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04 Mar 2024 23:29:23
There are so many things wrong at Chelsea that they have a cascading effect on everything else below it:

1) The investment in players. We have bought far too many young players and placed unrealistic expectations on them, creating huge imbalance in the squad. Rather than learn from this mistake, we’ve continued with this ‘strategy’ for two years. All those young players with great potential to develop are in a weird situation in that they are nailed on first teamers so aren’t motivated to fight for a place but also shouldn’t be in the first team in the first place. So it creates a bunch of pressure for a group of players who are less motivated to succeed.

2. Chelsea’s expectations: there are a few clubs in the unique position where they previously won tons of things and the fans now expect wins like ‘the good old days’. See also: Man Utd. This puts a bad type of pressure into each performance as the players fear their own fans turning on them pretty quickly if a game isn’t going well. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen elsewhere, but it happens less at other smaller clubs.

3. Other clubs hate us. We aren’t a team that casual supporters tend to like because we’ve spent so much money in both the A’movich and Boehly eras. Rightly or wrongly, we are seen as the poster child of everything that’s wrong with football currently. This creates a lot of negative headlines and certain pundits are only too happy to jump on us when we are playing badly and don’t credit us when we are good. This has got to be bad for morale.

4. Wage structure: the idea of getting paid less with more performance-related bonuses is probably good for the club right now, but piles on the misery for the players. I think right now, they’ll be thinking ‘damn, I could’ve gone to x or y club on the same money and less pressure. ’ I don’t think it’s a good motivational tool.

5. Long contracts - a lot of players’ contracts will expire after seven years. Again, not much of a motivator to perform once you’re on a cash cow contract until 2030.

6. Injuries - a mix of poor management of player fitness and bad luck. Hard to tell what is what.

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05 Mar 2024 03:52:14
Fantastic post dantheblue. I was originally very optimistic with Boehly as I thought errors were made in the abramovic era. However, it has been utterly disastrous and they're not learning from there mistakes. A billion pounds should have cemented this clubs spot in the top 4 wigh many trophies for a decade however it's put us from 3rd to 11th. The 'advice' they've taken has been shambling and I'd trust many more people on here to do a better job with the finances, and I'm not even joking with that comment. Put Tomb in charge, and we'd have bought better players.

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04 Mar 2024 15:43:39
The fact we have played games like against Liverpool, Arsenal and city where we were arguably the better team and should have won all three.

My biggest gripe is we have a squad capable of playing like that every week but we don't, that is down to the manager, look at the way Klopp and Guardiola inspire and galvanise their players. Poch looks like a garden gnome, no energy, no passion.

Not saying Jose is the answer but I know for a fact he would bring energy and passion in abundance, maybe that's what's needed to make us feel connected to the club again.

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04 Mar 2024 15:51:38
Horans, let’s compare the managers you mentioned in there first season or two!

I gave my reasons for not appointing Poch as our manager and got pelters on this site for putting up mh case. He is now our manager and I will give him my support for the remainder of this season and all of next season.

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04 Mar 2024 16:19:48
Tom, I don’t believe I mentioned anything to do with Klopp and Guardiolas first few seasons? I mentioned the way they treat their players and the energy they bring.

Actually the fact you have pointed that out makes my comment even more poignant. They are what, 8-10 years into their tenures, yet they are still bringing the same passion, same vibes and same mentality to their teams.

Think it’s clear to all that he will NOT be our manager come the end of next season. It’s a shame as I thought it could potentially work out but it hasn’t and it won’t. Just my humble opinion.

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04 Mar 2024 16:30:20
Apologies Horans, you didn’t mention the managers but you did mention there respective clubs including the gooners who’s manager also had a slow start ish to his managerial career.

If Poch is our manager at the “end of next season” I will be happy that he will have been given enough time to judge his abilities to manage CFC.

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04 Mar 2024 17:53:31
To be fair to Arteta, he’s been through the wringer a few times with the Arsenal fans but they stuck it out and now they are top 4 guaranteed every season.

My point again though is look at the passion Arteta shows, his reactions on the touchline, the celebrations. It makes the players believe in the project and helps them develop a winning mentality.

Unfortunately Poch doesn’t bring that to the team and I think it shows in some of the lacklustre performances. 2nd half against Brentford, extra time vs Liverpool to name but a few.

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04 Mar 2024 20:04:16
Horans, over the seasons there have been many successful managers who have controlled there so called “passion” and still been successful.

Poch is often accused of being to nice and I see on one site he is being referred to as “tactically predictable. ”

There is no “one size that fits all” when it comes to successful management.

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04 Mar 2024 22:00:24
Tom, when has Poch ever been a successful manager?

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04 Mar 2024 22:19:19
Jimbo, I have never said he has been and that was certainly one of the reasons i didn’t want him as our manager as so many on this site did.

The difference is, I’m prepared to give him time to become a successful manager. In the same way owners of other clubs have given time to there now successful managers, I want our new owners to hold there nerve and give him time and support.

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04 Mar 2024 09:53:10
Poch saying performances have been very good, and Leeds, Brentford had extra days to prepare / rest, which is fair, although we had over a week for Cup final and he used the fatigue excuse when LFC played the Wednesday before and had injuries also, but more importantly I'd like his talking to lead to a performance, some Newcastle none of this tired rubbish, a week to prepare.

We need to stability of a long term manger otherwise no self respecting manager will leave there current role to be sacked after 10 months because of the squad issue. We can go back to Jose. Reactionary as we are watching the dross at the moment but come on, it's as a short term as they come, Amorim, plays specifically for counter attacking / press resistant football, good luck with that v Luton Everton Forrest west ham, when they go long and direct with 9 behind the ball?
Alonso, has he worked under such pressure and scrutiny as he would get at us.
Naglesman, people moan about Poch playing players out of position. This guy had Havertz as left back.

Stick with poch, he seems out of his depth like potter, so is it the club the players him? What is it. Not been good enough with this squad what we the issues with it are. So who knows the right manager, but do we think Clearlake will get it right. Not a chance.

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04 Mar 2024 11:07:02
Bring Jose back and back him when ans if things go bad. Atleast he's won things and we're guaranteeing a trophy. If we stick by poch highest league position we get will be 6th.

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04 Mar 2024 12:17:09
Jose finished tenth when sacked with hazard, cesc, costa, terry, matic, Willian, azpi. let’s not rewrite history as in Jose who won 3 titles was the same man who left us, at some point someone has to build a squad cos we have some very inexperienced data lead people who have spent a fortune and not got the fundamentals, Jose would want / demand the same as poch needs, alonso would need Ancelotti would need, de zerbi would need,

I don’t think we nearly as an attractive proposition as we were even a year ago, let alone 5 and 10,

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04 Mar 2024 13:31:53
How on earth would employing Jose be "guaranteeing a trophy"?

Matt, there are NO guarantees. Just except it.
The owners of clubs like Spurs (one trophy in over twenty years) and the current owners of Liverpool, who found it difficult to win a trophy until about two seasons into the Klopp era are just two clubs that prove that point.

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04 Mar 2024 13:35:16
From what we can glean from media reporting, signings are being directed by three people above the manager. These three supposedly see this summer as the last in a phase of rebuilding the squad. Since they have spent an obscene about of money and left the squad lacking in a striker, and based on what Ed said a couple of weeks ago, we can assume that this will be the priority this summer. In addition to that, from other reporting we can reasonably assume that there is interest in a wide player, goalkeeper and a centre back.

(I would suggest that the first two solve immediate, glaring needs that arguably should have been addressed earlier in this 'project', but that is besides the point. )

In short, we can say with reasonable confidence that the manager is not in charge of signing players and regardless of who is manager next season an effort is going to be made to upgrade in two or three extremely important areas of the squad.

My argument would be; if you add a reliable goalscorer up front and a better winger to this team then we will probably win more games no matter who is in charge. Maybe if you give those tools to Poch we can instead assess this time next year whether he is the man to move us forwards in the longer term, while providing something resembling stability in the short term?

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04 Mar 2024 15:25:49
RBD, good post.

I’m an advocate of judging players over time. Surely it’s not unreasonable to apply the same principle to managers?

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04 Mar 2024 20:52:54
Agree RBD. A striker who can score goals, a better winger, staying relatively injury free and simply more time together as a squad will all see a big upturn in performances imo.

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Nottingham Forest vs Liverpool: brief review

04 Mar 2024 07:39:08
{Ed's Note - Seano_ has posted a new article entitled, Nottingham Forest vs Liverpool: brief review

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02 Mar 2024 23:11:34
Well I've woken from my slight 4 hour sleep but I'm actually optimistic. Optimistic because a change is surely coming.

I think our transfer strategy was horrible, we've covered that. However our team is a bunch of individuals thrown together who lack any sort of identity. Sanchez, disasi, madueke etc were completely uneeeded and make zero sense to me. I'm sure we will sell Chalobah and Gallagher oit of necessity but they're the last players that shlukd be sold.

Mourinho is a must. He has his flaws but the man is a serial winner and will give this squad an identity. The defending from disasi and colwill was utterly disastrous today and mouronho would fix that straight away.

I'm starting to see potential in Caicedo and enzo, I just think they need to improve still. Caicedo needs to sort out his passing and turnovers and enzo needs to be more involved because he creates well.

I don't see any other way forward other than mourinho. The chelsea winning identity is completely gone and other than mourinho I don't see any of the other options doing better than potter/ lampard/ poch.

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03 Mar 2024 01:43:30
Unfortunately the Chelsea job atm is still a poisoned chalice. This is an entirely new squad. The players barely know each other, so at the moment it’s still a bunch of individuals playing together rather than a team. Just as the team start to find any semblance of cohesion, 2-3 players get injured. New players come into the team, rinse and repeat. Not to mention they’re all young and fairly inexperienced which just adds to the whole mess, as they don’t have that experience to fall back on to make up for the lack of cohesion imo.

Now I’m not saying a different manager couldn’t come in and we’d see an improvement, but imo it would only be an incremental improvement. We’re never going to see any significant improvement until we can consistently have a squad that’s 75% fit at all times. Although a ST who can score will certainly help a lot.

In regards to Jose, idk what to feel about him coming back. Love the man but not sure his style of man management works anymore these days. Not to mention that JM likes ready made players in their peak years. Do I see him wanting to manage a team that’s got 12 players out injured with a v young squad? I just don’t see it working out. There’s no benefit on his side to come in and take over right now. He’d have 12 fully fit first teamers, about 4 half fit just returning from injury players and a bunch of youth team kids. Why risk your return when you have such a limited pool to work with. Makes more sense to come in over the summer. Hope all the injured players have come back healthy, can have some influence in signings and overall look of the squad.

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03 Mar 2024 08:03:53
I think it would be a mistake to sack Poch mid season, I think it would be a mistake to appoint Jose as our manager at anytime and I haven’t got a clue who we should get as a new manager. Im not even sure who would want the gig but my guess is there will be a few.

It could just be that Poch will start next season as our manager, with a fully fit squad and everything turns out to be just fine.

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03 Mar 2024 08:32:36
Every team has injuries. We've had james, lavia and nkunku out. With our enormous spending we have ample coverage that them injuries should not have this drastic an effect. It's not good enough.

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03 Mar 2024 08:45:27
Roman would not put up with 2nd best let alone 3rd or 11th. Poch is a serial loser, no point in keeping him. We do have a lot of injuries but a Klopp or Jose would of got us over the line in last weeks Cup Final. Zero point in waiting till the Summer unless the chosen target will not move until then. Poch will not be in charge next season.

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03 Mar 2024 08:56:31
I’m not sure what our “enormous spending” has to do with anything. The squad size is what matters. For a long period of the season we had between ten and thirteen players out for a long period of time. This did limit our team selection and the quality available on the bench. It could be argued that if it wasn’t for injuries we wouldn’t have seen some of our promising youngsters get any mins.

All that said, injuries should not effect a desire for players to win there individual battles, it shouldn’t stop players moving off the ball or our overall work rate.

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03 Mar 2024 09:08:11
Why people want to go back to Mourinho is beyond me loved him but can't see him repeating it especially with a young team, the owners need to have patience, I am probably alone in saying I would of kept Potter, the Roman years have gone we can't keep changing managers as the young players need time to gel under the manager

Every team does have injuries and it affects most of them Newcastle and Man utd have also had their struggles but its not just James Lavia Nkunku you can add Chilwell Fofana whole season Chalobah etc think we are third on days lost to injuries.

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03 Mar 2024 09:21:15
G8, Liverpool will be looking for a manager next season. As far as I know Jose hasn’t been linked to that job and I haven’t seen a single fan of that club call for him to be there new manager. In fact, the only jobs I’ve seen him linked to are the Bayern Munich and Saudi jobs.

The two stints he had as our manager didn’t end well and I can’t see how anyone can say that appointing him for a THIRD time would be a LONG term solution.

I put my case forward to many in this site as to why I didn’t want Poch appointed. I had NO problems with him being ex Spurs. The vast majority on this site wanted him and only him as our new manager. When he was appointed I said he would get my 100% support and that support includes periods when things are not working out.

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03 Mar 2024 09:32:42

You mentioned 3 players but how many others have been injured and are in and out of the squad. Jose, would probably had a strop 6 games into the season

I have let my feelings known on what I feel about our injury record this season already.

Jose was good for us the first time round but even that ended badly, the second time was bad therefore, there should in no way be a third time espically with our youthful squad.

Poch will not be replaced until the summer at the earliest however several clubs will be looking for top class managers and a nd a number of them will be in the champions league.

Who will come on, heavens knows but another issue we will have is that there are too many people in the chain choosing the new coach and as such there will be disagreements and delays therefore I'm not even sure we will choose correctly or get who we really want in the end.

I wanted Poch but I cannot see him survive as the atmosphere in the ground with the fans baying for blood (not only Poch but with the owners as well) and I believe this will lead to a new coach being appointed.

Before the summer I believe we need an in depth review of our injury record and our main recruiting process which I believe needs slimming down with just one FD leasing between the owners and the new coach.

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03 Mar 2024 10:35:26
Seymns, you are not alone in think it was a mistake to sack Potter when they did. Things went from bad to worse with the appointment of Lamps as an interim manager who would supposedly reunite the fans if nothing and “things could get worse. ” Well they did get worse.

My guess is everything within the club structure will be reviewed at the end of the season. That will include the manager and our injuries. Any organisation can learn lessons.

We can beat Leicester and the fans can then have another day out at Wembley.

Regardless of who the manager is there will be players sold (I think five) and a couple brought in. I will probably be upset at some of the players sold and I doubt the club will sign my preferred targets. These things happen every year!

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03 Mar 2024 11:05:57

Who are the five u think will be sold.

I think Sterling, Chad's, IM, Hall, Broja, Lukaku, CC, CG (if contract is not signed.

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03 Mar 2024 11:06:33
Should have also included Sterling, that makes 9.

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03 Mar 2024 12:14:27
Broja, Maatsen, Chalaboa, Gallagher and not sold but leaving Silva. I also assume a deals will be done for Hall, Kepa, Lukaku and maybe Sanchez.

Some I will not want to leave but these things happen.

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03 Mar 2024 12:17:50
Who’s chad bill? Mostly Agree with your list of who will be sold tbf. Is CC chucky or casadei? Silva won’t be renewed too. Could see Cucu leave if we can find a buyer but unlikely. Others like Sarr, Kepa, Ziyech, Fofana too will depart. Potentially Sanchez too.

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03 Mar 2024 13:00:08
Chabaloah Tom.

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03 Mar 2024 13:00:39
Sorry should have said MC not CC.

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03 Mar 2024 13:01:55
We seen to agree Tom, would suggest that there might be quite a few leaving in the summer.

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03 Mar 2024 13:20:43
Bill, I wouldn’t sell him but I think the club will. ’.

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03 Mar 2024 16:38:14
I think Poch will limp on until the end of the season- mind you, I said that about Potter! I sincerely hope he is not our manager next season. Ed001 summed it up when he opened his response by saying: “ I think he is a loser”. I don’t think Jose will or should come back. As to players departing in the summer: “Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn”.

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03 Mar 2024 18:12:54
All good points boys and girls. I'm flying back from sunny Dubai tomorrow to old blighty and looking forward to putting my feet up and watching the Cup Final, FA Cup game and Brentford game. Difficult to really see patterns of play and action in crowded bars. My gut feeling is Poch will go in the summer and Amorim will come in.

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03 Mar 2024 23:11:59
Jimbo despite not necessarily wanting JM back, if they decide to get rid of Poch I can envision a scenario whereby he’s one of our only options. It all depends how the chips fall elsewhere. If Alonso decides not to leave for Liverpool or Bayern. Then I could see Amorim going to Liverpool. Tuchel could potentially end up at Utd or Barca. Altho i think Utd might end up with Potter. Out of the potential managers around Amorim would be my pick or Nagelsmann perhaps.

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04 Mar 2024 09:18:21
I find myself standard caceido is getting there, he just seems to be late in a lot of his tackles which would mean he's probably out of position to much or trying to make up for enzos lack of positioning at times,
disasi is blowing a bit hot and cold but showing great signs,
gusto is a breath of fresh air
petrovic has been a massive boost to the gk spot i finally trust a keeper again in a chelsea shirt
honestly if we sign a number a 9 we shouldn't be a million miles away from a champos league spot
id flog sterling, madueke, mudryk, broja and it looks like wel lost hall and maatsen aswell, chalobah may go aswell id sell badiashille over him all day do but he's 1 of them profit players the club now love to sell

Signings, Oshimen/ Gyokes/ martinez from inter
Id love us to sign someone like paulinha a leader and very solid midfielder i highly doubt that will happen due to his age and fee but we are still massively lacking 2 or 3 leaders which is proving a massive problem in games when we fall off a cliff like extra time v pool, 2nd half against brentford and many more,

All in all its been another rubbish season were we can't score in tight games and we look as poor as we did this time last year.

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02 Mar 2024 20:41:04
Poch talks about being tired yet runs same players into the ground and waits until 70th min to make a change!

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02 Mar 2024 21:50:05
I wasn’t a fan of the substitutions but I have no idea how the players have been training. Do you?

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03 Mar 2024 00:31:05
He said they're tired, he played a limited amount of players. Called Casedi from Leicester as we need midfielders. We have a player in the academy who can get game time.

He cannot moan about tiredness and watch from the side as we lag.

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03 Mar 2024 12:37:19
Trust me he can moan. All managers do when they don’t get the results they want.

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01 Mar 2024 20:57:23
Along with a top no9, proven goalscorer, we need to get the next Gyokeres, he was smashing goals at Coventry, big physical workhorse, run the lines tracks back but scored, available for £20m odd, seems our data guys didn't clock him and now there rumours to his release clause of €100m, I'm fully confident osimhen is coming, especially as Ed has mentioned it, so we will need another striker / option as Broja will likely go, Bonniface is the same but will be expensive, dovbyk , probably cost a high fee for a no2 and likely wouldn't want to, sesko same, high fee for rotation, even Ferguson, I mean people went silent on him, he was a the player loads wanted for £100m but not mentioned at moment since his forms quiet.

Anyone with more knowledge, there any lower league gems who could be next Gyokeres.

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02 Mar 2024 21:51:47
The lad from Sporting has had a good season and wasn’t awful for Coventry.

I want Osimhen and I will remain living in hope.

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02 Mar 2024 18:13:27
Can we all agree the sooner we change our manager the better? If Poch is going to get the sack at the end of the season, why not do it now?

I am all for a Jose come back and I'd like to think he is also keen.

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02 Mar 2024 18:43:30
No, we can’t all agree about changing our manager now!

We changed manager about this time last seaso and it got worse. Please note, I am not comparing Jose to Lamps.

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02 Mar 2024 20:37:17
Wow Tom i really really don’t think it can get any worse we can only get lower in the table and we shouldn’t be their now with the money we have spent so I know what ever we had planned isn’t working bring the boss home.

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02 Mar 2024 20:48:26
Nibb, it can get worse as was proved last season.

So many of you want to go back in time as if that is some sort of guarantee of success.

I haven’t got a clue but what are the Roma results like since Jose left?

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02 Mar 2024 21:05:23
Wouldn't change now, wait till the end of the season, I honestly didn't expect much better this year we are such a young team and I do see us getting better, in my opinion this young team is not a good fit for Jose.

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02 Mar 2024 21:48:22
Seymns. Spot on mate.

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02 Mar 2024 16:57:19
I'm not happy with that point or the general performance.

The way we came out for the second half was appalling. So placid with zero aggression and it begs the question what on earth was said to them in the dressing room at half time.

Some ok ish performances particularly Gusto.

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02 Mar 2024 17:06:33

They were no doubt told to play for penalties by Poch.

He probably thought we were playing Brentwood.

Hope your health is improving.

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02 Mar 2024 17:33:49
Thanks for asking Bill. Gone away for a few days to help speed up the recovery.

I’m hoping to be at our next home game before I go to Cheltenham for a couple of days on a Black stuff party!

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02 Mar 2024 18:03:03
Tom, maybe you are now seeing what everyone else can see? Poch is the problem. End of. I could list the reasons but there is no need as it is so clear. Change is needed now.

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02 Mar 2024 18:17:18
That’s an opion you share with a lot of fans G8. In case you have forgotten, I never wanted him appointed as our manager.

I will continue to support him as our manager and hope he is our manager next season. I will be critical when I think it’s needed as per usual.

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29 Feb 2024 09:20:06
Hi ed002 its increasingly obvious according to the media poch possibly won't be our manager next year which is a shame i like the guy and did really want him to workout

If the reports are true we are looking at possible replcements already

My question is do you think the new owners would consider jose mourinho

Imo i think the fans would instantly take to the new owners and forgive last 2 years if they did

But would he suit this new project and set up

Sorry for long drawn out questiom.

{Ed002's Note - You don't need to apologise for the long post but for the abuse of the English language in the first sentence.

Jose Mourinho (C) I would not totally rule out a return to Barcelona for Jose Mourinho. There will be a bitterness from some of the fans for what he achieved in 2011/12 but he will certainly be in the mix. Has turned down offers from the Middle East but further attempts are being made to take him to Al-Shabab. The owners of Chelsea have broken most links to the previous regimes, although they did try to get a couple of folks to stay longer, but a move for Mr Mourinho would be a significant change of direction although he has support from a senior advisor to Chelsea and his representatives are offering him back to the club. The advisor feels if Rui Faria were to come as well, it would be a good move. Possible, but wildcard at best. Bayern Munich may offer an interesting option and should not be discounted. Napoli offer an option, but it seems unlikely.}

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29 Feb 2024 10:40:18
Get the band back together!

Thanks Ed.

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29 Feb 2024 13:30:07
As I've said. It's a no brainer and the primary move we can make to turn the tide. Chelsea cannot make the same mistake they did with rice.

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29 Feb 2024 14:31:55
I wouldn’t have Jose back under any circumstances.

The player who decided he wanted to play for the gooners has been done to death.

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29 Feb 2024 14:36:28
Jose not for me, great first time round, second time around didn't really work out need to look to the future, if Poch is replaced is difficult to find a decent candidate among those linked to us possibly Alonso but he's off to Liverpool I wouldn't mind Howe or Frank from Brentford or a left field choice of Clarke from Scotland but really hard to knpw who would work out, if I was in charge would give Poch another season

Rice went to Arsenal for Champions league football something that we couldn't offer.

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29 Feb 2024 15:01:38
Thanks for reply and sorry for my abuse of english language 🤣🤣.

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29 Feb 2024 15:09:52
I also would not want Mourhino back, it did not work the second time.

What we need a progressive coach (whoever that is) to take thus young team forward. I thought Poch would be the coach to do this but sadly I seem to be wrong.

Two things to take in to consideration is the fact that Due to our terrible injury record, he has not been able to fiels his strongest 11 in one game never mind the majority of the season.

Secondly, there will be a lot of clubs looking for new coaches in the summer.

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29 Feb 2024 07:45:22
All three of our goals last night were class. Lots of movement and good control.

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29 Feb 2024 08:47:17
very pleased with the win as I expected us to tire rapidly during the game. The performance wasn't great, you can excuse that to an extent given the circumstances but my Leeds mate who I was watching with told me that they were in essence playing a B team.

Enzo and Caicedo have now played 210 mins in 4 days, with a game coming up on Saturday. I wonder if we see Casadei play at the weekend given the injuries. Mudryk played well centrally, perhaps that is where he is best for the time being, or maybe the Championship is just his level.

There is simply no way Sanchez can regain his starting place. The defence looked jittery all night and while I don't think he was at fault for either goal, we haven't seen anything like that happen with Petrovic.

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29 Feb 2024 10:09:55
Good comments RBD and I did think Sanchez jittery with ball at feet in way Perovic hasn't been. You could find some fault with Sanchez for Leeds first goal perhaps cos aquite adangerous pass to Disasi given Leeds press, though Disasi more at fault?

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29 Feb 2024 10:38:47
I don't want to sound overly negative about Sanchez, because it isn't his fault that we overpaid for him and I do believe he is an improvement on Kepa. But by almost every available metric he has performed worse than Petrovic. The one USP that he has - his distribution - has resulted in the most amount of passes to opposition/ mistakes in distribution of any goalkeeper in the league. Further to this, the eye test tells you that the whole team just looks more relaxed and comfortable with Petrovic in goal. He pulled off some incredible saves against Liverpool that went under the radar.

It seems unlikely that Petrovic is the clubs long-term preference but he has out performed his fee and looks like he will have a long and successful career. I'd go as far as saying he would start for 60% of clubs in the prem.

If you're going to blame anyone it would be Disasi, he could have passed it to Caicedo way earlier, and when he did he completely misplaced it. But the whole team in the early exchanges looked off the pace and I think that tiredness in general is what led to it.

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29 Feb 2024 14:34:31
We made two investments on goalkeepers, if one of them proves to be our future No1 I would call that more good business.

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02 Mar 2024 09:48:21
I don't know why petrovic is unlikely to be our long term keeper.

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02 Mar 2024 23:25:36
Who has said he won’t be our long term No1?

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