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31 Mar 2024 12:46:56
Ed002 do you have any good news regarding chelsea? I know you're a chelsea fan so I don't think you'd be enjoying this season either but do you have anything? A chelsea return for Mr Mourinho perhaps?


{Ed002's Note - Jose Mourinho (C) I would not totally rule out a return to Barcelona for Jose Mourinho but they have a far preferred option and there will be a bitterness from some of the fans for what he achieved in 2011/12. He has turned down offers from the Middle East but further attempts are being made to take him to Al-Shabab. The owners of Chelsea have broken most links to the previous regime, although they did try to get a couple of folks to stay longer, but a move for Mr Mourinho would be a significant change of direction although he has support from a senior advisor to Chelsea and his representatives are offering him back to the club. The advisor feels if Rui Faria were to come as well, it would be a good move. Possible, but wildcard at best. Bayern Munich may offer an interesting option and should not be discounted but they also have preferred targets. Napoli offer an option, but it seems unlikely. Newcastle may offer an option but if they look to recruit Tiago Pinto to replace Ashworth they can forget Mourinho. Another wildcard might be Marseille but everything there is dependent on their new owners arriving.}

1.) 31 Mar 2024 14:13:53
Ed thanks for the good news. I’m happy with “wildcards at best. ”.

2.) 31 Mar 2024 16:39:04
Ed, is Roberto De Zerbi our first choice?

{Ed002's Note - It is not like that.}

3.) 01 Apr 2024 00:27:01
Please no horans heroes. That would be awful.

4.) 01 Apr 2024 00:39:11
No way De Zerbi, very overrated coach.

5.) 01 Apr 2024 00:49:18
Don’t want De Zerbi at all, it would be interesting to know the candidates the club have in mind if Poch was let go in the summer. Amorim is being linked everywhere at the moment.

6.) 01 Apr 2024 21:51:54
Obviously not good news for Chelsea fans.

7.) 02 Apr 2024 06:53:07
I assume that includes you?



21 Mar 2024 09:49:51
So Fabrizio Remano, a VERY reliable football reporter has reported that Gallagher asking for wages that are excessively high is untrue, and it's more of a case of chelsea not knowing what they want to do with him and potential necessity of selling him due to our excessive spending and FFP worries.



1.) 21 Mar 2024 11:54:05
If you choose to read comics that is your choice. Why not trust what the ED's on here say?

{Ed001's Note - it is not so much that. It is that you need to question where he would have got the info from. Romano would have got it from Gallagher's agent, so it will be coloured by his bias. What he considers excessively high might be totally different from what any of the rest of us would think.}

2.) 21 Mar 2024 12:19:14
Thanks ED for clearing that up.

{Ed001's Note - he may be right, that is the thing, but you do need to take it with a pinch of salt due to the source. It might very well be that he is making very reasonable requests and the issue is simply the club viewing him as an easy money maker to sell. But Romano is only giving one side of the story, so you always have to bear that in mind.

And you are very welcome.}

3.) 21 Mar 2024 12:59:27
Thanks again ED, it is nice to get a balanced view.

{Ed001's Note - always a pleasure G8.}

4.) 22 Mar 2024 07:58:21
Don't really understand but both seem to correlate. his high demand could lead to his sale to raise money to meet up with the financial regulation. I really don't mind if he goes or not so long as we can get an upgrade but I can't trust boely on that though. Conor is only energetic but lacks te football sense and technicalities to play in such advanced roles.

5.) 22 Mar 2024 14:20:59
Conor has done better than most other CFC players this season with exceptions of Gusto and Palmer imho.

6.) 22 Mar 2024 16:29:41
The only info on this issue thus far is that Conor is asking for too much money.
Presumably this is the club briefing certain parties and should be taken with a pinch of salt as well?
It's clear he's a popular players with most Chelsea fans who would take a dim view if he was sold particularly if that was to Spurs.
It's also likely that the club will need to sell some homegrown players to help fund the excessive spending on untested young foreign talent.
I am sure this will be noted by players in the academy.

{Ed001's Note - yes, it should.}

7.) 22 Mar 2024 21:42:28
If they are truly good enough and both parties want a Chelsea future it will happen. JT, went on loan, came back and the rest is history. (Bates era), Rice, deemed not good enough (Roman era), Musiala, chose to leave (Roman era), James (Both club and player wanted it to happen (Roman era) . Tammy, wanted to stay but not a TT pick so left (Roman era) . the list is endless.

8.) 22 Mar 2024 22:29:43
Absolutely KDrog, it's already been made abundantly clear Boehly and co. See the academy as a way to offset there outrageous signings and excessive fees. Every indication is that were fine in ffp but we do have to raise a substantial amount through player sales and Chalobah and Gallagher represent pure profit. Even though they've been better than Disasi and enzo this year, and others, they will likely be sold along with mattsen etc.

9.) 23 Mar 2024 21:35:41
By outrageous signings, you clearly mean outrageously good signings, Yes, I agree, I think the investment in quality young players is to be applauded. Cutting the wage bill too. We are in good shape moving forward. And did you watch Enzo tonight? and Conor? if you didn't, you might want to.

10.) 23 Mar 2024 23:58:04
No g8 by outrageous signings I mean the lack of a strategy. Buying 5 players for the same position (Caicedo, Lavia, Ugo, Santos and Casadei) for massive sums. Some transfers I liked but all in all many were so unnecessary and that's now likely put us in a position where we need to sell to comply for FFP.

One game doesn't change that g8, Gallagher has absolutely been more influential and better than enzo this year. Enzo has talent but he has improvements to make.

11.) 25 Mar 2024 13:57:16
Completely agree Standard one poor/ good game for a national side doesn't define a season.
The club have signed three midfield players who have barely played in the first team totalling £100m but not to worry they are on low wages!
Currently they are costing us around 1 million Per Game!
Whereas Conor who has been more or less ever present is being greedy and cost nothing!
It would be tough to make this stuff up and be regarded as sane!

12.) 28 Mar 2024 13:19:54
This may come as a shock but for all players get wages.

The players we have signed are to replace the players we have ever sold or whose contract was up. Those replacements probably give the club a lower wage bill and a better chance of complying with PSR going forward.

One would think injuries are a new occurrence. Less we forget James, Chilly, Pusilic and many more. The club do not sign players because they want them injured fgs.

13.) 29 Mar 2024 17:23:15
Pulisic has made 47 appearances for club and country this season!

14.) 29 Mar 2024 18:24:53
Actually, Pusilic echoed a point i made in another post about player rotation.

He suggested that he is clear of injuries this season because he is playing regularly. It was reported by Ashley Cole recently that “full on” games were played at the end of each training session under Jose. Apparently Carlo was shocked to see this type of training when he came to the club.

15.) 29 Mar 2024 19:36:55
Tom, that may be the case for Pulisic but when James and Chilwell return from injury they get plenty of game time but get injured again.

16.) 30 Mar 2024 06:46:19
Chilly seems to do slightly better than James on the recurring injury front.

Anyway, that wasn’t my point and this is just my theory. Rotation of players is apparently a necessity. So, to keep players match fit training games in my opinion have to replicate a premiership match in intensity.



14 Mar 2024 00:56:37
Any interest on Musiala?


{Ed002's Note - Try searching.}

1.) 14 Mar 2024 11:12:31
Thabks Ed. Ref for anyone else.
Ed002's Note - Jamal Musiala (AM/ LW) Bayern Munich have no interest in selling the player who spent 8 years at Chelsea although Chelsea will raise the possibility of offering two players plus cash to take JM back.

{Ed002's Note - You can add to that Manchester City consider him an option to replace KdB.}

2.) 14 Mar 2024 21:24:51
Musiala is definitely beyond our reach right now, sadly so. No way, even if Bayern would somehow agree to sell him, would Musiala join a club outside of Champions League.

I'd love for him to return to Stamford Bridge, it's a damn shame he left at all (though hard to argue it didn't work out superbly well for the player), and he's a lovely player to watch. He'd be the next artist back at the Bridge, after Hazard. But we're simply not at the level right now where we can properly compete for players of Musiala's level.

3.) 14 Mar 2024 21:51:17
It was reported that we get 20% of any on sale.

He looks a good player but it would appear City are favourites to sign him.



24 Sep 2023 03:15:57
A discrete search is apparently underway regarding a new manager. surely surely not.


1.) 24 Sep 2023 05:31:45
I personally don’t think that is happening but it does create a negative narrative.

2.) 24 Sep 2023 06:22:20
Seems highly unlikely. But given our almost complete squad overhaul, ptevious decades of success but now year long struggle to score and get points I think we are going to see many click bait stories about us this season in the media. Either made up or from unteliable sources including Twitter or X. Gor instance apparently the TC personal trainer oneby someone impersonating hom according to TC.

3.) 24 Sep 2023 17:58:26
We need to stick with Poch there is no one better available. I am confident he will turn things around. It will take time.

4.) 24 Sep 2023 19:25:13
Would these owners make the complete wrong decision and sack poch, I wouldn’t put it past them, there ment to be businessmen and they’ve ruined this investment in little over a year.

5.) 24 Sep 2023 20:58:28
Matt, I doubt they have “ruined their investment”.

I didn’t want Poch as our manager but I desperately want him to be successful and he has my 100% support.

I also a want our owners to be successful and they also have my support. Any small criticism of them is probably to much to soon but that’s with the benefit of hindsight.

6.) 24 Sep 2023 21:34:59
Taking it from Europe to nowhere near, is running the investment,

7.) 24 Sep 2023 22:15:57
Matt, I’m sorry mate but if you think the owner’s investment will be judged over one or two seasons, you are totally wrong.

I have had the benefit of attending any board meetings but my guess would be that this is a long term investment hence proposed stadium rebuild.

They will in my experience constantly review, evaluate and then decide on a plan for two, five and then ten years. This will include playing performance and revenue performance amongst other things.

8.) 24 Sep 2023 22:44:04
Sorry, that should be “have NOT”.

9.) 25 Sep 2023 06:59:55
I think it’s down to the manager atm. Coll will left back? Standing off, with out the ball. no press. We look lazy. No movement in front of the defence. Gallagher playing deeper than enzo. Doesn’t make sense.

10.) 25 Sep 2023 08:05:48
Again Tom, we can only speak for as things are, so from when they bought us, the money they have put in and our situation right now. It’s not been good at all, if they were going to sell, they would get what they paid, we all know the money champions league and marketing it brings. Again, I think you’re defending them out of loyalty rather than common sense, how has it been a good investment so far.
No champions league, 14th last year and currently. £1b spent and no shirt sponsor, a good investment is making money or being successful, fact.

11.) 25 Sep 2023 08:39:24
Not really being pushed by the poor run of results but I don't think poch isn't the right manager for the rebuild we should have for the project. He doesn't have the winning mentality to even instill in the squad. Lacks the ruggedness for a winning team. Even when mourinho left his spirit lingered after many years imo. it takes a winner to build a perennial winning side. Watch both pep and klopp drive to win and see why poch is not a good fit to build. We don't look hungry often uninterested.

Of all the money spent it feels like a spoilt child who was handed down so much that he buys everything and anything within sight without appropriate plans. Rebuilding requires some patience and time. Even our injuries don't help but no enough sense of urgency and purpose.

12.) 25 Sep 2023 10:08:00
Matt, we are all entitled to guess but let’s be honest we have no clue how to value a football club.

13.) 25 Sep 2023 12:33:58
I think it’s about valuing anything Tom, you buy it, spend money on it, make it it less attractable and still pumping money it, it’s not a success is it

Now the real judgment will be end of there tenure that’s the final verdict as off now, I think we’re all feeling less attached to the club,

14.) 25 Sep 2023 16:21:37
I agree about attachment but I’m baffled as to why I am feeling this way.

My point is Matt. I’m not an expert in valuation of football assets.

15.) 03 Oct 2023 09:14:07
Obviously it only takes a sanctimonious blind loyalty than common sense to think the new owners have done very in adding value to the club since take over but everyone is entitled to his opinion.

We all yearn for the best Chelsea on all aspects of best possible. But some always feel more Chelsea than others that their own opinion is law for others.
The owners have spent money which normally should give fans suiting but we still far from the top for what we have spent.

Money not exactly well spent imo. a roman owned Chelsea should be be kicking with the spending so far but we still don't have a balanced squad after all. It feels they don't use the supposed professionals in the their disposal to a job but bypass them to do it themselves which could be reason some are leaving in their numbers. It sometimes looks like the obsession for younger players is to let them mature and improve to be sold for profits.

This will make more money for the owners but hamper the club collective success as we've been used to. We will selling the best players instead of retaining them for success. We won't be in contention for trophies but just another odd team. That to me is not building on roman legacies even if they managed to rebuild the stadium. We must continue to challenge for honours and not how much we are worth.

As for poch I had my doubts initially and not so much have changed in my doubts but I would give him more time maybe end of the season except things don't pick up especially when injured players return.

16.) 08 Oct 2023 17:38:25
Sanctimonious - guilty.

Blind - not guilty.

Loyalty - guilty.

I had no you had such knowledge of who suggested to the owners who to buy. I think Ed said they were initially poorly advised.

I have no idea if the club was overvalued or undervalued when our new owners bought the club. I also have no idea how football clubs achieve a valuation. My guess would be it’s not done over a few games or even a season but I am sure it includes lots of things/ assets we know very little about.



22 Jun 2023 04:21:44
Hi Ed? Any interest in zaha? Could do a job if he wasn't too expensive?


{Ed002's Note - He is a Free Agent but there is no interest from Chelsea.}

1.) 22 Jun 2023 12:11:46




Standard's banter posts with other poster's replies to Standard's banter posts


16 Apr 2024 14:41:44
I may be being a little cheeky here, but after one of the highs of the season after a good result against everton, any chance of a list of potential transfer targets for chelsea and potential outgoings?



{Ed002's Note - It is really not worth the grief.}



14 Apr 2024 05:52:49
In the 2022/ 23 season chelsea finished 12th with the: second highest wage bill, highest amortisation cost, most expensive squad and biggest operating loss. An utter, utter disaster and I don't think we made the right moves in the window considering again, we're 9th.

Though with that said, as bad as this season has been nothing well ever top how bad last season was. Utterly disastrous.


1.) 14 Apr 2024 08:12:09
Just bear in mind that included heavy wages for players that have moved on (KK / HZ / KH / CA / Kepa? etc) and two managerial payoffs.

2.) 14 Apr 2024 08:59:17
The season 22-23 wasn’t good.

The owners who admitted to making to making mistakes in the transfer market and the decision to have three managers in that season certainly wasn’t helpful.

A bloated squad meant a bloated wage bill plus there was the extra exit costs.

I actually can see an argument for saying this year is worse but I will leave that to others if they feel inclined.

All football teams run the risk if relegation so things can get worse and “top” last season.

Some will continue to look backwards but I’m a person that generally likes to look forward and I think the bulk of our player investment is over for the short term. Yes players will come and go but I think we will have far more players leaving permanently in the next window and thereafter a balanced approach to transfers.

The club/ managers have had an horrible injury list to deal with. We still have things to play for in the league and cup. Slightly sadly I will be at the match tomorrow night and I will be cheering on my team. Hopefully I will be seeing a good performance and victory.

3.) 14 Apr 2024 22:00:55
Could still potentially finish 6th this season which would be a marked improvement on last season.

Also gone from 2nd highest to 4th, cutting 1/ 3rd of our wage bill in a year and I imagine it’ll reduce further this summer even signing new players.



06 Apr 2024 06:19:21
Football isn't statistics but Gallagher has outperformed both Caicedo and Fernandez big time this season. He has bailed them out and is essentially carrying the midfeild on his own. Caicedo and fernandes are paid THREE times more than Gallagher, and are performing worse in almost every statistical metric, offensively and defensively.

However, it's the worst kept secret that the club are trying to move him on. The club is a business and he represents a good sale, however I do feel for the player who is an academy lad and led the team more than any other player this season. Obviously very dissapointing for one of our own and not a good look or indication for our youth trying to make it to the first team. Unfortunate but a result of repetitive poor transfer dealings.


1.) 06 Apr 2024 09:15:23
While I understand the “one of own” feelings it means nothing if a contractual agreement cannot be reached, Gallagher will be sold.

The so called “poor transfer dealings” have nothing to do with a player not signing a contract.

Our club is a business and will buy and sell players every year. To a certain extent players are a commodity/ asset.

{Ed001's Note - well of course the poor dealings have something to do with it. They have set a marker down in terms of wages. You can't expect first team players not to look at what teammates are on and expect something in the same ball park.}

2.) 06 Apr 2024 11:20:08
Standard I find that ridiculous about cg carrying the mid field on his own. People could be weird as I hardly see him as any better than the ones he's carrying. How many assists and goals has cg this season? Imo I would want an upgrade on cg hoping he refuse to sign chukwuemeka should have more threats and effects than conor but for the claim of he our own especially English he's always being hyped.

{Ed001's Note - David Silva got very few goals and assists for City, but he was creative. Stats can be very misleading and you are using them without any context at all.}

3.) 06 Apr 2024 12:30:17
I have no problems with whatever the ball park is. At the end of the day if the two parties can’t agree then something as to give!

4.) 06 Apr 2024 13:55:47
We agreed the other day Tom, end of the day it's business and you're more likely to get a contract that your worth elsewhere than your own club. End of the day however, Gallagher has been our best midfeilder so he'd be thinking a contract at the level of caicedo and enzo is about right, which is North of 150k.

I do understand that's not how it works though, and we actually don't really know the figures but it's fun to discuss.

I'm a big CG fan and think he'd be missed big by the club. I think we'd be silly to lose Gallagher and chalobah but again, they represent 'pure profit' which the club can use to mask our poorer transfer dealings.

Hope everyone has a good weekend.

5.) 06 Apr 2024 14:15:45
I guess CG could well be valued more at another club than he is by our club.

I understand that RS is earning circa £300k a week and supposedly CP is earning £75k per week. Most fans would say CG is worth more than RS but is he worth more than CP?

Putting aside ability it can be reasonably argued that the club is paying RS far too much and that’s the problem with comparisons. If a mistake is made then every player has a justified claim for a wage increase.

6.) 06 Apr 2024 22:28:06
I agree with Ed001, stats do not tell you everything about a player, some are more relevant than others.
Tom, I think Sterling is on £325K a week but what’s an extra 25K. People will make comparisons. If a player is on 3 times the salary of most of the first team squad it will be scrutinised by other players. If the player is world class most would accept it but that doesn’t apply to Sterling.
If Gallagher has been our best midfielder then it is no surprise that we are stuck in mid-table mediocrity.

7.) 07 Apr 2024 06:29:20
Jimbo, that’s why I said “circa”.

Palmer who apparently is on £75k a week has in my opinion has been our most influential player. So maybe they should all get a wage cut.

8.) 07 Apr 2024 09:33:40
I think Raheem Sterling is the biggest problem at our club. He is the top earner and under performs week in week out. If your in a work place and you constantly out perform your colleague but he is on substantially more money than you its going to wind you up. His attitude sucks and is not a team player in any sort of way. He needs to be shipped on ASAP.

9.) 07 Apr 2024 11:10:12
Whitey, I don’t know Sterling personally but I was told he is a really nice bloke, liked by his fellow players and very supportive in the dressing room. Of course that may have come from the one bloke he gets on with, I wouldn’t have a clue.

If we paid more for him than we should have an that includes salary more fool us.

10.) 07 Apr 2024 11:24:04
Tom players getting a wage cut, as John Wayne and Buddy Holly used to say: “ That’ll be the day”.



01 Apr 2024 13:24:59
Chelsea FC logo

Standard has written an article entitled My review of every Chelsea signing under Boehly. Just my opinion, other opinions are welcome.


1.) 01 Apr 2024 15:09:31
Happy Aprils Fool Day Standard.

Player signings and there abilities is all about personal opinion. So I have zero comment to make about your review.

The new owners inherited a team that had lost two CH’s on free transfers and virtually no quality cover for the RB or LB position.

They also had a CF who couldn’t hit the barn door with a banjo and another who no longer wanted to be at the club. Also, a LW who was never a premiership player and a RW who was always injured.!

We also have a homegrown fans favourite who apparently who couldn’t agree terms with the club he loved. A loan CM who wasn’t hardly used and probably not good enough, another who wanted to leave. On top of these three we had one of the clubs best ever midfielder getting an offer the player couldn’t refuse.

On top of all this they also had little choice but to replace two goalkeepers, both who got regular pelters from fans on this site.

We then have fans getting angry at the sale of home grown players. It’s happened at our club many times before these owners took over and it’s understandable that fans feel affinity towards these players but we have to except we are a business.

The new owners have made decisions I don’t agree with. In a perfect world they should have given themselves more time before making some signings in the early part of there tenure. They have admitted mistakes were made and tried to rectify those early errors.

I am a supporter who has suggested we lack player leadership. Im not sure that observation is fair or should be a criticism of the owners. Recently I see Petrovic becoming more vocal and I think Enzo is showing signs of leadership and that comment also applies to Jackson.

For me the owners took advantage of a long term contract situation that had been used at our club and other clubs before they took over. I suppose it could come back to bite us on the backside but I haven’t seen any proof of that being the case to date.

I didn’t want TT sack but I think his football was a durge. I did want Potter and I wasn’t happy when the owners pulled up stamps on his Chelsea career. I thought it was a massive mistake to reappoint Lamps, I remember the cries on this site of how things couldn’t get any worse, well it did. I didn’t want Poch as our manager but now I don’t want him sacked this season or next season.

I am obviously disappointed with our premiership position and some of out performances this season but for me it was predictable although I did get a bit carried away after our good pre season. I still think we will finish between 6th-8th in the premiership and as I said at the beginning of the season a “cup pot” would be brilliant. In my opinion we were unlucky in the league cup but we will be at Wembley again soon for a semi that will be tough but not impossible to win.


2.) 01 Apr 2024 17:12:35
Tom, as to your point about lack of leadership of the players, you are right but there is a lack of leadership at the club from top to bottom. This was evidenced by Poch choosing James and Chilwell as Captain and Vice Captain respectively. Neither has leadership skillls and I suspected as did many other supporters that they would spend much of the season on the treatment table, which has turned out to be the case. Another season with Poch would finish me off. The last two seasons have been the least enjoyable in the time I have supported the club and, once again, I can’t wait for the season to be over.
As for the league CF I disagree that we were unlucky, we got to a final with easy draws and blew it. Losing a final is a failure.

3.) 01 Apr 2024 18:05:30
Jimbo, I can sort of understand the logic of picking James and Chilly as captain and vice captain. With both being on the treatment table for long periods of time it now doesn’t look such a good idea. Unlike some fans I had no idea that there injury woes would continue into this season.

I have a feeling that the owners will stick with Poch next season just to see if things work out. I wanted Naglesham as our manager and if Poch does get the sack he would still be my choice.

It’s obvious if you lose any match it’s a “failure” but sometimes a performance doesn’t get what it deserves.

4.) 01 Apr 2024 20:20:58
All we have done is send a striker out who doesn’t want to play for us but is still way better than what we have, replace a striker that can’t hit a barn door with a banjo for someone else who can’t hit a barn door with two banjos. It’s not worked out great for the owners due to them not knowing anything about football And being surrounded by people who they have listened to that know nothing about football. And then bringing in a manager that is awful and people wouldn’t look and hasn’t won anything. I think we have got some half decent players and the rest should go we haven’t the right manager and this homegrown bollox for me is stupid if there not good enough they shouldn’t be there the likes of Gallagher he’s not good enough for us to move forward he’s been ok this season due to others being injured is he Bellingham NO these are the player the old Chelsea would be fighting for. In that note I do think we have some good young talent that are not currently with the club but on loan. Let’s be right as well what a signing Palmer has been if he’s not playing you don’t know where the goal threat is and again not a surprise he’s linked with already leaving the ship and looking for a better option (don’t fault him) all expectation has been taken out the club and everything Roman built has gone to ruins. The Americans went big like they always do but unfortunately for us they got it wrong we must try and keep the half decent players and build round them and see where we go for there. I’d get rid of the likes of James Chilwell just due not not being fit I also remembering one of the Ed’s saying James doesn’t really look after himself well rather like Hazard and the way he was.
End of the day season ticket holder arm chair watcher doesn’t matter where not the Chelsea we was and we are far from it the Americans have come in and got it wrong hopefully they turn it a round but the Roman Empire and everything it stood for has been destroyed with in a season. Up the mighty blues.

5.) 01 Apr 2024 20:39:42
Tom, love the April fools Day comment. Nice to see you retain your humour despite your troubles. I will say though, that by not changing Poch any time soon we are simply kicking the can down the road. We clearly have very talented players who just need a bit of guidance and organisation, not to mention discipline. The confidence is lacking and true leadership is required at the top (Poch) . Sadly he is just not a winner and would struggle to find any top club in Europe to take him on. Spurs sacked him, PSG sacked him (and he was out of work for a good while until we took him on) . We need a winner, a
great motivator, a disciplinarian, a tactician and someone who can release the great potential of these players. Some of the worlds greatest managers wanted to sign our players, and for a reason as well, they saw the talent, the potential. As an example, if Moises had gone to Liverpool, they also offered over £100 million, he would now be seen as a world superstar under Klopp. They also saw the talent, just as our recruitment team did. Replace Poch with Klopp and we challenge on all fronts (won't happen of course) . who is out there?

6.) 01 Apr 2024 21:16:02
Nib, we were very successful in the Roman era but let’s not think that mistakes weren’t made. I’ve said before that a stat suggests that about 20% of all signings don’t work out and certainly in the RA era we had a few poor signings and that includes Lukaku. Also, Jackson in my opinion is a massive upgrade on Werner.

G8. We made at least two signings in the summer window where the valuation was almost out of our control.
As for Poch going now, well as I put in my post I remember so many on this site calling for Potter to sacked. My warning was “things can get worse. ” Obviously I didn’t want to proved right but the same applies now. Things can get a lot worse and any new manager appointed as a caretaker or permanent can be a lot worse than Poch.
I made my case for not appointing Poch at the start of the season. My reasons had nothing to do with him being ex Spurs but so many on this site posted about him having a track record of improving young players. Obviously the club thought the same and now he is our manager and he will get my support this season and next season.

7.) 01 Apr 2024 21:43:23
Why Tom? Poch is taking us backwards, why put up with that? The great thing about our huge domination of English football under Roman was he was ruthless. It starts and ends with the manager. Potter was so far out of his depth it was sad to see. Had to go. Poch is utterly hopeless, why on earth would you keep him? Roman was smart in that respect, ruthless to the core. I hope Clearlake follow that example, if they don't, we are in trouble.

8.) 01 Apr 2024 22:48:11
The ratings are your opinion and that’s valid but I really don’t understand some of them. Andre Santos gets 7/ 10 but Casadei 3/ 10 even tho Santos cost more, didn’t play at all the first half of the season out on loan and has played about 4 games at Strasbourg. Whereas Casadei was playing most games at Leicester and got a few goals + assists. I do agree with quite a bit of the others though. Think some of the younger players get a bit of a hard shift like casadei, Ugochukwu etc.

9.) 02 Apr 2024 01:09:35
It was hard fuser as I haven't seen many of them play. In hindsight I probably should have jusy reviewed first team players as I was just picking a number.

All in all its been a calamitous 2 years and I cannot agree with g8 that we have 'clearly talented players' because they have not shown it at all.

10.) 02 Apr 2024 03:31:42
G8, im not against sacking Poch but who do we replace him with? It’s not going to be Mourinho, that’s been covered repeatedly, there’s only 1 advisor in favour of him. Alonso is staying at Leverkausen, Amorim is the only other stand out imo and I think he might end up at Liverpool. Who else is there? Nagelsmann? Maybe. Flick, maybe. De Zerbi, no thanks and think Utd/ Barca/ Bayern want him. Michel at Girona is doing well but he’s part of the City group so I imagine he’ll wait for Pep to leave in a year or 2. Southgate? Hard pass.

Nagelsmann could extend at Germany, maybe go to Liverpool if they don’t get Amorim. Not sure who else is interested in him. Flick might go back to Bayern for a year whilst they wait it out for Alonso.

In the end we might miss out on all of them even if we sacked Poch tomorrow.

11.) 02 Apr 2024 05:22:50
Potter, may well not have ever been a successful Chelsea manager but let’s be fair. He inherited a bloated squad of players a percentage of which didn’t want to be there and unlike Poch he didn’t have the benefit of a pre season. Apparently and only according to some outlets his performance record at Chelsea is comparable to Poch. We will never know how it would have turned out if he had been given more time but I am convinced under his management we would have got more points than Lamps did.

The point I’m making isn't very compelling for Poch but it is just an example of how the grass isn't always greener and things can get worse.

If we finish the season between 6th-8th I see that as progress. This young team will have learned a lot this season and so should have Poch. Also, it can only help the players getting to Wembley twice. I personally think we only need a few players to create a well balanced team. I also think there will be a lot of players leaving the club in the summer. So I think Poch should be given an extended chance to prove he can be a winner in this country.

12.) 02 Apr 2024 07:07:13
G8, Clearlake have been far more “ruthless” than Roman ever was!

13.) 02 Apr 2024 09:22:56
Tom, you mention that some posters suggested that Poch had a good track record for improving young players, I do recall some people saying that. However, I’m not sure what that is based on. Even if it is true, that is not the main function of the head coach otherwise what is the point of employing a shedload of coaches. The head coach should be focused on the tactics, identity and mentality of the team. Poch has never proved he is a winner anywhere he has been; how many chances does he need?

14.) 02 Apr 2024 09:36:36
Fuser. That is a very good question and I as you know my choice would be Jose. Amorim is doing well in Portugal but can he transfer that to the Premier League? Hansi Flick maybe?
Tom. The most ruthless act I have witnessed was the sacking of Carlo in the tunnel after winning the Cup Final. Roman was No.1 for ruthlessness.

15.) 02 Apr 2024 11:23:35
Jimbo, I assume the theory of Poch improving young players was based on something he did at the Spuds.

G8, I’ve said this many times I would almost any other manager rather than having Jose back for a third time. I have heard good reports about the manager from SL and I always wanted Naglsemann but I guess he won’t be free until after the Euros and if they do well he could well stay on.
I don’t think Roman ever had three managers in one season and I don’t think how they were sacked is a measurement of being ruthless.

I repeat to a those who always call for a manager to be sacked. It is no guarantee of success and things can get a lot worse.

16.) 02 Apr 2024 17:21:43
Tom, it is unsatisfactory that we might have to sack another coach but the problem is that the club made a very poor choice. There is nothing so have seen this season or in Poch’s history to indicate he can bring us back to a team that is competitive at the highest level. Things might get worse but they may also get a lot better.

17.) 02 Apr 2024 18:41:14
Jimbo, that’s why I haven’t used the words “will get worse” and used the words “can get worse. ”

I am just expressing caution in the same way I did when fans on this site were clamouring for Potter to be sacked.

I made my observation about Poch when he was appointed. Once he was hired as our manager he gets my support but just to clarify my situation/ feelings, when I think the manager deserves criticism I will dish it out as I have done on numerous occasions this season. I then look at the alternatives to Poch and I cannot see that many who I think will make a significant difference.

Some on this site want Jose. Not for me thanks, I can’t see why the club would go down the route of employing such a divisive character. I’m sure some will take TT back, I would rather watch paint dry than endure a season more of his football. Both have a legend status with fans, let’s just leave it as it is.

I can only see two alternatives, both of whom are employed. The lad from SL gets good things said about him but he has generally played with a back three and the prospect of seeing that again at the Bridge doesn’t fill me full of joy. Nagelsmann was my first choice in from of Poch but he could well be extending his contract.

The question has been asked by a lot of other poster's. Who are the real alternatives that the majority of fan will be happy with?

I have said I think Poch stays for this season and will be our manager at the start of next season. If I’m wrong it won’t be the first time.



30 Mar 2024 23:30:03
Unfortunately it's all to predictable what happened last night with this expensive assortment of mediocrity. Utterly disastrous. We went from a powerhouse of world football, winning the champions league 3 years ago, to Mintable. Truly a fall from grace.

Unfortunately, unlike others on here, namely Tom and G8, I don't even see a potential for us getting back to the pinnacle with the same group of players. If we brought pep Giordiola in, he'd sell 80% of them. The players are just not good enough, we've seen them under 4 different managers now and we're a midtable side in all of them (sometimes worse)

I don't know where we go from here. 1 billion has been spent and we have another likely bottom half finish to show for it.

Sad times.


1.) 31 Mar 2024 07:41:12
I like the idea of “predictable” games. What do you think the score will be on Thursday?

I’m not sure about G8 but I do see the “potential” in us getting back to the “pinnacle” of football with the MAJORITY of these players. Squads generally change every season I think with just a few changes and regrettably that includes the manager, we can be back challenging for honours.

I didn’t see us challenging for the premiership this season. I think I said between 6-8th. I thought we might pick up a cup and we still might.

2.) 31 Mar 2024 08:02:30
Agree with Tom B, with regards potential, any ownership would of had problems taking over the transfer ban and the embargo on Roman losing playes for nothing put the club in a difficult position

Think the only obvious mistake was not buying an experienced leader to knit these young playes together.

The manager is a tough one I would of kept Potter don't like changing too often if we do change we should look forward not back

A few acadamy guys will be sold no doubt to help with FFP although not sure if Gallaher is top level and Reece James is never seen .

Finally the game on Thursday is anyones guess utd look truly awful but sneak results we look good at times but don't get the goals we should. It may be my blue tinted glasses but I feel we are closer to challenging again than utd are.

3.) 31 Mar 2024 09:09:49
Seymns, I enjoyed your post and i like to think we will get a result against Utd on Thursday.! Our performance at there place was for me our worst of the season.

Out of interest what do you think Poch says to our players at half time? They continue to come out as if they are half asleep! I would love to be a fly on the wall in that dressing room. Also, in years gone by players also vented there feeling at half time, particularly the natural leaders. I look at our squad and they all seem genuinely to nice to dig each other out.

4.) 31 Mar 2024 09:18:38
We do seem to come out flat a lot after ht don't know what the stats say, hopefully he keeps it simple but they are clearly not listening, would quite like to see some half time substitutions to shake things up a bit or to reinforce the message.

Haven't had too many natural leaders for a while strangely because i wasn't a huge fan think Jorginho is missed for attitude rather than playing ability.

5.) 31 Mar 2024 09:28:50
TomB can't predict the result but the absolute most we will get from Thursday is a point.

If you do think the majority of the team is good enough Tom, who isn't good enough?

I think after a billion spent we still lack a good GK, CB, LB, CM, W and ST.

6.) 31 Mar 2024 09:41:04
Will no doubt be proved wrong in time but the players I would move on are Sterling Gallagher Madueke, Sanchez and Silva is obviously going

We need a striker, centre back if Fofana can't get back to fitness and maybe a goalkeeper

Happish at left back and centre mid when the injured return,

7.) 31 Mar 2024 10:05:16
Standard. I think we will let at least five and maybe up to ten players leave.

Some of them wouldn’t be my choices and some already have one foot out of the door. Kepa, Lukaku, Maatsen, Chalaboa (unfortunately), Hall, Gallagher, BB, Ziyech, Silva and possibly Sanchez.

I think and hope we will sign Osimhen and the lad from Sporting Lisbon as a CH. I also assume one more keeper will be signed but we do have a young keeper out on loan at the moment who is meant to be a useful prospect.

Standard, you are totally obsessed with the money we have spent. The squad needed changing, we had two CHs who left because they were out of contract, we had a RW who was never a premiership player we had a LW who was always injured and a CF who couldn’t hit a barn door with a banjo. Mount, Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic all left for different reasons mainly out of the owners control. So, if you add it all up the club invested nett £600m ish to rebuild a squad. You may think that nett spend was too much for some players but on the other hand we got some players at prices that are now generally viewed as so called bargains. Unfortunately the market isn’t determined by fans, it’s determined by “need” and a willingness to sell.

8.) 31 Mar 2024 10:08:44
Seymns, I have a young man who sits in front of me in the MH upper who spouts off endless stats. He told me that on first half performances we are 5th in the league in second half performances we are 17th.

If that is true I guess it says it all.

9.) 31 Mar 2024 10:44:48
Second half performances have been poor, as yet we are bad
at killing teams off maybe we then sit back can't believe this to be a deliberate tactic. Haven't watched every game but clearly we should have more points, not having a go at Caicedo but i thought he would be more dominant in the middle hopefully this will come in time .

On a positive note there are players i really like.

Palmer Mudryk Jackson Gusto Fernandez are the future build a team around them with buy a good centre forward and will be challenging again.

10.) 31 Mar 2024 14:00:37
Every team would claim they should have more points. At this stage of the season the league table doesn’t lie. We are where we deserve to be because of the performance of the coach (es) and players. I am getting bored of the excuses.

11.) 31 Mar 2024 14:38:42
Of course we deserve our current league position but that doesn’t mean we can’t all make observations and comments.

12.) 31 Mar 2024 16:03:19
jIMBO 56 Agree to a cerain extent but a couple of Man utd fans i know are staggered they have got so many points.

13.) 31 Mar 2024 16:18:08
Tom, that’s exactly what I am doing; making an observation. The excuses comment was aimed at Poch, not the posters.

14.) 31 Mar 2024 16:45:03
Sorry Jimbo I misunderstood your post.

I liked the semi angry Poch post match interview. I didn’t like his pre match use of stats.

15.) 31 Mar 2024 16:51:20
Seymns the Man U fans I know are very disillusioned and can’t believe they have won so many games.

16.) 31 Mar 2024 19:16:53
Tom, blaming the players is his latest excuse and a bit late. If players aren’t performing or obeying instructions they should be dropped even if it means bringing in young players.

17.) 31 Mar 2024 19:47:23
Jimbo, I agree if players aren’t performing or doing as instructed, as I put in a much earlier post then just drop them.

Of course that’s easy for me to say as I’m not judged on results and to a certain extent in key areas the team has picked itself with very few alternatives to choose from.

18.) 31 Mar 2024 21:33:53
Tom, I agree it’s easy for me to to say what I think a coach should do sitting in the stands or on the sofa. That said, I didn’t put myself forward as Chelsea’s head coach on £5 million a year.

19.) 31 Mar 2024 21:49:53
Not sure what a salary has got to do with it. All coaches get paid for their experience and expertise.

Years ago and for my own stupid amusement I used to apply for lots of managers jobs. Needless to say I never got an interview but I did get some very polite replies.

20.) 01 Apr 2024 10:03:35
Tom, we have disagree about that. As I said if you put yourself forward as a coach at a top club with a huge salary you should come up with the goods. As for Poch, he may have been appointed for his experience but certainly not his expertise or achievements.




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01 Apr 2024 00:27:01
Please no horans heroes. That would be awful.




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31 Mar 2024 14:35:26
Gusto is sensational.




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31 Mar 2024 12:40:08
Oh christ. Can see James leaving and then suddenly getting past his injury woes. If this mediocre chelsea continues we won't be able to hold onto palmer too much longer either.




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23 Mar 2024 23:58:04
No g8 by outrageous signings I mean the lack of a strategy. Buying 5 players for the same position (Caicedo, Lavia, Ugo, Santos and Casadei) for massive sums. Some transfers I liked but all in all many were so unnecessary and that's now likely put us in a position where we need to sell to comply for FFP.

One game doesn't change that g8, Gallagher has absolutely been more influential and better than enzo this year. Enzo has talent but he has improvements to make.




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22 Mar 2024 22:29:43
Absolutely KDrog, it's already been made abundantly clear Boehly and co. See the academy as a way to offset there outrageous signings and excessive fees. Every indication is that were fine in ffp but we do have to raise a substantial amount through player sales and Chalobah and Gallagher represent pure profit. Even though they've been better than Disasi and enzo this year, and others, they will likely be sold along with mattsen etc.





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16 Apr 2024 10:22:34
Caicedo immense. Regarding havertz, never wanted to say it like this cuz he was a chelsea player but he was absolutely rubbish for chelsea. lol.




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16 Apr 2024 00:36:52
Great performance from caicedo and Gallagher in the midfeild. Enzo needs to pull a finger out and start performing otherwise I agree I don't think he'll get back in.




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15 Apr 2024 22:26:01
Missed the game because it was a 5am game for me but will watch the extended highlights soon.

I have seen the madueke and Jackson incident. Absolutely embarrassing. Poch shoukd have taken them both off instantly. They appear to have a bad attitude problem.




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14 Apr 2024 23:20:36
Thanks TomB. A poor cheap shot from G8. I said better position, as in higher income, better stadium and better current squad. Nothing about them being better than us in the last decade or last 20 years though obviously. But G8 can think what he likes.




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13 Apr 2024 08:53:19
Which is why the the 8 year contracts were ludicrous.