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12 Jul 2020 20:51:49
Wow Bournemouth did us a huge favour tonight. Didn't see that coming at half-time. Soyuncu now banned for the run in as well. Always knew Solanke would come good for Chelsea! Still in our hands.

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12 Jul 2020 20:48:04
Get in Bournemouth 💪.

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12 Jul 2020 20:45:40
Can't even be happy with the current Leicester result after yesterday's performance I still feel really wound up and knowing us we'll mess up at Norwich anyway.

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12 Jul 2020 20:36:41
Please hold Bournemouth!

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A Since Lockdown Liverpool Review

12 Jul 2020 20:10:34
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, A Since Lockdown Liverpool Review

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12 Jul 2020 19:17:22
Guys I've tuned into the Leicester vs Bournemouth game. I'm hoping Eddie Howe can do us a favour 🙏.

Early signs are not too promising. It's 0-0 but it would seem Bournemouth have Rudiger and Christensen as a pair playing as the CB's. They are looking shaky.

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12 Jul 2020 19:41:15
That goal Bournemouth conceded was absolute calamity. Gosh, it has given me shivers and has reminded me of someone.

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12 Jul 2020 20:11:37
Don’t torture yourself Shak.

Tomorrow is likely to make you happier. IMO City will end up getting a one year ban.

The decision is probably not justified but these things happen.

I will not be happy if we qualify for the Champions League and finish 5th and City will IMO win the competition this year. It’s all rather messy and unsatisfactory.

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12 Jul 2020 20:46:06
Man City are walking into court like someone who knows they're walking out with the win.

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12 Jul 2020 20:50:06
Come on Bournemouth! My boi Dom Solankeeeeeee.

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12 Jul 2020 20:51:39
I did not expect Bournemouth to hammer 4 past Leicester. Its even sweeter that Leicester's main defender is out for the season with the red card.

Guys I've got my voice back!

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12 Jul 2020 20:52:57
well done Bournemouth, Leicester must have put on our centre halves as substitutes.

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12 Jul 2020 20:56:31
Its 50/ 50 J. Let's see.

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12 Jul 2020 18:49:37
I see Lampard getting criticised, yes he made mistakes with the way the team was set up yesterday, but I think overall he and the coaching staff have done very well this season.

I was glad to see him angry after the game yesterday. There are improvements that can be made on the training field, but you can't coach effort and you can't coach concentration - it was a lack of both that cost us yesterday. There are players who have lacked them too often this season - yesterdays performance seemed to be the straw that broke Lampard's back, he'd clearly had enough with some.

The coaching staff also get criticised for the coaching of set pieces, but the emphasis has to be on the players too. Someone has to take control of that situation, a player has to step forward and command that area - there is a lack of people on the pitch who want to take responsibility and be the organiser in these situations.

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12 Jul 2020 16:25:54
With the trouble we're having with our CB problems I would like to see Zouma and Azpilicueta tried there. Azpi is quite good aerially and defensively so think he'd do well next to Zouma. We could go James, Zouma, Azpi, Alonso so Alonso's height would contribute for Azpi's lack of it.

I'd even play Christensen as DM until Kante is back he might be worth a punt there cause things aren't working right now and we need to try something. I don't want to see Jorginho play for Chelsea ever again after yesterday. His covering for their third goal and when they also missed a one on one was abysmal.

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12 Jul 2020 17:30:23
I agree with Azpi being played as a CB with both James and Emerson as the fullbacks. Surely Azpi doesn't make the mistakes made by Christensen and Rudiger.

Kovacic is more than enough as the the DM. I think Mount and RLC combination is required.

I wouldn't change the top 3.

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