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16 Apr 2024 12:13:25
My observations on last nights fantastic performance making it a run of 7 games unbeaten in the League.

1.Cole Palmer replaced Conor as our no.10 and must stay there. In that position you must be able to score and assist.
2.Conor looks far more suited in the no.6 position and he and Moises bossed the midfield.
3.By moving Cole off the left it enabled Noni to play and he was very lively, quick and direct.
4.Jackson is growing in confidence and now has double figure goals for the season, his ability on the ball has never been in question but the way he took that goal was seriously good and he will only get better.
5.Great to keep a clean sheet at last but we still look shaky at times. 1 or 2 world class centre backs takes us to a whole new level.
6.Was nice to see some leadership from Conor and Silva at the time and Poch after the game regarding the penalty fiasco. let's hope Noni and Jackson learn from their utter stupidity.
7.It was always going to take time but the team is starting to come together. Some very good recruitment has taken place and this young squad is going to get better and better. Well done everyone.

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15 Apr 2024 22:03:07
Bang bang bang! Top, top performance from the boys. Massive game on the weekend, let’s keep it up.

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15 Apr 2024 22:16:17
Brilliant going forward and CG and Caicedo worked v well together in midfield but still some fragility at back thst better attacking opposition would have made something of. But some mesmerising attacking play by us at times and CP was amazingly good again.

16 Apr 2024 10:05:21
Totally agree Blue_soldier. It was always going to take time and patience but there are strong signs that the project is starting to roll.

15 Apr 2024 21:56:14
Hi blues. gooner in peace ✌️
Good performance from you lot 2nite, but what was the pen situation about?
Wouldn't mind if jackson was an unbelievable player, but this season palmer is at least 4 x the player he is. plus, he's the penalty taker and has got a pretty decent record
This is the kind of crap poch needs to sort for you lot to rise again
Anyway, hope palmer picks up a slight niggle b4 you play us ?.

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16 Apr 2024 00:02:58
We might give Palmer a rest for the game against you guys.

Will be interesting to see how Jackson gets on against your defence if he isn’t suspended for the game.

I assume a lot of your players will be on the beach by then.

15 Apr 2024 20:12:11
Everton know we can't go long so there pressing us high and wide,

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13 Apr 2024 21:23:16
Looking at our continued injury issues. I can see us playing three at the back, at home and against a team like Everton.

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14 Apr 2024 09:11:06
Fofana and Levi injured, Disasi a major doubt, BB looking woeful at present. That leaves Big Trev and an ageing Silva plus young Alfie and MC at a push (although with Chilly also a doubt) surely he must play at left back. If you come up with a three amongst that lot and one gets injured in game then you are reverting to where I imagine we will start. A back 4 with Silva and Big Trev at centre back with BB on the bench.

14 Apr 2024 10:46:12
G8, I’m only guessing because I can’t see a sick Enzo playing and he has been carrying an hernia/ groun injury all season. So I see CG dropping back as a DM with Caicedo. BB, Silva and TC as the three at the back, with Gusto and Chilly providing the width.

So a long shot and I know we are playing Everton but I just have a feeling he will go 5221.

14 Apr 2024 12:12:55
That's what this page is for Tom, debate and hopefully enjoyment! I agree that Conor will pair up with Moises in the middle which hopefully sees an attacking 3 of Mudryk, Carney and Palmer behind Jackson.

15 Apr 2024 09:43:28
The way it's going we will be asking other teams if we can play 5 a side, that's how ricidilous our injury situation is this season.

15 Apr 2024 10:06:56
Bill, very true. Poch and the new owners haven’t been fortunate with injuries and it has meant a limited amount of rotation.

05 Apr 2024 00:16:51
I eat my words. We never win against United so I called a loss. I didn't watch either as it was a 4am game. looks like I need to watch less as we win when I don't watch.

About to watch the highlights now, though I have seen the caicedo blunder ?? he really does worry me, very poor.

Happy with the result however.

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05 Apr 2024 02:32:00
I watched 65% of the game tbf. Been feeling like whenever I tune into the game we generally concede. Turned off at the 82 mins mark or so and missed the end of the match. So starting to feel like I’m a jinx tbh ? I know it’s not true, we lose whenever I don’t watch at all but definitely had that feeling earlier ?.

05 Apr 2024 05:38:53
Watched the game, we were not impressive. I'm very concerned about caicedos multiple turnovers every single game. I really don't understand the idea of spending 115m on a player with 30 good epl games under his belt. I do hope he will come good but he's not had the best of starts at chelsea.

I'll end this on a positive, thank God for palmer. We would be in relegation without him.

05 Apr 2024 06:25:07
Caicedo did make a mistake, had a poor game and deserved to be hooked. Same as Gallagher did against Burnley.

BB hasn’t been the same since his injury and he a series of mistakes.

Gusto having a brilliant season but he was caught twice out of position.

Disasi has so stop trying to make killer passes

That’s all the negative stuff done with. So chuffed we got what we deserved from a game.

05 Apr 2024 10:03:27
Well said Tom.

05 Apr 2024 12:33:21
In my opinion I think that caicedo was playing well up until his mistake. Won countless balls to start attacks
But you could see it truly hurt him.

He is so young and will make mistakes he needs to learn from it and I hope he does. But at this minute he is like watching a child. He makes a mistake and then folds like a deck of cards.

BB was awful and I want colwill back.

Have we ever thought about these injuries that it's the players being whimps at times. In the old days players would play through the pain. (Yes I know this isn't good for your body) but watching kids football now adays if it's not going great for the team the slightest niggle they don't want to play.
Just my opinion.

05 Apr 2024 12:36:43
Palmer was sensational with the goals but some of his passing definitely needs some work though. For a period of the game he was constantly trying to nutmeg players with a pass (or at least seemed too) with it not coming off.

04 Apr 2024 22:49:56
Wow. just Wow. I have said for a while now good Noni is. raw? yes, direct? yes, quick? yes, got a trick? yes. makes a difference? yes. enouth said really.

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04 Apr 2024 22:40:27
Is that a massive turning point for Poch?

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04 Apr 2024 22:43:23
Come on Poch you only wanted him sacked a few posts ago!

05 Apr 2024 00:22:40
I still want him sacked tom im just asking as a general question to other posters.

04 Apr 2024 22:38:56
Obviously happy with the start tonight but that individual errors yet again gives an opportunity to a team that looked completely lost.

We go through a period in every match that just disappoints us supporters but we showed character tonight and that has to applauded.

Fantastic result.

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04 Apr 2024 22:52:28
Yes a wonderful result at least and perhaps we were due a bit of luck this season.

04 Apr 2024 22:36:26
Can we just take a moment to appreciate the fact that without Cole Palmer we'd probably be in a relegation battle.

In other news Cucurella, Disasi and Benoit has to be the worst combination of defenders I've seen in a long long time.

All that being said, it's a results business and we got the 3pts. just. On to the next one. ?.

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04 Apr 2024 22:46:30
Dan, that’s why Palmer was signed

You might just as well say if it wasn’t for individual mistakes we would be in the top five.

BB has been poor since his return from injury and Disasi just has to stop thinking he can play a killer pass. As an aside, Chalaboa looked good when he came on.

04 Apr 2024 22:53:53
BB nowhere near what he was before the injury.

05 Apr 2024 08:55:04
Dan23, Frankly speaking the counter argument to your claim of being in a relegation battle without King Cole is that without all our injuries we would be challenging for a place in the Champions League.

04 Apr 2024 22:22:48
What a team, what a squad, what a manager, what a signing, what brilliant substitutions.

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04 Apr 2024 22:33:51
HA HA fantastic end I really enjoyed the game even when we were losing we are a great watch at times.

04 Apr 2024 22:35:25
Palmer is quite something CC and NM did make an attacking difference. but good that United defend as poorly as we do.

Yet such a great feeling to win with two goals in last couple of minutes. Madness. cue the music.

04 Apr 2024 22:38:56
Unbelievable what a game of football.


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