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02 Jul 2019 19:14:57
Ruben Loftus Cheek has agreed a new long term deal at Chelsea. Signs of good things to come.

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02 Jul 2019 20:24:46
Hopefully CHO does the same.

03 Jul 2019 07:40:03
Not my money I know, but am I the only one who thinks the reported wages are very risky for someone with essentially half a good season for us? I really like the player and think he will go on to be great, but we can’t deny he has injury issues, and will be coming off an Achilles injury next year.

I hope I’m three years time we aren’t looking at that wage as something stopping us from signing a top player that we badly need to replace him as his body just doesn’t let him perform. Still, got to be happy that the contract means they see him as close to an undisputed starter, as it’s a lot to pay a rotational option, right? Get fit and make it seem like a bargain Ruben!

03 Jul 2019 10:37:01
Roweycfc; that's football of nowadays.

03 Jul 2019 11:30:07
Nizaar Kinsella is saying that it's £120,000/ week; Matt Law is saying it's close to £150,000/ week- whichever it is, I am sure the club knows what it's doing.
As an aside: Loftus Cheek is a very good player, though I must confess that sometimes I wish that he played street football in Nigeria or West Africa, we would have thought him a little bit of how to use that massive viscera of a body that he's got (esp to shield the ball without getting injured) - I think he can watch a bit of Yaya Toure, Mikel and Essien in that respect.

03 Jul 2019 11:31:44
Rowey, look at it this way. If we didn't offer it, some other club would, he'd want to leave, and the board would be slated.

03 Jul 2019 17:25:42
True I suppose, and someone earlier told me Rashfords new wage, so suddenly Rubes looks positively cheap!

01 Jul 2019 17:13:51
Chelsea has confirmed the signing of Mateo Kovacic on a five-year deal for £40m. Lampard talks continuing today and tomorrow according to Sky sports.

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01 Jul 2019 18:45:18
Our transfer activities for this summer have been concluded gents. Pulisic and Kovacic. Not bad given that we are banned.

01 Jul 2019 19:31:55
Looking forward to the pre-season games.

02 Jul 2019 09:33:14
Will be definitely able to see them play Bohs, and possibly even the St Pats game.

30 Jun 2019 11:30:45
Looks like Lampard will be announced tomorrow. Apparently Derby have been close to their FFP limits recently, their financial year starts on the 1st July and the compensation will assist them for the year ahead.

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01 Jul 2019 15:29:23
*announced this week, probably before Wednesday.

01 Jul 2019 17:17:22
Lol never commit.

02 Jul 2019 00:02:12
Ha ha. I did caveat with looks like - standby for another * comment on Wednesday.

02 Jul 2019 20:21:31
I would think you are right. I think its nailed on now.

28 Jun 2019 23:38:10
Matt Law confirms that Kovacic deal is done; and says that Chelsea has told Athletico Madrid to sign Morata outright (for £50m) or recall him back to Chelsea. I remember that Lampard made some good comments about Morata and sees him as a player that can be very good for Chelsea in the UEFA champions league.

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29 Jun 2019 13:02:21
I personally would really like to see Morata back at the club assuming the transfer ban is upheld. He’s said some things since leaving that aren’t great but I have zero question he’s the best striker we have on our books. Giroud is good at what he does but his game is very limited and he’s not getting any younger.

Batshuayi has yet to show any indication that he’s capable of leading the line and the fact that Palace aren’t angling to resign him (ala Zouma at Everton) should say it all. Abraham isn’t ready and I’d be worried that if he was kept around the unrealistic expectations would impair his development and he’d be better served continuing his development on loan.

29 Jun 2019 14:58:35
Morata has everything to be a top top striker apart from the mentality, mentally weak, Cavani aguero Kane etc will miss chance after chance but that’ doesn’t change anything in there play, they know there game and stick to it, morata buckled and seemed unhappy in London, why have a striker / player who doesn’t want to be here? His literally said he will do everything in his power to stay in Madrid, i.

29 Jun 2019 15:29:15
I think we’re using this as an empty threat, as Atletico is going to be pocketing large sums of money from selling players (Rodri, Antoine) . I believe that the quoted amount for Morata would just about recoup the fee that we originally paid for him.

29 Jun 2019 16:36:39
I think the stance that Chelsea is taking on the Morata issue is the wise move.

29 Jun 2019 20:15:20
It’s wise if they buy, selling Griezmann / costa / Rodri but paying out €126 felix. If we force there hand and he returns, then what. A £50m man who has said he doesn’t want to be at Chelsea,

29 Jun 2019 21:00:15
Tbh, Morata shouldn't have made some of those wrong comments about Chelsea. I think that if Morata returns and doesn't want to play cos he's unhappy, then he sits on the bench and miss out on going to the Euros next year- which I know he wouldn't want to miss out on; or he can come back to Chelsea and play for Frank Lampard, which ever way, I don't think Chelsea has got anything to lose if they take that step. Another scenario is that- there might be other teams that might be interested in him (other than Athletico Madrid) .

29 Jun 2019 22:31:34
Keeping a player who is unhappy possibly sitting on the bench. Missing out on regular football. Getting a year older would lose so much resale value, so it’s a risk, plus as I believe Chelsea have never like managers kept someone who doesn’t want to be there,

29 Jun 2019 23:44:16
Then he goes to Athletico Madrid's management and push them to sign him permanently (from Chelsea) cos it takes someone that's sure of Athletico Madrid's loyalty (to sign him permanently) to make some of the comments that he made.

30 Jun 2019 08:35:49
Another question is: Why this sudden request from Chelsea to Athletico Madrid for Morata at this time (cos before now it was looking like Athletico was going to take him on another loan)? Maybe Lampard really rates him and maybe wants him back playing for Chelsea.

30 Jun 2019 11:24:06
I don't want morata back. He's got the wrong attitude. Tammy is ready and knows where the net is.

30 Jun 2019 11:54:45
No, no, no - we must only have players who really want to play for Chelsea. Morata has made it very obvious that he doesn't want to be here.

30 Jun 2019 12:55:37
Tammy knows were the net is, in the championship; let’s not get carried away. Quite a gulf in quality between the leagues,

30 Jun 2019 23:31:58
I don’t feel Tammy is ready for the pressure that comes with leading the line for our club. He did fill it up in the championship but teams aren’t tripping over themselves to sign him and he didn’t even start for the U21’s. I think Morata would have enough motivation considering the Euro’s are at the end of the year and if he wants to make the squad he’ll need to perform.

30 Jun 2019 23:32:12
Vardy knew where the net was non league.

01 Jul 2019 09:16:48
Vardy has explosive pace and thrives in a counter attacking team, Tammy doesn’t have explosive pace and his strengths of being tall, strong and alive in and around 6 yard box are also 90% of the defenders strengths in Orem league.

03 Jul 2019 14:24:47
Good point TK; same point that I was making in comment above.

27 Jun 2019 16:12:19
Interesting couple of days for Chelsea!. Lampard to be announced soon, Jay Dasilva moving to Bristol city, Juan Castillo with a U turn and may sign a new contract and now we're close to signing Kovacic. I expect Castillo's decision would likely be due to Lampard and Morris's arrival and the new supposed direction we're going in. Would like him to be involved next season, ideally i wanted Dasilva but i don't blame him for leaving and no doubt Castillo has bags of potential.

Excited to see him during pre-season if he does sign the contract. Emerson and Castillo as our fullback options sounds pretty good to me. As for Kovacic i like the move, i know a lot of people don't rate him but personally i think he's a solid player. Plus we're playing a lot of games next season and for £44m which includes the bonuses is a fair price. Also seems like Reece James didn't need surgery on his ankle and his recovery's going well, music to my ears that.

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27 Jun 2019 17:29:26
As always great post LB90. Things are looking optimistic.

27 Jun 2019 21:47:03
That they are. This season has got me excited already. Think we will finally see our youth players get the chance they deserve. Plus, Lampard and Morris (though not the most experienced) is one of the most exciting appointments in the Roman era.

28 Jun 2019 14:22:53
Yep, could be a good week.

Lampard and Morris in.

Hudson-Odoi and Castillo (by all accounts Alonso wants out so Castillo could get an opportunity) sign long term contracts and Kovacic signs permanently.

All of a sudden we have a squad jam packed with young talent (Ampadu, James, Castillo, Loftus-Cheek, Hudson-Odoi, Abraham etc. ) and there's a clear path to the first team squad for those in the youth set up and out on loan.

26 Jun 2019 21:14:26
Good luck to jay da Silva after making his move permanent to Bristol city.

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26 Jun 2019 22:24:27
Yep, I would like to add my best wishes to the lad. I’m sure he will have a very successful career.

27 Jun 2019 16:13:05
Bit disappointed to see him leave if I'm honest, hope he does well at Bristol City.

27 Jun 2019 16:14:57
A strange decision - I can only think that Chels are confident that Castillo will sign a new contract.

25 Jun 2019 12:50:25
Derby give Chelsea permission to speak with Lampard. Should all be sorted out, officially, soon now.

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25 Jun 2019 13:55:19
Onwards and upwards now “J”.

Winning the Premiership will be easy!

As I’ve said before this is the time of year we can all have dreams and be super confident.


25 Jun 2019 14:10:35
TomB, it looks like you are our Captain America on the site: Fearless, never backs down and can fight all day. Your optimism is really infectious (and that's very good) .

25 Jun 2019 14:59:54
Haha Obinna, this is the time of year when even Spurs, Arsenal or West Ham Supporters can dream. Or, in there case totally deluded.

25 Jun 2019 15:10:10
Not that I want to trample all over your dreams Tom but (spoiler warning - I'm going to) I don't see us challenging for the title this season.

I think a healthy dose of reality is going to be needed, both on the terraces and in the boardroom. It'll be a massive suprise if 2019/ 20 is anything but a tough, hard slog of a season.

Top six, whilst challenging for the top four throughout, would be a decent start to a rebuilding project as far as the league is concerned. I don't expect United, Spurs or Arsenal to be much better than us but top six will be tight again. Lampard shouldn't have the sack hanging over him if we miss out on top four in year 1. Getting to the knockout stages of the Champions League and doing well in one of the other cups would also be good.

Real progress this season will see Hudson-Odoi becoming a focal point of the attack and signing a new contract. Loftus-Cheek becoming a. consistenr performer in midfield whilst Abraham, James and Mount break into the first team.

I'd imagine a lot will want silverware in the cabinet more than youth team players on the pitch. But in the long run there's no reason we can't have both. It might just mean a season or two of them developing to the required level. It's time for the machine that is the Chelsea Youth system.

25 Jun 2019 15:37:08
J, at this time of year it’s safe to have dreams.

All opinions should be valued and evaluated but my dreams will remain intact, at least until October!

25 Jun 2019 21:02:48
Let's hope the match day supporters have a sense of reality this season.

26 Jun 2019 07:53:32
It's good to have a balance between optimism and reality. I hope we do really well this season.

It's not beyond a miracle that we do really well this season given that the Lampard appointment will boost the playing squad and more importantly the fans. If we can get some momentum going then who knows what can happen. We still have a very good squad and who knows we may have a few young gems I. e. mount, ampadu etc who perform fantastically. Also Lampard may have a positive influence on Barkley. 1 thing for sure without Hazard we will see a unit come out to play every weekend and not look for the big man in every game.

However, there is always the thought that Lampard is still a rookie. Petr Cech who will be the link with the playing staff and board is inexperienced and will he be able to put aside friendship . I hope so.

I am more inclined to believe that we will have a great season.

19 Jun 2019 07:26:53
Frank Lampard to Chelsea confirmed! He will sign a deal until 2022!

- @NicoSchira

I trust this source FYI.

This was tweet by Simon Phillips who he says he trusts this guy. Either way, it's clearly happening. Just a matter of time.

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19 Jun 2019 11:42:50
It hasn't been reported anywhere else. but you're right, I expect Frank to be our Gaffer by the end of the week.

19 Jun 2019 13:34:53
Harry Redknapp is a pretty good source. I think that's more than enough to confirm it's very very very likely.

19 Jun 2019 00:56:06
Although I would love Lampard as the Chelsea manager I can't help thinking john Terry will become a better manager. There wasn't a better leader in the country than when Terry was captain and I'm pretty sure a lot of wins we had were down to him in the dressing room. Rumour now is that Terry will be next derby manager.

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19 Jun 2019 11:21:27
I think that a manager needs intelligence more than anything else - Lamps will be a better manager than JT and JT probably a better coach.

17 Jun 2019 15:26:57
Any news on managerial front Ed's? Have you heard anything for us polite Chelsea fans?

{Ed001's Note - it looks sure to be Lampard, Chelsea are happy to pay the compensation and bring him in.}

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17 Jun 2019 16:44:16
great something positive around the club for a change
wish him the best and let's stick by him through thick an thin

17 Jun 2019 17:12:13
That's a good one from the club. Thanks Ed.

{Ed001's Note - welcome mate.}

17 Jun 2019 18:12:54
Praying they get ban froze and get frank off to a good start, rathe a two window ban after a window than before.

17 Jun 2019 18:37:52
To be honest I would risk the ban and settle for a top 6 finish if he could really get these youth players in.

I know people will say you cant, but just a vision from a u10 youth coach. Nothing better than seeing the development. Of our own players.

18 Jun 2019 07:51:21
It's a huge gamble with Frank which I think it is worth taking. However I hope it works because I'm sure the fans will revolt if it goes awry regardless of his legendary status.
I would wish him all the best and support him once he is appointed.
No matter whatever you think, I would not want us to serve the ban right away unless it's impossible to overturn.

18 Jun 2019 08:56:51
If I were you Matt, I won't expect anything from Chelsea. The future is very pregnant and no one knows what it will give birth to.


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