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25 Apr 2019 11:17:39
A bit of fun guys. So if you could choose one out of the two options below which would you pick:

- We play champions league next season but get banned for two transfer windows

- We don’t play champions league football and our ban gets upheld for at least this summer.

I’d definitely pick the first one and bring back the likes of Zouma, James.

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22 Apr 2019 22:02:44
Only hazard that makes opportunities they say one man doesn't make a team he's not far off.

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22 Apr 2019 22:06:03
Contributed 49% of our goals. 1 man team.

18 Apr 2019 23:29:12
Glad we’re through. Excited to see how good Jovic is, think we’re in for a great tie.

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19 Apr 2019 08:55:19
The demon in their team is Rebic. He's very rugged.

19 Apr 2019 18:21:48
I feel Eintracht Frankfurt will be our first strong test of this Europa league competition. God speed.

18 Apr 2019 22:19:47
So we are through to the semi finals, however our 2nd half performance taints the win and puts into perspective our demise as a club.

Mentality is wrong, only Chelsea can come out after half time and play lethargically to try and waste time when they are up 4-1. Why not play and improve on the scoreline which ultimately improves you as a team. As a result of the poor mentality we could have went out, players could not recover from the slump.

I think we gave to accept facts, we simply ain't good enough anymore. The decline has been happening for a while. However the Hazard, Fabregas, Costa, Kante combination peppered over the cracks over the last few years.

Luiz is not John Terry
Azpi is not Ashley Cole
Emerson/ Alonso is not Ivanovic
Barkley is certainly not Lampard
Kovacic/ Jorginho are not Ballack
Pedro/ Willian are not Duff/ Robben
Giroud is certainly not Drogba.

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18 Apr 2019 23:06:59
Not mentally good enough these players, need warriors again.

19 Apr 2019 08:50:35
Shak that post is ridiculous
You could say the same about the Liverpool team in the 80s compared to now and look how well there doing
We have a good team coming through and sometimes things take time we aren't in dimise compared to 20 years ago are we
Teams have cycles and we are in one now and I fully expect us to comeback next year or definetly the year after have patience
You can't win all trophies every year.

19 Apr 2019 08:57:28
Kepa will be as good as cech
Hazard is better than malouda
Kante is better than mikel and as good as essien
Odoi will be better than duff
Cheek can become as good as ballack.

19 Apr 2019 16:03:20
Gola I'm not talking about the future. RLC and CHO have very bright futures and there's no doubt about it. I'm talking about the present. There are players in our team who are not good enough for a mid table team nevermind Chelsea.

You have just mentioned the two I mentioned who are Hazard and Kante. The reason I didn't compare them to the past is because they are standouts. But look at the rest I mmentioned or do you insist that the players we have will come through?

The facts is that the team we had was full of leaders. The moral of the story is that the club is in demise and we need a core of new players. After Hazard we are left with Kante. I'm positive the club will address the issue in the summer if they can.

18 Apr 2019 21:40:18
What does Sarri say at half time for us to switch off, think that's the 14th goal we've conceded in first ten fifteen minutes after half time, players seem to switch off,

{Ed002's Note - You must be so disappointed that Chelsea won.}

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18 Apr 2019 22:17:27
I think you have to accept as a club we ain't the same club of the past where we boasted world class players in almost every position. We were what Man City are now back then. Obviously we have only Hazard and Kante who are world class. It's a slow decline mate but it will get better in the future.

18 Apr 2019 22:25:30
We played well in the first half and were aware it was almost impossible for Prague to score 4 second half goals. We didn’t play well second half but I’m willing to put it down to complacency, important thing is we’re into the semis.

18 Apr 2019 22:41:13
Haha course not ed, just a concern that almost weekly after half time the players seem to switch off and were conceding, it’s not a negative slandering comment I’m just curious as to a clear weakness / problem we’re having this year,

19 Apr 2019 08:51:35
Doom and gloom we are in a semi final.

19 Apr 2019 08:57:00
Indeed it is a painful thing to admit.

19 Apr 2019 22:46:34
A comment on us conceding so many goals after half time isn’t a negative comment or doom and gloom. Funny I asked this question on here and so did the media to Sarri after the game, and who agreed with them and said he doesn’t know why.

16 Apr 2019 22:18:07
So I've heard all the hype around this young Ajax team all season. Even a journalist had stated that this Ajax team was the best Ajax team since the Cruyff and the 90's era.

So I decided to watch the full game today vs Juventus. Saying that I was impressed by them is an understatement. I know it's only the 1 game that I have watched but boy this young Ajax team man handled Juventus. Absolutely beautiful, they play intricate football. The wingers in Neres and Ziyeck caused havoc whilst De Jong and Beek controlled the middle of the park. De Ligt had Ronaldo quiet all game. Fair play to the Ajax manager for creating this brilliant team. I actually think Ajax can all the way and win the champions league this year. Beating RM was not a fluke at all. they will beat them all over again if they have to.

However, all good things come to an end and just like the great Monaco team of a few years ago. watch Ajax get dismantled this summer.

Some of the star quality on show tonight puts into perspective how much focus CHO has to put into his game to improve or he will be left behind. Another youngster who deserves praise is Kean from Juventus, he is another quality youngster. big future ahead.

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17 Apr 2019 10:06:45
That’s consistency, same philosophy for years and bringing through some of the best youngsters for so many years is a credit to them.

18 Apr 2019 17:44:41
Wouldn’t mind Van De Beek next to Kante in a two, cracking player he goes unrecognised because of De Jong but he’s just as good.

16 Apr 2019 11:41:32
I know I've said it before but after re-watching the Liverpool game, Jorginho? I just don't get it! Am I missing something? To me, he is weak in the tackle, slow, gives no cover to our defence, is caught in possession far too often, rarely produces a creative pass, and just generally looks way out of his depth in the Prem. As I said, I just don't get it.

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16 Apr 2019 15:18:18
Not to worry MDW.

The thing that I find strange is how few people who post negative comments about him after he has an average or poor game do not find it reasonable to post positive comments when he has a good game!

16 Apr 2019 19:44:46
TomB, if Jorginho ever has a good game I promise to post a positive comment!

16 Apr 2019 20:55:26
I must have missed the one against West Ham!

17 Apr 2019 09:58:16
I said a good game not an adequate game - for all the hype and pricetag, Jorginho should be dominating the game and creating chance after chance - he is a poor man's Mikel!

{Ed002's Note - Perhaps you could get some sort of hate campaign against him going on Facebook? Force him out.}

17 Apr 2019 10:11:45
He has had lots of good games, the two v city he was brilliant ( not the 6-0 game ) v Liverpool first game when we conceded that Sturidge banger, games v West Ham, Tottenham, it’s when teams sit and counter us, we struggle to break teams down ( not just jorginho problem, midfield problem ) and when teams then strike and counter at pace we all wish kante was there rather than Jorginho, I just find it strange for £60m he can only play one role / position / system and we have best DM in world football not in his position.

17 Apr 2019 10:13:37
He’s not there to create chances though, and even so does create quite a few. Quality player and I truly struggle to understand some of the hate that he gets.

17 Apr 2019 11:05:40
Ed002, are you suggesting that posters are only allowed to make positive comments about players / managers / tactics? Because that would make this site pretty pointless!

{Ed002's Note - No, numerous hate filled posts are deleted from the Chelsea pages about the coach, everyone at the club, all of the players and potential future players. The small subset of fans who come here seem to know practically nothing about the game, the club, how it is run etc.. It seems pointless having a Chelsea page. Everytime I try and make an effort the vegetables are there to stop it as quickly as they can.}

16 Apr 2019 06:39:53
When does the result of the appeal get announced.

{Ed002's Note - It is subject to a separate matter, but reasonably soon.}

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15 Apr 2019 09:39:36
Morning all, I hope the result yesterday didn't ruin too many weekends. I was more interested in how we performed, as it was pretty obvious we'd be be in for a rough time. Sadly the performance wasn't great, but there we go.

Ed002, I saw some of the stuff about abusive posts etc yesterday - I hope you can appreciate emotions were probably running high during and after the game yesterday and fans tend to want to "blame" something. Usually the manager, sometimes the players, and other times the board. But generally I think the page has been doing alright recently?

Anyway, I wanted to ask you a couple of questions if you're willing (neither about transfers) ;

1) A couple of days back the papers (I think the Mail followed by the Mirror) resurrected the "Chelsea for sale" stories and mentioned recent discussions with three interested groups (one of which was Jim Ratcliffe) - is there any truth in this? I know you've mentioned the Ratcliffe offer recently but the papers seemed to think a joint US/ Asian investment group wanted in.

2) Chelsea have a reasonable amount of money invested in first team players that currently don't look like they have a future (Bakayoko, Batshuayi, Drinkwater and the like) - you've mentioned previously there's no grand "overhaul" planned but I wondered if there was any intent to trim the fat a little in order to allow greater investment in the first team squad? (this is all presupposing the ban is either dropped or suspended pending a CAS ruling)

I guess I'm always interested to understand if the club treats players a bit like an asset bank that can be contracted/ expanded depending on how the finances are.


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14 Apr 2019 19:06:19
* On the day that Chelsea meets an opponent that possesses the ball or moves the ball around better than them, how should they play? Cos that's what I feel would take the team to the next level- if we can answer this question.

* What does Chelsea play against opponents that packs the bus and play on the counterattack.

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16 Apr 2019 06:39:13
I thought we did ok, Liverpool created very little first half. Second half one goal from poor marking the other a worldly. Instead of rolling over and losing 5 or 6 nil, we fought back and could have got something from the game. So I see that as a positive. I think the game was too big for cho he looked lost. It wasn’t a game for silly flicks and mistakes. Also RLC wasn’t great but he got better. Just my opinion.


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