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02 Mar 2024 13:29:51
Apparently we had a club official at the benfica / sporting game, sporting won, gyokeres with a brilliant no. 9 goal. They're saying we were there to watch Amorim gyorkeres diomande, any truth?

Matt martin

1.) 03 Mar 2024 00:40:03
No aparantly we were thrre to see the big eagle and sign there under 12s.

2.) 03 Mar 2024 09:01:41
Sorry Gianfranco

There is no way we are going to change and go for more experienced players at 12 level.



15 Feb 2024 09:56:29
Apparently we're ok with Sterling leaving as his wages are very high, on top of that Ed has said there's interest in mudryk with a club willing to accept him as part payment ( I'll guess Leao ) Noni hasn't lit the league up ( nobody has really ) so are we looking to move on and add 2 or 3 wingers in summer, plus 1 or 2 strikers still, a CB?

Matt martin

1.) 15 Feb 2024 13:44:24
The next window would be truly remarkable if we didn’t sell and buy players. It’s what most clubs do.

2.) 15 Feb 2024 18:01:38
Bit sarky lol.

3.) 15 Feb 2024 18:15:42
gola, it’s not meant to be sarcastic but just a fact.

Perfectly reasonable to carry on with letting everyone know the latest rumour but it is on occasion worth mentioning that it all they are, just rumours.

Players we are supposedly interested in could well get pick up injuries as could players we might prefer to sell.

On to of that we have players performances to consider. My No1 choice for our next CF would be Osimhen but in my opinion he had a shocker at AFCON. That form may well continue for the remainder of the season.

The only thing I can see happening is, we will buy some players and sell some players. Who they are I haven’t got a clue.

4.) 15 Feb 2024 22:28:27
Very sarky Tom.

5.) 16 Feb 2024 07:38:34
G8, if that’s how you read it so be it.

We have about three and a half months until the next window. The transfer landscape will have many twists and turns before then and while rumours can be fun let’s not forget that’s all they are.

6.) 16 Feb 2024 08:13:00
I still believe an experienced CB and CF need to be the priorities.

Nothing else is needed unless sales weaken us and replacements will then be required.

7.) 16 Feb 2024 09:22:50
I totally agree with you Bill, we have some very good young players who now need time to settle, develop and gel together. I saw glimpses of that togetherness in the celebrations at Villa and Palace, it takes time but the group looked close. An experienced world class centre back and top level striker will, in my opinion, make a huge difference and get us challenging at the top table again.

8.) 16 Feb 2024 09:52:36
Ok, this continuous talk about us needing to sign a “top level” CB is understandable with Silva leaving at the end of the season.

That will then leave us with BB, Colwill, Disasi, Gilchrist, Chalaboa and Humphrey’s. My guess is two of them will be sold. At some stage with have to believe that these players will become “top players” otherwise what’s the point in signing or developing them.

9.) 16 Feb 2024 11:02:07
And fofana tomb and thanks for the info by the way I never knew any of that stuff and I didn't even ask for it what a guy.

10.) 16 Feb 2024 11:24:34
Gola, very true I forgot Fofana. I generally enjoy all comments, opinions and even rumours particularly if they have a semblance of fact.

11.) 15 Feb 2024 11:41:47
Maybe CFC are broke Tom?

12.) 15 Feb 2024 11:48:52
Tom Osimhen will be sold to highest bidder and that won't be Chelsea. If we get or Vlahovic we should be more than happy.
Hopefully we will get rid off Sterling and Mudryk.

13.) 16 Feb 2024 11:31:56
Buying 3 wingers for £150m and replacing them after 1 - 2 years, don’t see a lot of clubs do that, not well run and well advised clubs anyway.

14.) 16 Feb 2024 11:34:12
The point being, 2 years into a billion pound rebuild we should be fining tuning, adding what’s missing, We’re not close to fine tuning if we are almost starting over

Mudryk Sterling noni coming in under ownership and we COULD after 2 years / 1 year being looking to replace

Striker - still needed

Badishile KK disasi fofana + Colwill silva chalobah - still looking at a top CB

Just bit amateurish Tom we could still be so active in the market, it means we’re admitting we haven’t done well enough, the cycle needs to stop, we should be adding one player here and there not still needing 5/ 6 in squad,

My thoughts anyway, if I post these after a loss it’s reactionary and negative so just making point we still have lots to do if we are moving so many on, we might not even be after moving Sterling / mudryk or noni, Cuccurella might stay, Gallagher trev too.

15.) 16 Feb 2024 13:41:24
Let me answer the above three posts I turn.

1) Chelsea are NOT “broke”

1) It would be astonishing if Osimhen didn’t leave to the highest bidding club. I wouldn’t have a clue if that will be Chelsea. I like the lad from Juve but I would prefer us to get our No1 choice.

2) Matt, hindsight is a wonderful thing. Certainly the gooners thought that Mudryk was worth a significant transfer fee. Apparently Mudryk has had personal issues and Sterling is a lot better than last season (low bar) . Noni is a young player whose performances are so up and down and typical of a young lad. I would take the lad from Palace all day long.

16.) 16 Feb 2024 14:21:59
Being able to count would be an advantage!

17.) 16 Feb 2024 17:01:22
Sorry Matt, I didn’t respond to your point about wanting another CB when we potentially have six still on the books after Silva leaves in the summer.

We unfortunately let Tomri leave and MG who is now apparently wanted by several top clubs and is captain of Palace. We have to start giving these players an opportunity to prove themselves as players as well as potential leaders.



06 Feb 2024 20:33:50
What new players, ones signed under this ownership are actively looking and trying to leave, rumours of enzo, and carney,

Matt martin

1.) 07 Feb 2024 00:06:23
Presumably many. Don't see why they'd want to be a part of this mess.

2.) 07 Feb 2024 07:15:10
Why Carney, he has been injured for most of the season,

3.) 07 Feb 2024 07:59:08
I am OK with it. 120m € for Enzo and 20m€ for Carney Chukwuemeka And we are more than fine. For 140m € we can get top CM, top CAM and good CF.
You can add Caicedo for 130m€.

4.) 08 Feb 2024 09:39:56
TheBlue, any change to that opinion this morning?

5.) 08 Feb 2024 11:28:45
Dihanio, yes players have not said they are leaving, media as always making up stories.

{Ed002's Note - Another thread full of nonsense. The posters are simply trolling the site.}

6.) 08 Feb 2024 11:34:01
I would hope none.

7.) 09 Feb 2024 06:24:56
No Dihanio. One good game doesn't fix problems we've been facing for sometime now.



06 Feb 2024 20:11:25
Today there's rumours boehly and eghbali are not in good terms

Players not happy with lack of tactics given by poch

Concerns over poch and his affiliation to spurs is against him

Owners are content with signings made under directors

When clubs in the mess it is, it's easy for these rumours to start, but of all the rumours, the one the owners are happy with the squad built so far is the most laughable, if it's true and there happy not of gotten in proven goalscorer in 3 windows then there's no hope for the summer.

Matt martin

1.) 07 Feb 2024 00:07:08
Beg to bring Mr Mourinho back, and follow him to the ends of the earth.

2.) 07 Feb 2024 07:17:59
Standard, you remember how Mourinho's sevond term finished and you still want him back, are you his bank manager by any chance?

3.) 07 Feb 2024 08:55:54
Bill, watch the games we had when mourinho left compared to now. We were losing yes, but the passion and effort was there. I don't care about being a poor side, as long as effort and passion is there. This current crop couldn't give a toss.

4.) 07 Feb 2024 09:12:39
How would that help Standard if we lost with Mourrinho? .

We need a coach who will pick a team and formation to win games.

5.) 07 Feb 2024 10:21:09
I actually think the most interesting detail in these reports is the rumours of tension between Boehly and Eghbali.

I have long suspected that Boehly wanted to buy into the Premier League for the glory as much as anything, while Eghbali and the rest of Clearlake saw it as a good commercial opportunity - I think now they would be happy to rid themselves of the club if possible. Boehly is certainly a less conspicuous presence now that he was a year ago.

It seems to me that the reason there is no immediate pressure on the SDs is because whether they are producing on the pitch or not, the squad is full of sellable assets since they are all young and by most accounts on lower end wages relative to their transfer fees. That could well have ultimately been their brief to deliver on. No one in the media is really talking about it from this angle, it's all just derivative 'Boehly is an idiot who thought he could outsmart the league'.

6.) 07 Feb 2024 10:29:54
The passion and effort absolutely was not there when Jose got sacked in his second spell. He lost the players, they stopped playing for him and we finished 10th after winning the league. Jose will always be loved at Chelsea but I think it would be a dangerous appointment right now.

7.) 07 Feb 2024 11:00:28
Mourinho is interested in MUFC job. He is not interested in Chelsea.

8.) 08 Feb 2024 11:27:09
And Chelsea are not interested in him either therefore all good.

{Ed002's Note - The entire thread is (yet again) complete nonsense.}



25 Jan 2024 08:08:33
Are we having a collaboration or collection or sponsor with " Jordan " ( Nike ) ? They ended there partnership with psg and rumours are they want a London club?

Matt martin

1.) 25 Jan 2024 09:22:35
Matt, rumours are it’s us or the spuds.

If I were a betting man and I am, I think it will be us.

2.) 25 Jan 2024 18:49:48
Tom, I understand they would prefer us but only if we get Champions League.

3.) 25 Jan 2024 19:21:54
would be a very lucrative deal for the club im sure.

4.) 25 Jan 2024 19:30:53
Lets be honest that is not going to happen this season.

5.) 25 Jan 2024 19:46:35
I’m not sure why it wouldn’t happen this season and I can’t believe believe that any of there would be just built upon this season. I think it will a deal done with the club that has the best vision an a management that listens to it’s sponsors needs.

6.) 25 Jan 2024 21:04:11

It pains me to say it but Spurs have a better stadium, are better run financially, are now above us on revenue earnt and on the playing field, play as a team where every player knows what's needed.

If I was investing at this point in time, I know where my money would go.

7.) 25 Jan 2024 21:38:49
Bill, I haven’t got a clue what criteria “jordan” will use to decide a future partner. Apparently there preferred club will be based in London.

Obviously the spuds have a better ground. I would dispute they are better managed.

I personally don’t believe a brand like “Jordan” look at a one season club on field performance. I would think it would be based on a clubs global profile and its vision for the future. We also have a twenty year history of winning trophies, a fantastic youth set up, along with a ridiculously successful womens team. I think our academy and women’s team rich history give us a massive advantage, as I’m sure that the “Jordan” (Nike) brand see that group as being entities they want to be associated with.

We also owners who are trying there best to demonstrate they want that winning attitude to continue.

Looking at it from the outside I would disappointed that a CFC couldn’t sell our club and its achievements over any other London based club.

8.) 26 Jan 2024 09:27:39
I suppose tine will tell.

9.) 26 Jan 2024 11:14:56
Chelsea do have the last decade on spurs that gives them the edge but take of the blue tinted glasses Tom. Spurs are absolutely better run than us at this point in time. Unequivocally.

10.) 26 Jan 2024 13:03:44
Standard, why do insist on making statements as if they are” fact”when it’s just your opinion and clearly people are entitled to a different opinion. Using the word “unequivocally” doesn’t make it a fact.

You have now said that both Liverpool and Spurs are better “managed” than Chelsea. Give me some facts to support that view and please not “only” the ins and outs of players. For your guide there is more to management than transfers.

11.) 26 Jan 2024 15:37:51
Bill, the last time I looked and I admit that was about a year ago the largest premiership team debt was Spurs. I think it was over £850m.

Probably because of the takeover of our club we were carrying no debt. It was reported that two other premiership clubs carried no debt and one other club in Europe.

Of cousre those reports may well have been incorrect or just inaccurate.

12.) 26 Jan 2024 16:08:37
Bill, I should have added, I’m definitely not saying debt is a bad thing or a sign that a club is poorly managed.

I’m not in a position to make any such judgement.

13.) 26 Jan 2024 16:56:45
Companies/ Brands won’t spend millions on sponsorship deals unless they get exposure at the highest level: for football that is the Champions League.

14.) 26 Jan 2024 17:28:22
My guess would be a brand/ sponsor will look at the performances of any clubs first team over a period of years. As I already said my guess is they will look at our current global brand that is based on a 20 year winning history along with an assessment of potential future success.

As I’ve also said, the WHOLE club will be evaluated by any brand/ sponsor. That will obviously include the academy and women’s team.

Any decent sales salesmen ought to be able to put a positive spin on our clubs winning history and future.

15.) 26 Jan 2024 19:26:21
Tom, yes you’ve already made that point.

16.) 26 Jan 2024 20:43:35
Teams who haven’t qualified for the Champions league for many seasons over the last twenty plays years seemed to have done ok picking up brands/ sponsors for large fees.

I seem to remember a poster say that we have qualified for the champions league 17 times in the last 25 years. I think he also said that was more than any other premiership club. We have won more trophies than any other English club in the last twenty years. I also think the poster mentioned that spurs had only qualified for the Champs league 7 times and won the league cup 15 yeaes ago. I think that’s there only trophy in twenty plus years.

If the choice is just for a London team I would be very disappointed if it wasn’t us.

17.) 26 Jan 2024 23:06:55
Tom, you always challenge posters to provide evidence for their assertions. Who are these other teams who have not qualified for CL who have done OK? What is OK? You have repeated yourself: so I will too. Not qualifying for the CL has consequences; loss of prestige; circa £70 million loss of revenue; competiveness for sponsorship deals and the ability to attract players. As I said not qualifying for one season is not a disaster but if it becomes a habit…….

18.) 26 Jan 2024 23:34:48
Jimbo, yes you are poster repeating yourself. Of course not qualifying has consequences and that applies to all clubs not just Chelsea. The comparisons was with Spurs and as far as I know they didn’t qualify for the Champions league last season and haven’t so far this season.

Utd didn’t qualify for Champions League but got and retained sponsors/ brands.
Liverpool, the same.
Arsenal, the same,
The Spuds, the same.

It was YOU that used the phrase “only if we get Champions League”.

19.) 27 Jan 2024 03:41:19
Sorry Tom, do I really need to explain it. liverpoil and spurs have lower wage bills than us and have spent less money, and earn more money than us. I'll compare here over the last 5 years

Net spend : 673 Million pounds for 4th, 4th, 3rd, 12th and 9th (current)
Wage expenditure : 128m
Revenue 504m

Net spend : 461 million pounds for 6th, 7th, 4th, 8th and 5th (current)
Wage expenditure : 91m
Revenue 541m

Net Spend : 218 million pounds for Champions, 3rd, 2nd, 5th and 1st (current)
Wage expenditure : 134m
Revenue : 582m

We have history on our side with trophies but it's also expected you win more trophies if you spend more money. Objectively, spurs and Liverpool at this point in time are better run than us. I can't believe that's even up for debate.

20.) 27 Jan 2024 08:47:53
Standard. I can’t believe you think it’s not up for debate. Maybe a red and white tinted glasses thing!

I appreciate the figures you have produced to support your argument but in the same way I said substantial debt isn’t a bad thing or that a club is poorly managed, I assumed the same would apply to other monetary metrics.

As you correctly say in my opinion there is an expectation that if you spend more you should win more. If that is the case then the simple way to judge success (not management) would be to divide nett spend over a period of time against trophies won.

You have chosen to use a five year period for your financial comparative. Obviously Spurs have won nothing, I’m not sure but I think Liverpool have won three pots and we I think have won three.

Of course we could use the same equation, nett spend per trophy over a twenty year period. I seem to remember reading we have won 23 trophies over that period I think Liverpool was 11 and the Spuds 1.

For balance it could be argued that both the scousers and spuds have had significant spends other than players. The spuds obviously built a fantastic new stadium and the scousers spent a significant amount on there training ground plus had a huge stadium upgrade. Those choices don’t definitively mean they are better managed.

I have tried to make my point as balanced as I can. I’m not sure there is an accurate way of measuring success. Maybe it is nett spend for every trophy won? While over the last twenty years that would probably support the Chelsea owners having been good managers, I think that is far to simplistic but from a supporter’s perspective I haven’t seen a better way of measuring management.

“I can’t believe that's even up for debate”.

21.) 27 Jan 2024 12:54:06
Tom, over tge last 20, we've been better managed. However, under the new owners, we've absolutely been worse managed. That's what I'm stating is crazy to even debate. Would you really disagree with that? I think I'd struggle to find many who do.

22.) 27 Jan 2024 13:39:28
You may think it’s “crazy even to debate” as if your opinion is in some way correct or superior to other opinions but I would suggest your use of dismissive language does not make you correct. In fact it just makes you sound condescending.

If you are so DESPERATE to comare our current owners to clubs like Liverpool then do it factually.

How many years did it take the current owners of Liverpool to win a trophy? I’m only guessing but as they always seemed to be in the depths of gloom I would think it was probably several years.

I’m not sure the current owners of Spurs have EVER won a trophy as I’m not sure who the owner was 15 years ago but in your eyes they are better managed.

I’m sure there is some numerate clever clog poster that can tell us why each trophy has cost each club over the last twenty years. As I’ve stated that may well be a reasonable way of measuring successful management for fans but it wouldn’t match my personal criteria. There are lots of things going on at clubs besides the success or failure of any first team. They all need to tested and measured before any conclusion can be made about a management team.

FGS try and be a bit balanced and if you are determined to make comparisons then compare like for like.

Our new owners bought a club that in my opinion was overdue a complete overhaul. I personally think they have tried to do to much to quickly but that’s a totally different issue. That was roughly 18 months ago and you have already written them off. Truly amazing!

23.) 27 Jan 2024 16:57:06
I seem to remember that FSG had the fans on their backs during the early period of their tenure.

I beleive like Tom, we needed a complete overhaul and a number of high quality youngsters have been brought in and I believe we will have a top quality team for a number of years to come

I think where it went wrong was not bringing in an experienced ST and CB.

Going forward once we get the ST and CB needed, there will only be minor tweaking.

24.) 27 Jan 2024 17:19:50
Bill, I do seem to remember that early period of ownership wasn’t full of joy. I have said I’m not sure how long it was before they won a trophy under there management/ ownership.

I repeat, I don’t think the spuds management / ownerhip have ever won a trophy. ?

We all got spoilt when Roman took over and it was an instant success but that is rare.

25.) 27 Jan 2024 23:08:26
Read again Tom. Context is hard to achieve through text but you seem to misunderstand entirely every single time.

Currently, we're worse managed and I don't really see how that's up for debate. We've spent a billion pounds and we're in 8th. We sacked a champions league winning coach by paying him out, spent 20 million to buy potter from Brighton, sacked him and paid him out too. Brought in lampard and finished 12th. Then, we failed to sign a striker (the market is hard so that's understandable), missed out on a player who'd be a gamechanger (rice) and were now in 9th.

That's not writing them off, that's not supporting another team or whatever, that's jusy being honest. Good news is they clearly care and I do believe they will turn it around as long as they learn from there numerous mistakes.

In that time, spurs have risen above us in revenue and in stature, though almost certainly only temporarily.

Liverpoil have been the second greatest premier league team ever.

I'm not talking about 10 years ago, or even 5 years ago, I'm talking about now. And if your really trying to say we've been better managed I think you need to sit back and think about it mate. No problem being a mega fan but come on your irrationality is a bit too out there lol.

26.) 27 Jan 2024 23:16:48

I agree Spurs have only won one trophy and that was against us.

I'm looking at all aspects, and I think all round, they are a stable club, that's not to say we won't be in a year or two so it will depend when Nike/ Jordan want to invest.

27.) 28 Jan 2024 06:49:23
Standard, its no me who has used the term “unequivocally” or the phrase “you can’t believe it up for debate” or “your just being honest” or “crazy even to debate” or “irrationally”.

28.) 28 Jan 2024 07:50:47
I’m sorry I sent that post a bit early.

Apparently Liverpool are now “the second best team EVER. ” Plus Spurs have now risen above us in “stature. ”

Spurs are at this moment in time collecting more revenue than us They have only won a single trophy in over twenty years, didn’t qualify for Europe last season but now have more “stature” than us? That statement seems bizarre to me.

While your never ending references to a player who now plays for the gooners is boorish, it’s also inaccurate to say “we missed out on him, ” as far as I know we never bid for him. Liverpool did miss out on Lavia and Caicedo because supposedly they did for them two players.

As far as signing goal scorer is concerned, I truly believe the club thought they had signed at least one, he unfortunately has been injured. Should they spent more and bought another one? With hindsight, yes.

The current owners of Liverpool didn’t get there first team performing or winning trophies for several seasons. The current spuds management I don’t think have ever won anything.

Also, your total focus on judging the qualities of a management team is on the first team. There is more to managing a club than the performance is a men’s first team. On all other performance metrics I would suggest we are superior to Spurs or Liverpool.

Management in my opinion, should be judged over a period of time. Have our current owners made mistakes, yes. The management of most clubs make mistakes so nothing unusual there.

Using your narrow argument if we finish (unlikely) above the spuds our management should the quality as superior to there’s. That conclusion would in my opinion would also be wrong.

Fans generally judge a team/ club solely on its first team performance and the trophies it has won and while I “personally” think that measurement is to narrow it’s just the way it is. On that measurement we have been the most successfully managed club for years.

Your dislike for our current management is just your opinion. I think you dislike is based on far to short a time and only considers the men’s first team performance at a small moment in time.

Your dismissal of my argument as being “blue tinted” or “irrational” or because I’m a “mega” fan is disappointing but not surprising as you think the subject is “not for debate. ”

In the same way I judge a player over time I will judge our new owners over time.

29.) 28 Jan 2024 08:00:56
Bill, as far as I know it’s just a rumour that Jordan/ Nike are choosing between us and the spuds.

This is probably just me but I would be astonished if they make a decision based on a small period of time.

I would think this but I do think we have a far stronger brand history and global stature than Spurs.

My guess would be that any successful bidder will have to sell a vision of its entire club. This will inlude the past, present and future. I think we have a strong product to sell and I promise that is just my business head speaking.

30.) 28 Jan 2024 11:28:30

As always there are several excellent and accurate points you make.

Like you I'm sure that in a season or two, we will be a force to be reckoned with again indeed we are already putting a consistent run together which would be much better with an experienced striker and CB.

I take your point that it was thought that we had already signed one however even last season he was injured for most of that one in Germany.

I still can't get my head round why we as a club have so many long term injuries.

31.) 28 Jan 2024 11:54:12
Bill, Our ongoing injury tally is a concern but it’s been a season that a lot of clubs have suffered with what seems like a long lists of injuries.

I do wonder if there should be a review/ investigation on the types of injuries, when in the season the majority of injuries occur and how many games/ mins a player is being asked to play.

32.) 28 Jan 2024 14:22:13
It would be interesting at the end of the season if there will be a list of injuries each team had including more than one injury to players ie James Gusto etc.




Matt martin's banter posts with other poster's replies to Matt martin's banter posts


16 Apr 2024 03:48:27
So, could we get Europa league, which would be a disappointing season BUT, with a young team that would be a good competition for a lot of them, but some serially tough games to see season out. Plus a semi v city and the final

Arsenal A

Villa A

Tottenham H

West Ham H

Forrest A

Brighton A

Bournemouth H.

Matt martin

1.) 16 Apr 2024 19:47:09
I think we could win 5-6 out of the last 7 games.



15 Apr 2024 21:24:33
That win ruined but idiots trying to take the ball off palmer, Jackson and noni, selfish idiots, palmer takes pens, why add more pressure to him, poch needs to tell them, idiots. It's a TEAM game, really dampened a phenomenal performance .

Matt martin

1.) 15 Apr 2024 22:02:47
Game was won Poch probably didn't want to make it a bigger issue but should of taken Jackson and Noni off instantly.

2.) 15 Apr 2024 22:13:02
Had thought the same seymns Poch needed to assert some authority.

But at last a game when we take almost all of our goid chances and CP truly outstanding with Caicedo with one of his best performances, Jackson excellent except his silly penalty childishness and Madueke almost ditto.

Both Jackson and Caicedo on 9 yellows now get reservations 0.

So quite sine might for celebrations even if we still looked shakey in defence at times or careless with some passes. But going forward we were really exciting almost always.

3.) 15 Apr 2024 22:24:11
Agreed, that was a great performance that was needed after a couple of shaky teams against the sides as good as down. I really don’t understand what happened with the penalty and what worries me is this isn’t the first time this has happened, Madueke has tried to take one off Palmer at least once before this. How has Poch not made it absolutely clear that Palmer is the penalty taker?

4.) 15 Apr 2024 22:26:01
Missed the game because it was a 5am game for me but will watch the extended highlights soon.

I have seen the madueke and Jackson incident. Absolutely embarrassing. Poch shoukd have taken them both off instantly. They appear to have a bad attitude problem.

5.) 15 Apr 2024 23:12:30
Embarrassing from Jackson and Madueke, both of them were selfish and petulant, it’s good that they want to score but you can’t behave like that.

Great performance other than that, Palmer superb as usual, level with Haaland for the golden boot with 6 games to go, incredible signing.

6.) 15 Apr 2024 23:22:10
Poch in his press conference said the players know who takes the penalties and it’s Palmer. He was very angry about a situation that was agreed pre match. He expressed his anger in the dressing room post match.

Hope that is the last time that happens.

7.) 15 Apr 2024 23:51:25
At 4-0 I don’t mind another player taking the penalty in that situation, opposite of Sterling taking it in the cup when we were 1-0 up. But if players are going to throw handbags about it then it’s best that it’s 100% palmer 100% of the time, even if another player is on a hattrick.

8.) 16 Apr 2024 09:21:34
It’s a shame that a good performance has been somewhat overshadowed by the penalty incident. Someone said Poch has dealt with it, well let’s hope he has but it shouldn’t have happened again. His weak, waffling response to the previous penalty incident has probably contributed to what happened last night. IMO, the designated penalty taker should always take it whatever the situation. If the penalty was awarded it a tight game, that sort of behaviour could unnerve the penalty taker. That said, in that scenario the players involved would probably be walking away quickly from the penalty spot. One or two suggestions that Enzo shouldn’t be starting; that’s worrying considering how much we paid for him and that he is reportedly about to get a contract extension.

9.) 16 Apr 2024 11:19:24
Thank god Gallagher stepped in this time.



15 Apr 2024 19:34:25
I'm fully convinced we will concede from a set piece, likely back post, that won't stop me being extremely angry about it,

Matt martin

1.) 16 Apr 2024 15:56:42
Wrong again lol.



12 Apr 2024 15:12:49
£75m on agent fees in the last year, £15m more than next highest which was city,

Matt martin

1.) 12 Apr 2024 15:43:16
That can hardly be a surprise as we were more active in the market.

2.) 12 Apr 2024 16:38:25
Agents generally take up to 10% as a fee. Considering we spent like 700m or so it’s not really surprising.

3.) 12 Apr 2024 18:22:27
Not a surprise but what a racket, the leagues and governing bodies really need to get a grip of this.

4.) 13 Apr 2024 08:51:21
Taken to the cleaners with our spending.

5.) 13 Apr 2024 10:05:47
“Spending” i personally love to splash the cash but not necessarily on “cleaning. ”.

6.) 13 Apr 2024 10:55:18
I hope we spend another 1 billion in the summer. The reaction of the pundits and trolls will be priceless.

7.) 13 Apr 2024 11:54:44
You can see some journos love trying to hammer us, martyn zygler for one, Matt law has gone salty on us since his boy mount left.



11 Apr 2024 17:39:14
Went on Twitter or X and it's nothing but nanglesmann, is that becuase amorim is likely going to Liverpool and his other option for us or was there some scoop somewhere, I can't see anything other than wishful thinking,

I'm reading up and watching stuff on Arne slot, no other reason that he was Ed's preferred choice before poch and again for other jobs like United.

From outside he has done superb at feyernood.

Matt martin

1.) 11 Apr 2024 19:03:02
Matt, there is also a very strong rumour that the club were not impressed with Nagelsmaan in a previous interview and will not be looking at him again.

Shame if true because he was my first choice last year.

2.) 11 Apr 2024 21:33:34
Pretty sure both Nagelsmann and Amorim were interviewed and considered before appointing Poch. Reports seem to say Amorim looks close to signing for Liverpool. So would make sense we’ve moved back to Nagelsmann. Ed mentioned Slot but no idea if the club have considered him. Apart from those there aren’t too many managers making the rounds.

3.) 11 Apr 2024 21:54:04
fuser, I agree.




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31 Mar 2024 13:55:30
Tcoumeni + money would be good deal.

James is phenomenal, but he cannot be relied upon,

Matt martin



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24 Mar 2024 19:39:30
Despite a headers v Brentford and Villa, Jackson doesn’t have the physical and Ariel box threat Toney has, great back to goal 40 yards from goal to give and go or channel runs but when we’ve needed to cross v teams who have numbers in the box, Jackson isn’t in the mould of a Toney or giroud or adebayo awonyi Antonio who’s going to cause panic and win those headers. The ones where you turn a ok cross into a goal rather than scoring header from a cross pin pointed onto his head.

Matt martin



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22 Mar 2024 19:41:45
With the osimhen deal looking less likely has gyorkeres our no1 target?

Has a release clause so Chelsea and others know what they have to do if they want him.

Matt martin



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17 Feb 2024 13:56:10
PSG likely spend their money on Leao.

Matt martin



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16 Feb 2024 11:34:12
The point being, 2 years into a billion pound rebuild we should be fining tuning, adding what’s missing, We’re not close to fine tuning if we are almost starting over

Mudryk Sterling noni coming in under ownership and we COULD after 2 years / 1 year being looking to replace

Striker - still needed

Badishile KK disasi fofana + Colwill silva chalobah - still looking at a top CB

Just bit amateurish Tom we could still be so active in the market, it means we’re admitting we haven’t done well enough, the cycle needs to stop, we should be adding one player here and there not still needing 5/ 6 in squad,

My thoughts anyway, if I post these after a loss it’s reactionary and negative so just making point we still have lots to do if we are moving so many on, we might not even be after moving Sterling / mudryk or noni, Cuccurella might stay, Gallagher trev too.

Matt martin




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13 Apr 2024 11:54:44
You can see some journos love trying to hammer us, martyn zygler for one, Matt law has gone salty on us since his boy mount left.

Matt martin



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12 Apr 2024 15:32:42
Regards to the injuries, there was interviews and bits before poch joined us from players he’d managed from Southampton and spurs saying they had some lots of injuries in poch first season because there was a lack of fitness and conditioning, how poch would do lots of intense training / running, usually day / training session before a game. They also said that come the second season the injuries improved massively, there were also bits about tuchel didn’t bring his fitness / conditioning coaches from when at psg and nor did potter, maybe explaining since June 2019 we have had 296 injuries,

Matt martin



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11 Apr 2024 08:01:16
It’s not stick if it’s valid, sometimes his been amazing, other times his gone missing, and enzo on Sunday was very poor which the stats proved, and I know you didn’t mean me with the keyboard warrior as I have been very much on the bandwagon with enzo, and unfortunately see him as a Madridsta who could take over from modric / kroos at some point. anyway,

Noni flying for u21 against Azerbaijan u21, and Luxembourg u21, hardly the measuring stick is it, but like you say, hasn’t had too many chances, has only really looked good as an impact sub, most starts in league and despite a very good goal, overall, another poor game Sunday

And the manager points or the issues, I agree, we haven’t had a settled back line, Fofana who is class can’t be relied upon nor can James, that’s massive issue. Silva is a leader but with him we play 20 yards deeper and that seems to ruin any pressing or build up play, or “ patterns” for the fans of football buzzwords,
Badiahile again I was a fan, seems a different player, disasi is a squad player. Does ok, some good fames ans some not so good, the the question is, these two partnered for Monaco and wernt solid. Did we think they’d be better in premier league? Then there’s the players were linked with, not only very expensive, but young, in there first or second full seasons at respective clubs. I’m still waiting for some more astute signings like we thought we were getting, the ones that cost £5m and could go for £105m, this Brighton model we seem to of tried to imitated poorly,

Now. a striker. A world class striker moves us up the table, whoever the manager is. What mangers out there are available and clearly an improvement on poch, give poch a striker and cb and a no1 goalkeeper and who knows. My issues have always been how we have spent £1b and we still need a spine of a team and vital positions. That’s pretty unacceptable surely people can see that, and also if we want a project aren’t we going to give a manager more than a year before moving them on,
1) keep poch for one more season to see a settle environment
2) no more Brazilian wonder kids for 2030 but a ST CB AND GK who are ready made and improve is NOW
3) better luck with injuries - find a solution or the cause
4) stop signing so many, use the academy for squad players and opportunities,
5) smaller squad, move on lots of players still, if injuries carry over to next season, promote from within and fill spots. Less pressure on them and they’d have more patience and support given by us fans.

Matt martin



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09 Apr 2024 19:20:20
It’s not about respect it’s about someone putting the team ahead of themselves, and he was brilliant v United? But we’re talking about him being fit and helping the team v bottom of the league Sheffield United, in which he wasn’t good enough, as were a lot of the players, and for balance I said poch was to blame too if he had an issue he should of been rested, instead we went there and are first team not to get at least 10 shots on target ( we got 6 ) and dropped more points to a team in bottom part of league,

There’s a lot of judge players in a year, or judge in 3 years and what about this game, fact of matter is there’s a league table which doesn’t lie. and were 9th so we should be judged on now and a team that’s well below where it should be but we are we here we deserve to be. The judging players in the future is funny as it’s only for players not playing well, Jackson was bought in for this season to score goals, he was bought as a striker, you judge strikers on one thing Tom, goals, he doesn’t score enough, don’t judge players on if buts maybe potentials what ifs 2 years from now. I understand there’s long term
Plans and hope of improvement but here and now. Hasn’t been good enough.

Matt martin



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11 Apr 2024 15:51:53
Enrique isn’t a fan, and has actually been pretty brutal with / about him, I remember him saying something about him and how that because ugarte didn’t start the midfield didn’t lose the ball or something like that,

I think basically, he gets around the pitch but with the ball he isn’t good enough for what he wants.

Matt martin