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14 Dec 2019 17:51:07
My team for Spurs:


Azpi Rudiger Zouma

James Kante Kova Alonso

Willian Abraham Pulisic.

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14 Dec 2019 19:22:51
I like 3-4-3 and James and Alonso are best suited to wing-back. Personally, I would drop Azpi for Timori and Willian for CHO - but definitely 3-4-3.

14 Dec 2019 16:56:07
4 league defeats from 5, city, ok fair enough, West Ham Everton Bournemouth I won't accept, so angry, spurs will finish above us and it's not even a debate, the manager in his honeymoon phase. Goalscorer up front and wide and from midfield, 2/ 3 we lack,

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14 Dec 2019 17:07:16
We will finish above Spurs IMO Matt but Lamps needs to find a solution very quickly.

I fully expect some fans/ posters to be calling for Lamps to given the tin tac.

Will be a very interesting window!

14 Dec 2019 17:11:31
get a grip matt this was always going to be an extremely tough season for the team with transfer ban in the summer and losing hazard our best player the last 4 or 5 seasons and the man who we use rely on so much for that magic in games exactly like today . keep the faith man these boys are going to have many more highs an lows this season.

14 Dec 2019 17:52:21
Get a grip? So you don’t see spurs n Jose as a threat to top 4, and are ok with losing to teams in and around bottom table, v Everton, they wanted it more, so no excuses for being out worked. Same today. And it’s not even the kids, Willian jorginho offer nothing going forward, and frank didn’t have a response to the game changing. Frank said his targets are willing runners but it’s that quality we’re missing, a midfielder who will score goals or play a killer pass, Bournemouth never looked worried, Emerson sitter was all we created and that was more of a goalmouth scramble falling to him,

14 Dec 2019 20:22:36
i said start of season we won't get top 4 and i still feel that way over the ban etc and i don't see the players been available in january to get us top 4 in my opinion. i wudnt be a huge jorginho fan myself been honest an i cam see why fans don't like him an why theyd love him replaced.

14 Dec 2019 20:35:36
There are some sites that the fans give player ratings on. They are also averaged out over the games. They make interesting reading.

14 Dec 2019 16:49:54
And let's no be scared to say it, but what is happening with frank, showing how inexperienced he really is, the inexperience was there in big bold writing for everyone to see, not good enough from him or the players,

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14 Dec 2019 17:11:57
give it a rest man your so negative.

14 Dec 2019 17:54:09
What parts do you disagree with. Think frank made right subs and tactics when we were losing a grip of the game,? Being unbiased and critical isn’t saying I want frank gone, Bournemouth came into life and we stood still. Fact.

14 Dec 2019 20:26:24
i just think matt that we have to come to terms a little we lost our best player and kepa has been our poorest keeper in 20 years as a number 1 in my opinion not commanding too cocky always looks like he's liable for a mistake doesn't command his box. that passes straight onto our defence which i feel is lacking leadership and pur defenders lose concentration far too much and the cbs especially positionally have been woefull . for what we have maybe we need to start been realistic overall wel be in a dog fight for top 4 and we would be doing well to end up in it.

14 Dec 2019 16:47:22
What a disgraceful performance, jorginho first time shipped passes were pathetic and predictable, Mount is on for his pressing because his passing is poor, nothing from Willian except slowing down and getting as close as he can to a defender before trying a cross, utterly pathetic, we have big issues. First West Ham then Everton now Bournemouth: bottom half teams taking points of us, Bournemouth never looked worried, how many interceptions or mis placed passes were there from us, Mount jorginho willian Emerson so poor, we had no midfield, disgusting.

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14 Dec 2019 17:10:28
Matt, I always respect your passion but let’s try to keep calm.

We have a few players who are not playing well but things can change very quickly.

14 Dec 2019 17:12:39
ed's how do u continue to allow this man to post his negativity bashing d same players every week give it a break man.

11 Dec 2019 14:31:04
Bring on Barcelona - we always give them a game - and having to play at home first will be to our benefit.

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11 Dec 2019 21:15:18
Messi against our defence right now? God no. Wouldn't mind Juve or Leipzig, especially if we could get Werner from Leipzig in January too. Just think PSG, Bayern and Barcelona would tear our defence apart.

11 Dec 2019 21:48:09
MDW, unusually I’m with you on this one. As I posted earlier, I would Barcelona in the knockout and I fancy us big time, to turn them over!

11 Dec 2019 22:09:58
Calvert Lewin teared us a new one never mind Messi and Suarez.

11 Dec 2019 23:09:22
Thank god Everton ain’t in The Champs League then!

12 Dec 2019 07:47:41
I would rather avoid Bsrcelona.

12 Dec 2019 12:57:48
I don't want Barcelona or any of the strongest teams, I want the team that I know that we can beat.

12 Dec 2019 14:02:13
Barcelona would be a nice place to travel to in the New Year. Also, I think we can beat them comfortably over two legs!

10 Dec 2019 11:41:10
My friend Olive who cleans Romans boat told me she overheard Maria and Roman agreeing that our 2 transfer targets for January are Nathan Ake and Wilf Zaha. Just saying.

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10 Dec 2019 12:28:38
Are they left footed?

I was told the request for two left footed players was because Lamps and his coaching team want a better “balance” to the squad. I haven’t got a clue what that means!

10 Dec 2019 15:09:03
Wilf is right footed Tom but Olive heard Maria talking about his versatility, right winger who can replace Pedro but also cover Tammy up front.

11 Dec 2019 00:11:31
go all out for sancho younger an better in my opinion with a higher resale value.

11 Dec 2019 05:30:09
Olive daaaarling would you like a cup of caviar my dear?

09 Dec 2019 21:48:13
ed ae chelsea interested in telles for lb thanks.

{Ed002's Note - Random player of the day.}

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08 Dec 2019 16:13:08
I've been hammering our centerbacks all season for a litany of reasons but they've been relatively out of the spotlight since the Sheffield game but yesterday changed that. It seems that the defenders stay out of the crosshairs unless they start giving up shambolic goals when there's so much else to their game that goes unnoticed. I think part of this is attributed to the limited expectations placed on them in comparison with major signings such as Kepa and Jorginho. Ferguson put his two strikers on our double pivot and gave zouma and Christensen all the time they wanted on the ball and all they managed to do was circulate the possession. The issue is we either have to have Jorginho drop deep to advance the ball for them (and subsequently occasionally give the ball away in dangerous positions) or we look incredibly disjointed when playing mount in the hole such as yesterday. After half a season I truly have no clue whose taking charge at the back. We need rudiger to get back as soon as possible as he's competent on the ball and took control of our defense last year. Tomori has exceptional recovery speed and if he can do a better job of keeping himself in good positions and being smart on the ball we could have a really good defender. Christensen looks absolutely shattered compared to conte's second year. Zouma is what he is in that he's a good athlete and serviceable defensively but has no ability on the ball which kills us against teams that sit deep against us. Ake, while great on the ball, isn't good enough defensively to turn things around. We really should be targeting a top class centerback rather than the wingers were consistently linked to.

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08 Dec 2019 18:03:16
very good post i like ake but as u point out is he an improvement on what we have im not so sure about that.

08 Dec 2019 22:08:23
TK that was a very good post mate. I couldn't disagree at all. 100% behind the views.


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