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26 Jul 2021 12:53:33
Can anyone genuinely give me a reason for either why a) this window is not a disaster and b) we are not seeing a repeat of 2015-16? Just replace Håland with Sandro, Lukaku with Stones, Rice/ Tchouameni with Pogba.

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26 Jul 2021 15:13:16
There’s still 5 weeks to go or so. Half the window has been taken up by the Euros. There’s still plenty of time to get the deals done. And just FYI we were never after Lukaku in 15/ 16 as there were several members who didn’t want him back and it’s only just been in the last month or two that they’ve been convinced otherwise.

26 Jul 2021 15:42:45
Judge this window when it closes. There will be twists and turns. Will we get all of our so called No1 choices……very doubtful. Will every fan be happy……definitely NOT.

26 Jul 2021 16:21:14
It’s literally only been 3 weeks since the window opened.

26 Jul 2021 16:25:57
It's far from over.

The players are just returning from the Euros.

It will probably be good in the end. Mostly because Chelsea are a really good prospect. Young and talented squad with a highly rated manager in the best city in Europe, the best League in Europe, and the most money in Europe.

Haaland maybe.
Rice probably.

And improved squad definitely.

26 Jul 2021 20:58:12
Ffs give it a rest. What will be will be.

We will either get our targets or second best. But one thing is for sure this club is still the most successful club in the last 15-20 years. So am sure they are doing something well!

{Ed002's Note - He is simply trolling.}

26 Jul 2021 21:04:01
Ed002, genuinely that wasn't the intention. I'm just concerned about the lack of movement so far.
I hope Chelsea do prove me wrong.

26 Jul 2021 21:12:00
You ain't kidding ed002.

26 Jul 2021 12:27:09
This window so far has been nothing short of a shambles. We are Champions of Europe with top manager and we are failing to back them with the world class No. 9, midfielder and centre back they have asked for. At the same time, we've got a ridiculous bloated squad full of players we don't want or need and as a result, are jettisoning top youngsters elsewhere.
Enough is enough, the board needs a reshuffle.

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26 Jul 2021 12:45:18
What are you on about … just have patience
Stop the negativity and have faith.

26 Jul 2021 13:00:30
I'm not being negative, just being realistic.
Take away the UCL and we scraped to be the 4th best side in the Prem. That isn't good enough.
For context, people called Arsenal a shambles all year and they finished 6 points behind us.

26 Jul 2021 15:11:20
The board are trying to shift players. We can only sell them if someone wants to buy them. We’d probs forego a fee for drinkwater and let him go for free but he’s on 110k/ week roughly? And he’d have to drop down to the championship to find a club interested and they’re not going to pay him anything near that amount, so ultimately it’ll be down to whether Drinkwater wants to play or take the final year of his Chelsea contract.

26 Jul 2021 15:31:04
I agree with you that we need to improve our squad and get rid of players who do not have a future. Yes we need a reality check ending up a few points ahead of West Ham, Arsenal and Spurs last season was not impressive. As for the young players leaving that has nothing to do with the unwanted players blocking them it is the first team. There is nothing the club can do if young players want to leave for game time with lesser clubs. But look at BG undoubtedly our most talented academy player. He took a loan for experience in the PL believing in his talent and knowing he will be in the first team next season. There is a long time left in the transfer window but if we end up not buying any top class players and not getting rid of unwanted players, I too will be disappointed but I have trust in the club.

26 Jul 2021 18:33:00
I wonder how many other clubs would live the success our board and owner have delivered to us fans?

Putting aside the League Cups, FA Cups, Premierships and becoming Champions League winners twice, we now start virtually every season as contenders. We are no longer perpetual losers.

That’s good enough for me.

27 Jul 2021 09:19:57
RJ28P . you are being far from realistic . by taking away the FACT that we won the CL and came in 4th, don't you agree?

that you are looking behind rather than ahead shows that you are negative . we have a gap to make up to city and with TT we are sure to make it up with our current squad. but to pip city / liverpool / utd we will need goals.

we get them from Haaland / Werner / Kai or any other player in our squad . i don't care.
Support the team . the board is looking to bring in reinforcements . stop crying like a *itch for no rhyme nor reason. and wait for the transfer window and the coming season to unfold.


{Ed002's Note - All he is is trolling the site and wrecking all threads. We have a solution for that.}

27 Jul 2021 10:14:54
Hard work ignoring it all ed002 this site has become boring now due to all the negativity. And no wonder you keep the information away.

Thanks for all the info in the past but I think I will be deleting from my favorites.

24 Jul 2021 12:19:10

{Ed002's Note - You misunderstand. This is an annual activity. There is nothing of any relevance.}

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21 Jul 2021 21:23:29
Seeing some reports about Real Madrid putting Eden Hazard up for sale, I stumbled on to a video of Eden Hazard's display at Chelsea (on YouTube), I felt sad for him, I keep asking myself:
* what took this guy Real Madrid?
* How and why did misfortune have to befall Hazard- such a good human being?
I wonder how he's feeling in his heart. I pray that he gets back to his best.
I plead that Chelsea buys him back again from Real Madrid.

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21 Jul 2021 21:29:33
He wouldn't want the demands that TT expects from his players particularly at his age.

21 Jul 2021 21:46:21
Why would you want him back? For what he done two years ago? His got constant injuries and well publicised he never took his talent as serious as others. We’ve moved on and for however good he was he certainly isn’t the same player,

22 Jul 2021 08:06:27
He was so good for us for many seasons and on more than one occasion carried us on his own to success.

Times change, our team has changed and I can’t see us taking him back.

He will always be a legend for our club and although Drog came back and was fantastic, i think in this case we should just live with the marvellous memories.

19 Jul 2021 23:33:50
Got one wish this season.! we beat arsenal at least once.! KTBFFH.

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20 Jul 2021 20:44:07
Hardly a lofty ambition: lots of teams will beat Arsenal next season.

21 Jul 2021 21:24:31
My wish is that Chelsea buys Eden Hazard back.

21 Jul 2021 21:33:12
Obinna, I loved Eden but as in all things in life his best days are behind him. It’s not a position we need to cover and it would end up in disappointment for everyone.

21 Jul 2021 22:10:43
Loved as in past tense? How can you stop loving a player like that? I pray Abramovich can bring him back.

21 Jul 2021 23:17:58
Obinna yes in the past tense. Like boyfriends you loved in the past and you move on. Players come and go- the team lives on.

21 Jul 2021 23:51:00
Ha ha I meant girlfriends: not that it matters anyway.

22 Jul 2021 08:08:06
Thanks for the memories Eden. I hope you stay fit and have a wonderful career.

22 Jul 2021 16:59:14
Guys this is Eden Hazard we’re talking about. He’s not boyfriend or girlfriend, he’s family. at least his attitude is sure like family from the joined Chelsea till the day he left.

19 Jul 2021 19:30:44
We are losing more talented young players I'm afraid.

After Guehi, we are going to lose Liveramento, Bate and Harris. Trevoh Chalobah might go on loan or be sold permenantly.

I think we should do much better in this regard.

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19 Jul 2021 20:09:02
So no criticism of the players then just the club?
A loan was good enough for quite a few Academy players including Mason and Reece who are now first team regulars. Why not Livramento Bate and Harris?

19 Jul 2021 20:43:05
Don't kid yourself mate. If we weren't banned 2 years ago, we would have never seen Mount or Reece anywhere near first team, especially if someone like Conte or Sarri was the manager.

This is a very big problem for the club and when a large number of your talented players decide to give up and go play regular football for other teams, it shows that the club is not doing a proper job.

19 Jul 2021 20:43:49
Rubbish. Every player needs to prove themselves like Reece and Mount did on loan first. If they think they can waltz into the starting line up for the European champions then good riddance to them.

Look at Broja he’s signed the contract as he’s mentally in the right place. He’ll fight for that spot.

Gilmour I expect to have a very good loan at Norwich and then come back to probably even replace Jorginho.

19 Jul 2021 21:33:37
Livramento is the only one of the three that might make the grade we require and given that Reece seems to be the likely replacement for Azpi it follows that a pathway would be available should he be good enough.
I don't see us losing many players that would become first team regulars.

19 Jul 2021 21:49:35
Many players proved themselves on loan and never found any game time. You guys are just making excuses.
Every big team in Europe looks to build from whithin their academy, that's just how it should be. Yet we lose players every year and we are Ok with it.

19 Jul 2021 23:33:28
Yes and we will carry on building through our academy with Gilmour and Broja. I expect Colwill and Mbuyamba to be the next CB’s capable of providing a breakthrough.

20 Jul 2021 11:13:50
Let's take a look at the top clubs in the PL and how many graduates play the majority of games.
Man City - 1
Man Utd - 2
Liverpol - 1
Chelsea. 3.

{Ed077's Note - Rashford, Mctominay, D.Henderson and Greenwood. I count 4 first team regulars there for Man Utd.

20 Jul 2021 13:31:59
Depends what you mean by regulars I guess.
I only counted Rashford and Mc Tominay who have played the majority of games.
I could have included Abraham and CHO from Chelsea in which case it would be 5.
My point being that we are doing at least as well as our competitors.

20 Jul 2021 19:29:28
Yes it is a shame to lose promising academy players but I’m not sure what some people expect the club to do: the can’t be guaranteed game time at an elite club like Chelsea so if they don’t accept a loan then obviously the only choice is to move on. It’s the way of the world at a club like Chelsea.

22 Jul 2021 08:09:53
Spot on Jimbo.

We can only offer them contracts. If they want to leave, we won’t keep an unhappy player.

22 Jul 2021 08:24:39
Point well made Strasbourg, we do have more academy players reguarly involved than any of the other so called big 6.Livramento is a strange one, clearly a very talented player and clearly a potential path into the first 11 as well. He has 1 year left on his contract and has apparently decided to move on? good luck to him but that is not down to the club Ash so why the moan? I remember a certain Dom Solanke thinking the grass was greener elsewhere many moons ago but where did that get him? I think the club are doing a fantastic job producing wonderful talented players, some will go on loan and then find a way into the starting 11 like those players mentioned earlier and some will look to move for immediate first team chances. That is the choice of the 4 players mentioned who are set to leave. For me, I would rather focus on the players who have signed the contracts offered to them and watch how they develop like Broja has. Dujon Sterling my just surprise you as well Ash and prove to be better than Livramento? time will tell, but all in all the club are doing a great job with the academy and intergration of academy players to the first team.

22 Jul 2021 10:56:15
Very true G8,

Let’s just wish them well and focus on the players that want to be at our club, the Champions League winners.

18 Jul 2021 19:42:03
Guehi gone now as well as Tomori, Giroud and Moses we have got money for. Makes it around 45m at least as well as getting Van Ginkel, Pantic, Caballero and Blackman off the wage bill.

Let's hope we can finally move on the likes of Emerson, Baba, Barkley and Bakayoko permanently.

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21 Jul 2021 19:28:51
You want to keep Drinkwater then? 😅.

18 Jul 2021 17:37:06
Ed001 wanted to bring to your notice something - Just saw a post about lewandowski where Ed002 has commented that the person should read the post but when I go to all pages rumours/ banter/ discussion I don't see any post related to him dated today.

But when I search name lewandowski in the search bar I see a post dated today where Ed002 has provided all the information - Is this a system bug? or something else?

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