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26 Jun 2019 13:24:23
Wan Bissaka £50m approx. all I see from this is give Reece James a run, Cup games, minutes as and when ( once fit ) and it won't be long before we have our own 50m plus homegrown young RB,

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26 Jun 2019 13:42:47
I agree completely with you Matt, i am not moved by this deal. I think Manchester United is overpaying and spoiling the market.

26 Jun 2019 01:46:48
Spurs rumoured €65m for ndombele . thst is absolutely gutting. What a signing that will be, would of been perfect kante partner.

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26 Jun 2019 07:55:56
We said that about Bakayoko.

Let's see what he does when he comes. For now congrats on Spurs for spending finally.

25 Jun 2019 23:28:29
Judging by recent comments from Bakayoko and his agent (looking to attract PSG's interest) and a recent article that I read about PSG welcoming his like for the club, it seems Bakayoko could leave Chelsea; that should mean that Kovacic to Chelsea can be feasible.

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22 Jun 2019 14:34:24
Does anyone believe Jorginho will still be a regular starter under the possible appointment of Lampard. Surely kante will take up his old spot of breaking up attacks and get back to doing what he does best. If the transfer ban stays in place then I wouldn't make huge changes to the starting team but I would like to see a lot more of the loanees like James, mount and Abraham playing their part from the bench and through some good performances possibly forcing their way into the starting team. If it is indeed Lampard who joins as manager and the ban stays in place then a top four finish would be a huge achievement for all involved.
As it stands my team for the first game:
Azpilicueta. Luiz. Rudiger. Emerson
RLC. Barkley
Pulisic. Giroud. Willian.

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22 Jun 2019 17:43:18
Thought I read somewhere that Rudiger wouldn't be fit for the start of the season, RLC definitely won't be.

Emerson, Luiz, Christensen, Dave
Kante, Jorginho
Pulisic, Mount, Pedro

22 Jun 2019 23:04:02
You need to re-select your squad dude. Rudiger is out and so is RLC.

22 Jun 2019 23:24:23
I have really thought of Jorginho under Frank Lampard. I really hope Lampard makes him a major part of the midfield cos he's really a quality player. I would also like to see Kovacic too play under Lampard.

23 Jun 2019 11:32:48
It will be interesting to see what Jorginho has to offer with Kante restored to his proper position.

Also, first game of the season I hope that Lampard makes a statement and includes Reece, Mount and Abraham in the starting 11.

23 Jun 2019 16:31:42
For obvious reasons, I very much doubt Reece will be any squad until about October.

As things stand, I also can’t see Mount being in any early squad.

Tammy might have a chance.

24 Jun 2019 13:17:29
Azpi Christensen Luiz Emerson
Kante Jorginho
Wilian RLC

4 2 3 1
Diamond formation.

26 Jun 2019 15:03:24
I won't like a midfield where Kante sits as a regista defensive midfielder.

18 Jun 2019 17:01:32
City apparently close to Cancelo and Rodri, laying down no doubt well over £100m and are yet to sell, this whole FFP is strange to me, city years ahead of us and getting further away. Hopefully they end up with some sort of transfer ban. See how pep does when he can't lay out 200m a year with £150m worth of fullbacks in a squad.

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18 Jun 2019 20:12:40
We now have IMO a different BP than we used to have.

Let’s just except it and move on. We will still win Premiership next season.


18 Jun 2019 20:51:46
Yes TomB, nothing like a bit of positivity (delusion, you pick! ) . All joking aside, that's exactly what I was trying to say a while back, we aren't where we were a few years back, things change, our love for CFC shouldn't. None of us are happy about where we are now but how many of us can imagine where we would be now if Gronkjaer hadn't scored that goal against Liverpool?

18 Jun 2019 21:41:27
Jasper and his contribution to Chelsea should never be forgotten.

Maybe Roman wouldn’t have bought the club if he hadn’t scored that goal against the scousers!

18 Jun 2019 22:02:24
RA wouldn't have bought us had we not qualified that year, he was headed for The Spuds! I've enjoyed the good times, not so much the bad, try as I might I can't help loving my Chels. Can't wait for next season regardless. Come on The Chels.

20 Jun 2019 05:42:49
Giddy optimism TomB . but i love it.
we are not close to city or pool atm but we will challenge. we have to.
The day we stop challenging for the title is the day we become another utd / arsenal / spurs.
RA has always kept his prize on the title and champions league. every single season.

That's the only way forward

20 Jun 2019 13:22:41
If you can’t be optimistic in the close season dereryk we might as well give up!

I don’t understand pessimistic supporters at this time of year!

As I always say.


20 Jun 2019 14:01:39
I do apologise dereryk, my post makes it sound as if your not optimistic about next season.

20 Jun 2019 20:51:24
All good Tom . I like to hear some optimistic and positive thoughts . On here . A few bad results and it can all get very sour and negative.

I hope we push city spurs pool to the end . And if FL is our new manager, I hope he shares our optimism.

20 Jun 2019 23:59:10
What Guardiola is doing or trying to do at Manchester City is the stuff of greatness and what I call excellence (when you replace your players, go for the best) . Please don't envy them, just be happy for Manchester City when they win the league again at the end of the season and be very positive for Chelsea for the coming season again. If Chelsea and other teams continue to watch them act this way without coming out to spend and invest wisely too, Manchester City will keep winning this league from now till eternity.

21 Jun 2019 08:02:37
The way I see it is that: it will look like Manchester City is spending so much but I bet you in the next five to ten years (with these quality young players that are investing in- training under a good manager like Guardiola) you will find out out that they would have spend less than the other clubs that keeps trying to change players (lesser quality) cos quality players will keep winning everything and won't want to leave the team because they are successful there but you can't say the same of other teams. U only have to invest in a quality player once but you keep changing on same player and position if the quality isn't there.

21 Jun 2019 09:55:05
we can't invest this or the next window . so that's out of the question.
want can we do . build with what we have got.
we have to stay focussed on the prize and that the title every season . nothing less.
that the culture RA has built and the club tries all it can to abide.
not easy though as we aren't the richest club in the uk atm. so we have to be wise.
im sure we will look at bringing in the right targets.

Till then, i trust the club to make the right call.

21 Jun 2019 13:20:08
We have been the most successful English team over the last fifteen years. Let me know when the others have caught up!

21 Jun 2019 13:51:54
Yes we have, but living in the past . Let's leave that to other team fans . Id much rather look to our present and future.

Happy with Petr announcement.
More good news expected . Looking forward to see how we fair when the chips are down.

Onwards and upwards.

16 Jun 2019 12:42:46
I read that Sarri is pushing Juventus to sign Emerson Palmieri and Jorginho. If that's true then It's very funny cos this is the same Emerson that kept calling for Sarri to play ahead of Marcos Alonso; I believe that he now loves the same Emerson up to the extent that he wants to take him to his next club. I still maintain that the fans were correct with some demands that they made to Sarri (but he didn't deserve the abuses and insults) but I think all that will be behind us sooner than later .

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17 Jun 2019 09:32:08
I get why he would want Jorginho, but why Emerson? they have Alex Sandro.

12 Jun 2019 18:33:45
Any of the Eds. why would Chelsea appeal to CAS but not request window to be frozen? With money from Hazard sale, many player sale and even say a budget of 80 mil for this year all while staying within FFP we could easily spend 200+ mil, add the key players we need, inject some youth and even if ban upheld we would be situated then fine to get through it.

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12 Jun 2019 19:31:51
Brilliant read by Jake Cohen
few quick notes on Chelsea's CAS appeal to follow.

First, the list of upcoming hearings published by the CAS is subject to change at any time.

Cases are regularly added and removed from the "docket" for a number of reasons.
That said, would be surprising if Chelsea's hearing takes place anytime soon.

CAS appeals typically take months unless proceedings expedited (not the case here) .

Right now, Chelsea will likely be on deadline to file appeal brief, then FIFA needs time to respond, and so on

The hearing will ultimately be scheduled on a date when the three-person arbitration panel can be present in Lausanne.

Each of the arbitrators will be high-profile sports lawyers themselves with busy diaries.

The scheduling issues are a key reason why these things take months
Chelsea can file a request for provisional measures - asking for registration ban to be lifted while appeals process is ongoing - at any time.

The CAS would almost certainly grant that request after giving FIFA time to respond.
So, there's no real legal barrier preventing Chelsea from signing players this summer.

It's simply a strategic decision.

* Stockpile players now and pay a premium


* Rebuilding year, then business as usual next summer

Managerial situation, RLC / CHO injuries likely factors
I cannot envision any practical situation in which Chelsea's ban is extended.

If CAS refers case back to FIFA (unlikely), would go to DC, not AC, and it is AC that has recently shown willingness to break precedent.

The CAS unilaterally extending the ban is almost unfathomable

A few non-CAS notes to clear up.

Mr Abramovich is the sole shareholder of Chelsea Football Club.

The licensee of Millennium Suite 18 at Stamford Bridge last season was Adobe (the software company) .

Anyone claiming otherwise is either misinformed or lying.

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12 Jun 2019 20:53:12
Interesting Matt, thanks for the information.

12 Jun 2019 09:20:09
If I was Frank Lampard, I would ask for an 8 year contract with a sliding scale of renumeration if I am sacked - eg if I'm sacked within 12 months I get paid 8 years of my contract, within 2 years 7 years of my contract, within 3 years 6 years of my contract etc - this will make it very expensive to sack me and, perhaps, allow me time to build the club.

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12 Jun 2019 10:14:34
That is genius such a clever idea.

12 Jun 2019 10:01:02
But what if as a manager you fare poorly and you cost the club millions . ?

would u pay the club their losses?

12 Jun 2019 11:10:19
Clubs are in the main now run as businesses, they will IMO never do as suggested but I agree it would give a manager time.

I think managers and players should all have performance related contracts. If they perform well the contract automatically returns to its full term but I guess the means of “performing well” is to subjective.

12 Jun 2019 13:33:36
I think Lampard needs Chelsea more than we need him. There is no chance he would make silly requests.

He knows all too well that management is results driven especially when you are a young prospect, a slight dip in form rules out future top jobs unless you are an A lister manager.

09 Jun 2019 18:31:23
Looks like how joy about the Reece James injury may have premature.

Now sounds serious, it could require an operation and he could be out for three months.

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10 Jun 2019 10:18:25
I read it's a serious ankle ligament sprain, he should be ok for the preseason that according to goal. 3-5weeks at most.

10 Jun 2019 10:33:07
I think you are right TomB, Simon Johnson of the Evening Standard is saying that his injury is more serious than first thought- as recent scan has revealed. It could need surgery and he could be out for 3 three months.

{Ed001's Note - that's why I said the other day that his injury would decide what happened to him this season.}

10 Jun 2019 11:52:45
I’m still hoping against hope that my mates info is wrong!

11 Jun 2019 11:37:22
If there will be a surgery, he should have been operated upon by now. Anyways, who knows, there could be a medical explanation to whatever is happening. I guess time will tell.


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