. Other clubs with a declared interested are Borussia Dortmund (as a Weigl replacement), Manchester United (but not until they have sorted out their midfield) and Inter Milan (who won't be able to commit to the price and have other preferred options) are not pushing and he will spend another season at Borussia Muenchengladbach. In 2021, it would not be unreasonable to see Bayern Munich look again and make a serious offer.
Declan Rice (DM) Frank Lampard would still like to take Rice - it is very much a Lampard pick. It would mean then end for Ampadu certainly, and probably Kante.
Eduardo Camavinga (DM/CM) if the player continues his good performances Rennes will look for a summer 2021 auction. Serious approaches for Camavinga have been made by Real Madrid, PSG, Arsenal, Manchester United and Spurs - but Arsenal can be discounted as they moved to buy Partey and Spurs will likely not be of interest. Interest has also been shown by Borussia Dortmund (who were quoted €100M), Bayern Munich, Manchester City, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Genk - but I would discount all of these now. There has been a discussion with Chelsea but he won't be a priority for them unless Kante and Jorginho were both to depart and other options were not available. A move to England for the kiddie is less likely than a move to Spain. PSG and Real Madrid were considering taking a chance on him in the summer of 2020 but would not pay the revised COVID-19 asking price of €75M. Julien Stephan says they want to keep him and has explained that an early move could stall his career through lack of game time. In 2021 - he will be a primary target for Real Madrid.
Moises Caicedo (CM/DM/AM) My understanding is that he impressed when Manchester United were following up on looking at another player who they had first seen in the Real Sociedad reserves. There has been interest in Caicedo from other sides including PSV and Chelsea. Scratch him, he will move elsewhere.
Mohamed Ihattaren (RW/LW/AM) there is stuff going on still but unlikely.
Potential outgoings:
Kepa Arrizabalaga (G) there is a little something brewing
Willy Caballero (G) out of contract
Thiago Silva (CB) out of contract but Chelsea may well look for another year
Andreas Christensen (CB) will be available in the summer.
Fikayo Tomori (CB) just possible January loan - Newcastle and Leeds have spoken with Chelsea but Rennes is another possible destination. West Ham did not give the time commitments in the summer but have raised the issue again (but unlikely). If a buyer can be found that would suit all parties - and Rennes have the money to commit to a loan to buy in January.
Antonio Rudiger (CB) declared interest from PSG, Barcelona, Milan and Juventus on a loan to buy deal. But nothing firm.
Emerson Palmieri (LB) Napoli want him - but only on loan initially. Juventus interest has probably drifted and Inter prefer Alonso over Emerson.
Marcos Alonso (LB) Interest from Inter and particularly Atletico Madrid.
Baba Rahman (LWB) interest from Derby and Middlesbrough - Leeds asked after a loan. Available in January.

Ngolo Kante (DM) Inter would ideally like a package deal for Kante, Emerson and Giroud if they can include a player in the deal (Chelsea has no interest in either player offered) and if Inter do not need to put too much cash up front - another solution would need to be found.
Jorginho (DM/CM) No specific interest at this time.
Bakayoko (DM/CM) Chelsea need this resolved finally in the summer.

Danny Drinkwater (CM) available in January and at some point Chelsea will let go if there are no other options.
Billy Gilmour (CM) The club are open to an 18 month loan for Gilmour to help his career but want a long-term contract agreed first. During discussions with Juventus over another matter, they have proposed to take him but they want an obligation to buy at the end. Napoli have also asked for formal talks. The coach wants to keep Gilmour so it will be discussed again in the summer.
Ross Barkley (AM/CM) will be available for sale.

Ike Ugbo (S) Doing very well at Cercle Brugge who would like to make the loan permanent but they know they face interest from Marseille and Genk.
Olivier Giroud (S) out of contract in the summer and likely available in January if he wants to move but Chelsea would rather hold on until the summer. West Ham would offer a good solution as he can stay in London. Crystal Palace offered the same solution but there is no interest any longer. Atletico Madrid have asked if he will be available in January but they are also chasing two others. Napoli, Juventus and Inter have all raised the subject with Chelsea. Lyon and Bordeaux have likely moved on from their prior interest. Milan will offer an option. There was a discussion with Rennes but that will only come in to play if M'Baye Niang were to leave and that is unlikely in January. The lady from Marseille knows him well and may offer a solution but they really want a younger player.}

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31 Dec 2020 17:22:03
Thanks a lot ed002 for your inputs. Interesting note on Gilmour. Hope he stays here and develops. As regards ampadu I as much suspected it to be the case as rice looms over the horizon given our immediate unbalanced mf issues which impacts havertz and our general play style.

Anything on Ruben?

Wish you and other Ed's a very happy new year🎉.

{Ed002's Note - The loanees will the thought about more over the coming months. Enjoy NY.

31 Dec 2020 17:38:55
Have a good new year Ed, thank you, interesting insight, mostly defensive targets, would of thought a striker with werner being used left and giroud out of contract, excited by any prospect of camavinga. And hopefully people appreciate this insight and don’t take anything as certain and guarantees and understand interest and situations change,

{Ed002's Note - Too early right now.}

31 Dec 2020 17:43:40
Thank you for the update Ed02. Much appreciated.

Happy New Year to you and all the other Eds.

31 Dec 2020 17:45:13
Great read Ed002. Thank you very much.

I hope for a few departures in January and maybe we can somehow get Rice.

Cheers and happy new year.

31 Dec 2020 18:50:08
Thank you so much ed
My goodness couldn't of asked for anything more
Happy new year to you.

31 Dec 2020 20:05:39
Thanks for that ED002, bloody awesome!
Wishing you, all the other ED's and all the posters on this site a very happy new year.

{Ed002's Note - And you enjoy NY.}

31 Dec 2020 21:17:29
Great read, Ed002.
I had one question though if you don't mind. Since Alonso and Emerson could both leave potentially by next summer, could we be looking at an LB as well?

{Ed002's Note - Chelsea have Chillwell, Maatson and are interested in another youngster.}

31 Dec 2020 22:02:19
Great Post Ed, much appreciated 👏. Happy New Year all, I wish you the best in health and happiness for 2021.

01 Jan 2021 00:16:10
Thanks for the detailed post ed. Happy New Year all.

01 Jan 2021 05:46:13
Thanks for the New Year gift Ed, enjoy Yours mate and Happ New Year to the other Eds.

01 Jan 2021 09:29:10
Great post ED02, much appreciated.
Have a great NY.

01 Jan 2021 13:53:59
Thanks a lot ed002,can i ask about ihattarren stuff going on, is that maybe to do with van ginkel, would love him to join thanks and happy new year.

01 Jan 2021 16:14:46
Thanks a lot Ed, very interesting and informative. Happy New Year, hope you had a nice Christmas.

02 Jan 2021 12:39:28
HNY to all the Eds. Great review Ed002 - many thanks.

Ed002, will it be more difficult for younger overseas players to get immigration status now that we've left the EU?

{Ed002's Note - 16 and 17 year old will not b options.}

02 Jan 2021 19:38:07
Bit late Ed just read this thanks for posting really appreciate iy
Here's to 2021.

{Ed002's Note - Hope it turns out a good year.}

03 Jan 2021 00:33:08
Me to stay safe and hers to plenty of margaritas.

07 Jan 2021 07:40:43
Ed002, are we also looking at any strikers currently for the future.
Giroud will soon leave and Tammy will need time and so will Werner. Would we look to promote youth next season?
Any input is much appreciated.


{Ed002's Note - The expectation is that Chelsea will add a striker in the summer.}

29 Dec 2020 10:47:58
Hi Ed002. Happy Holidays.

Is Chelsea interested Anguissa of Fulham?

Also it would be brilliant if you could shed some light on our intrest in Declan Rice.


{Ed002's Note - (a) No. (b) Frank Lampard would still like to take Rice - it is very much a Lampard pick.}

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29 Dec 2020 11:43:32
Thank you very much.

29 Dec 2020 12:31:10
I suppose unless results pick up then we can put a pin on Rice if Lampard is no longer here.

{Ed002's Note - I have no idea what that means.}

29 Dec 2020 21:32:13
Just meant if results don't pick up then Lampard may get sacked and that possibly ends the Rice pursuit.

30 Dec 2020 08:37:28
Chelsea will not sack Lampard at least until May.

28 Dec 2020 10:18:09
Costa to replace Giroud in January? Yes please. This team needs some character. Not a fan of the signings of werner or havertz. Should have just signed Sancho, would have been cheaper and more effective.

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28 Dec 2020 11:31:11
How about giving our players a fair chance to shine? Werner has a very rough period right now, sure, but he did start off fine, and has been played out of his natural position. I'm fairly confident he'll turn it around later this season.
I think Havertz played very well just before he got C.V.. We need him in his natural position, too. And he needs time to adjust. I'm very confident we'll get to see a brilliant player in Havertz soon!

28 Dec 2020 11:47:58
I think Havertz will be a top player for us in years to come. I also think when Werner plays in a slightly different position he will be our top goal scorer over the next five years.

28 Dec 2020 12:40:05
Shocking post tbh. I have worries about Werner but Havertz will become class once he adjusts exactly like it took Ndombele a year last season for Spurs.

I also remember Joao Felix receiving lots of criticism for Atletico and he’d been one of the best players in La Liga this season.

28 Dec 2020 13:13:42
Don't think Sancho has scored a goal in the league this season. Can you imagine how much some fans would be getting on his back at Chelsea if he had a return like that this season?

28 Dec 2020 13:32:23
Honestly there's been so much toxicity on this site and of course on twitter.
And this is what's being posted. Imagine the rubbish the eds must sort out.

28 Dec 2020 15:00:16
Both Werner and Havertz will be top players there’s no doubt about that (that’s besides the point that Werner is still our top scorer in all competitions despite all the misses) . Chelsea fans will always love Diego Costa but I am guessing he burnt too many bridges and could be cup tied for our Champions league campaign.

29 Dec 2020 09:02:57
Werner and Havertz will both be brilliant for us.

29 Dec 2020 10:12:22
Some players simply can not adapt to PL.

29 Dec 2020 16:04:19
Antibody back at it.

29 Dec 2020 16:12:21
How is this toxic lads. I obviously support the players but I never agreed with the signings, especially havertz. No idea why we signed him when we had mount. We've been crying for a natural winger and instead spent 140 million on a striker and a midfeilder.

29 Dec 2020 22:22:06
Standard, your opinion isn’t toxic IMO.

I think Lamps would like to play Mount and Havertz together and would appear he fancies Rice sitting behind them.

That would give us a 4123 formation very similar to the shape Lamps had as a player with us.

I hope it’s all part of a plan.

28 Dec 2020 08:42:46
A question for ED02 if I may.
Do Chelsea have any interest in signing Pedro Neto or is it just a random name I keep seeing on this page? Many thanks for your time.

{Ed002's Note - No, there is not any interest from Chelsea.}

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28 Dec 2020 08:54:41
Would this be the proper time to ask you if you would do an update on Chelsea's targets? :)

{Ed002's Note - I plan on trying before New Year if possible.}

28 Dec 2020 09:08:35
Thankyou ED02 for clearing that up, much appreciated.

28 Dec 2020 09:38:00
Okay - no pressure :) Much appreciated!


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