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08 Dec 2019 12:15:16
🎶🎵 Who’s that coming over the hill, is it United? Yes it’s United 🎵🎶.

I think the battle for 4th could get very interesting. Spurs will have a bounce with a new Manager, Arsenal might if they make a sensible appointment, you’ve looked good all season, and it looks like we might have finally woken up. Pretty sad that we both might be fighting for 4th, not like the old days eh?


1.) 08 Dec 2019 13:26:06
It's TRUE that we have been dragged into this top 4 fight. At one point we seemed so far away from the chasing pack. But look we've had some bad results recently and we are expecting a few more. Utd and Spurs have definitely capitalised on our failures.

2.) 08 Dec 2019 13:27:32
I think it’ll be close and agree, think United problem is that chelsea city spurs Leicester arsenal all played you they have a way of playing and with attack, which suits you, hence why v Newcastle and wolves etc teams like that don’t care about attractive football and will defend, so rashford and James and martial pace isn’t key with the space to run into, arsenal are so low I’m not overly worried with them, spurs will be very dangerous and once they stop the soft goals they’ll go in a big run,

3.) 08 Dec 2019 13:42:04
I think it's going to be a good run in 4 teams going for 2 spots and city not going well peps 4th season again not going well
But I think spurs will finish above you.

4.) 08 Dec 2019 13:55:26
The most injury ravaged season for some time and a transfer ban to deal with.

Rudi to come back and the team gradually bedding in.

A new face or two over January.

The second half of our season should be better than the first.

Good luck UTD. The longer you keep Ole the better for us all.

5.) 08 Dec 2019 16:00:36
Harsh mate. We have been in such a mess we need to stick with someone. I get why everyone thinks he’s a clueless novice, we shall see. It seems the top 3 are pretty much sorted so it will be a dog fight for 4th. I actually think our best chance is via the Europa League, we do better against better teams.



22 Sep 2019 06:38:17
I know it’s early days but I like what I’m seeing from Lampard, he seems to be doing what we were hoping OGS would do for us. Mount and Abraham seem to have really stepped up, I’ve been surprised how good they have been. Wouldn’t it be ironic if a young team that includes some Academy players does really well given the reluctance of previous Managers to play any of them.

Big game today, someone needs to bring City and Liverpool down a peg or two as right now it looks like a battle for 1st between them, and a battle for 3rd and 4th between about 8 other clubs. I’d love to see Liverpool lose but as they are so far it of reach for us, is it better for United to see Chelsea drop points. Nah, I’m really hoping you stuff them today.


1.) 22 Sep 2019 13:53:25
Cheers AJH, I think we’re all excited about how far the youth can take us. Inexperience has cost us at times this season but equally Mount and Abraham look like our best players. As for the Liverpool game, if we had Kanté I’d be far more confident, especially as we were the better side in the Super Cup but as it stands I’m a bit nervous.

2.) 22 Sep 2019 14:57:14
Thanks, AJH. Wouldn't blame you for supporting Pool today, but as a United fan I suppose you want Pool to lose no matter the situation ;-)

I'd personally be happy with a draw even. Liverpool look amazing so far, and while our play has been refreshing, the results have been mixed. Our defensive play should improve loads once Rudiger, Kante, Emerson and James are fit again, so I won't judge Lampard on that aspect until he's had his full squad to work with.

Been saying it from the start btw, but Ole really is a dud as a manager. Without Pogba to bring a semblance of creativity to your game, all you do is counter. You really need a better coach. Giving chances to youth is all well and good, and as a fan I love to see it happen as well. But it needs to happen in the right situation and in the right way. You definitely shouldn't have sold Lukaku without replacing him. Greenwood is a fantastic talent, but having him as your backup striker for PL play is asking for trouble. He can't replace a guy like Lukaku who guarantees you goals.

I wish you guys well for the season, but just not at our expense :-)



02 Feb 2019 05:46:59
I saw a comment down the page where someone said your club is the worst run by the Board. I think we’d give you a run for you money right now for that. No coherent strategy, short term decisions, no long term planning, we have a lot in common right now.

However, what did you all make of Sarri’s comments? Jose lost your dressing room, as he then lost ours but some of Sarri’s comments suggest the players hold all the cards. Everything is happy and shiny at OT right now but seeing what is happening at Chelsea, I worry that if we have a rough patch and the Manager makes unpopular decisions, we might see tools downed again.

Is it poor management or is it just the modern game? We saw Argentina’s players pretty much ignore their Manager at the World Cup, do Managers now have to tread very carefully and persuade and cajole as opposed to telling and instructing?

I was quite shocked by Sarri’s comments, how are you all reacting to them?


1.) 02 Feb 2019 07:18:35
Sarri was spot on and I think he’ll win them over.

I don’t think sport is changing as such where players hold all the power but for some clubs/ teams it’s like that.

In nba you have Steve Kerr (their gm) in control of 5 all stars but last year with the cave, LeBron (the player) was basically running the show and telling plays instead of the gm. It’s becoming more player oreintated but managers still are mostly in control I believe, they just need to gain respect from the players instead of demand it.

2.) 02 Feb 2019 08:53:44
Once upon a time managers all but ran the playing side, coaching, picking sells and buys and being involved in everything but nowadays the players know his role is seen as a coach and very little else. Managers that could do everything are rare now and many are happy to be the trainer/ coach and leave the rest to others. Sarri's comments were interesting but you could tell the players also said their piece to him as there were several references to their performance and "I don't decide the tactics" and "we were better defensively last season" and one we all complain about "we kept losing the ball up front and were countered". BIG game against Huddersfield for more reasons than one.

3.) 02 Feb 2019 09:34:19
I have always maintained something, which is that:
Sarri never knew much about the Chelsea board, the league (EPL- that it can be unbelievably difficult) or the character of the players at Chelsea, before he came to Stanford Bridge- he just saw them from the other side and off course the lawn is always greener from the other side. I remember at some point Sarri said- he can, but he won't talk to Antonio Conte- to know about the players- which means that he wants to discover for himself (indeed he's now discovering for himself) .

Sarri's recent comments show that he's now beginning to understand the players at Chelsea (the same players that messed up two world class coaches in Jose Mourinho and very regrettably Antonio Conte) . I always blame Sarri cos I feel he should have known a bit about the players that he is coming to manage and how the Chelsea board reacts to issues concerning the players. Honestly, I think Sarri could have sold some of the players when he arrived at Chelsea.

If you think back, there was a comment that Hazard made when this Chelsea team was playing well (still unbeaten) and getting good results: He said that, 'all is going well now cos the results are good but we will see how good we are (manager included) when we turn a rough patch'. From this comment, I can deduce that Hazard expected that there would be a rough time ahead and wasn't confident (in what? ) from the start of the season, the question is why?

Whatever happens, I want the board to support Sarri (he's a top manager) to bring or use young, vibrant and hungry players- build a new core and don't hold back anyone that wants to leave. We can't be sacking good coaches every now and then (at the moment, I am thinking that sacking Antonio Conte was a mistake) .
NB: I don't support Sarri using Hazard as a point man.

4.) 02 Feb 2019 10:06:55
AJH, Sarri is spot on. He is only saying what the two previous managers have said.

We lack leaders and have players who. are mentally weak.

Having said that, we are still a lot better that Utd and we always will be.

5.) 02 Feb 2019 10:09:22
I think, because it's now happened with multiple managers, it's definitely largely due to the players. We have some serious primadonnas.

Eden, while I love him, isn't about 100% effort consistently. Willian is sulky as all hell, and we saw with Conte how he turned on him with the emoji disaster. Morata wasn't up for it mentally sadly. Luiz has brianfarts still, which is a shame. Alonso hasn't been good enough for weeks now, and it seems like he isn't giving it his all.
The team still don't play the system.

Similarly, your club also employs some primadonnas. Alexis, Pogba, Lukaku, Martial (to a certian extent), they all seem a bit fickle in their efforts on the pitch. So yeah, you're in the honeymoon phase and you have too much talent to miss out on top 4 (which I've said all along) . But the underlying issue with player mentality will still exist with those players, and once things start getting more difficult the same tension will likely arise again.



03 Sep 2017 20:29:26

I read your post further down analysing you transfer business and I agree up to a point. The press like to exaggerate the ways. I think United's window was good as we addressed the areas we needed to with proven EPL players, however I don't think it was as outstanding as some pf the press report.

The comeback to your point about the negativity being levelled at Chelsea is probably to do with Conte's public utterings and how the press have then added their own spin to that. I love your loyalty to your team but there were a bunch of players that Conte allegedly wanted that didn't arrive or went elsewhere. However, you have bought reasonably well (Drinkwater? ) and lost some players who were at the end of their careers or who you thought were surplus to requirements.

I also think Spurs's window was at best average whilst Arsenal's was a disaster. City are said to have had a great window yet their CBs continue to look dodgy and they didn't fix that. Same for Liverpool. Shiny new forwards whilst their defence looks shocking.

I think it's a 3 way fight between us, City, and you, Liverpool or Spurs 4th or 5th and I think Arsenal may even struggle to finish 6th this year.

Looking forward to a great season and some quality banter.


1.) 03 Sep 2017 22:51:47
I respect your post and your analysis.

2.) 04 Sep 2017 01:28:05
If Tottenham switch back to a back three of Sanchez, Alderweireld and Vertonghen with Aurier and Rose as wing backs I personally think they will have the best defence in the league. Aurier and Rose are as complete as they come at attacking and defending. Moses and Alonso aren't IMO and disagree all you want that's just me not being biast. If they had Conte as manager I think they would win the league they just seem to lack that winning mentality. Kane and Alli are as good as they come at going forward.

3.) 04 Sep 2017 06:14:12
Yeah, Conte's comments obviously weren't going to help in that regard. Right on that. For Spurs, I think Aurier made their window decent. He's going to be ridiculously good for them and he's going to bomb down that right flank all game long. Terrific pick up. But like us they're still lacking depth in certain departments.

4.) 04 Sep 2017 06:25:34
Agreed AJH, the thing for me was spending over 150 million and not improving the squad. Yes we improved in defense but we went backwards in attack and midfield. l, and still don't have a left back if Alonso goes down. We will be okay but it could have been much much better.

5.) 04 Sep 2017 12:29:01
Rahman is back now too.

6.) 04 Sep 2017 13:31:19
A few comments to make on the above posts.
Baba will not be fit until Christmas.
Matic was average at best last year and truly awful the season before. I see both Drinkwater and Bakayoko contrubuting more than Matic
I do think that Morata has a lot to prove but I'm reminded how disruptive and ordinary Costa was for the second half of last season. So I'm pleased to have got Morata and retained Michy.
On our so called spending and I'm not sure of the exact figures but if you include our sales at the last window and this latest window, we have spent virtually zero and that's NOT counting any fee we receive for Costa.

7.) 04 Sep 2017 14:20:41
Matic may have been average last year but so was Drinkwater. Looking at the top teams I think we all have areas we would have liked to see improved but for whatever reason it didn't happen. I think it could be fascinating this year, City were most people's favourites last year and they weren't great, Liverpool started like a train and faded badly, it's great we have so many teams competing.

8.) 04 Sep 2017 20:05:38
That average player had more assists last season than any MU player last season including Pogba and Mata. Also had far better statistics than any of present Chelsea and MU midfielders. So you can be grateful to that SOB Jose Mourinho for doing amazing scouting job.

9.) 04 Sep 2017 22:16:11
Antibot, I've found cross referencing or comparing player statistics from different teams a total waist of time!
Matic may well play better for a Utd in the same way Kante played well for us last year.
Also Bakayoko and Drinkwater will have completely different stats with us than they had with their previous clubs.
You have to take into account so many variables, team shape, team style of play, standard of team mates . It makes statistics redundant.
You can compare player performance within a team and judge and compare there contribution to the team and result and that's why I stand by my statement they Matic was bang average last year and truly awful the season before!
Anyway, player performances are always a good debating point.

10.) 05 Sep 2017 08:59:06
Tom Blue(I believe that B is for blue).We probably wouldn't have this discussion if you watched MU this season. They look secure and confident.And that's what Chelsea has lost.If player doesn't play attractive football doesn't mean that player is average.That's why statistics exist so one can have more objective picture. Yes,Matic might have worse or better statistics at MU the same way that Drinkwater and Bakayoko can have better or worse statistics at Chelsea than at Leicester and Monaco.But it's more likely that Matic and Drinkwater will statistics closer to theirs previous clubs since both players have PL experience unlike young and promising Bakayoko.But to say that someone who had more assists than best assistants at MU and player is allegedly CDM by vocation average season doesn't stand.The player who was regular first choice CM in 2 midfield in the club that won PL with superiority can't be taken seriously.
I also believe in Conte's hard work approach.But experience is very very important in the squad.

11.) 05 Sep 2017 09:44:18
The "B" is for Baldwin not blue but a good guess!
The first full season under Jose's management Matic was outstanding. In my opinion the following season he was, along with rest of team (except Willian) awful and last season average!
You are correct statistics can be used for objective debate but no more than that.
An example would be and according to sky, Drinkwater has a better long ball success rate than Cesc. This stat doesn't take into account so many factors in renders it pointless! I
My point about Matic and his performance was NOT based on stats but my view using my eyes at virtually every home and away game.
He may well go on to be outstanding for Utd but given his performances over the last two seasons, in my opinion, he is no great loss and £40mil was a good money for Chelsea to receive.

12.) 05 Sep 2017 20:56:38
As you just said your opinion is subjective based on your perception. It is absolutely pointless to argue about subjective standing. People are allowed to think that earth is flat even nowdays. I will always defend your right to have different opinion to mine.

13.) 05 Sep 2017 21:36:28
And I will defend your right to have an opinion along with every orher football fans right to have an opinion!
Just for good orders sake. I never argue, I debate, inquire, ask questions, sometimes agree but I'm never patronising!

14.) 06 Sep 2017 08:33:52
I am really sorry if you had an impression that I've been patronising you or anyone else. That wasn't my intention. I am gnostic and I believe in arguments and facts and I am not relying on my impressions Sometimes things are different from the way we see them.

15.) 06 Sep 2017 11:28:50
Yep, sometimes things are different from the way we se them!



23 Aug 2017 08:16:36
Good win over Spurs, but what is happening at Chelsea? The number (and quality of some) players you are being linked with is bizarre, and this morning one of the papers suggests the club are sounding out new Managers. It feels like there is going to be some panic buying in themlast week of the window (and I know how that feels) . From the outside, how can this happen 6 months after winning the League? I know you can't legislate for Costa's behaviour but do you see Conte still being here come Christmas?


1.) 23 Aug 2017 09:04:56
Paper nonsense, I'd imagine Chelsea fans with some common sense aren't being drawn into it. We have signed 3 very good young players so far, wouldn't be surprised if Conte and the board bring in a few more before the window closes. I am excited for the season and seasons to come with Conte. He is the future of Chelsea, would be silly to get rid.

2.) 23 Aug 2017 09:20:08
To be honest we started badly last season, bought two of very good players at the end of last summer too, they were considered panic buys too ( Luiz, Alonso ), nine months later they have an épi medal around their necks. People fail to understand that football has and will always be a team game.

Quality were being linked to?! I don't see the problem, for the most it's been rumeurs then again we've tried to bring in the right players for a reasonable price not been easy and to be fair we've done okay. Rufiger just 23, German international, Bakayoko 22 one of the best young mids in Europe, Morata well what can I say it was either him or Rom and to be honest he isn't half bad . Add to that the quality in our side Hazard, Kanté, Aepilicueta, Courtois, Pedro, Luiz, Alonso plus Fabregas love him or hate you must admit he brings something to the party, Christensen could also be considered a new signing the boy looks pretty good on and off the bam too.
Unfortunately the press is always going to blow things out of proportion three more signings in terms of depth and we'd be fine, the names you think are so strange being linked to us are mostly starters for their club and are players with either Prem experience or experience in their various leagues something that would go a long way for us.

I can see why there's a cause for concern and why united and city are favorites but if the Chelsea of last season showed me one thing it's that the game is all about team work, hard work and a dash of Eden Hazard. So thanks for your concern but I can't wait to have The not so special one back at the bridge.

3.) 23 Aug 2017 09:38:05
Come back and talk to us in December AJH when you've actually played a few teams of note. Then we see who's manager is being talked about more by the media, iv got a funny feeling it won't be Conte.

4.) 23 Aug 2017 10:06:20
I don't think Conte is going anywhere. He has been making noises to get the best squad possible for this season but looking at the weekend and the spurs game, he showed his class. Spurs were caught cold and on reflection offered little.
We have a first 11 and we need squad players and I think all of the players we've been linked with, as underwhelming as they are, would be able to do a job for us. I'm not worried for the season ahead.

5.) 23 Aug 2017 10:07:56
I seen that aswell last night I wouldn't believe it. I think it was the 'talkChelsea' guys that started it. I won't get into them but they are full of bs. They also state then too we are bringing in Tuchel because of his enthusiasm for playing and working with youth. Made me laugh considering we've either sold/ loaned all of our valuable youth players.

6.) 23 Aug 2017 10:51:29
I have now been a season ticket holder for 56 years. I have enjoyed all the highs but suffered a lot more lows.
Without doubt the happiest times have been the Roman era. Continued success at home and abroad has given our club a global presence.
I'm not sure how accurate this statistic is but I think the average term of a Chelsea manager under Roman is about 14 months.
With one exception (Carlo) I've anticipated and in most cases expected our mangers to be shown the door but if our club gives Conte the tin tack then that will be it for me.
Conte is the best thing that's happened to our club for decades. I am no longer dreading a press conference and I enjoy the way we play but most of all I love having a manager who behaves like a very passionate fan.

7.) 23 Aug 2017 12:09:33
TomB: Superb comment from another long term supporter. Chelsea under Roman want a coach who does just that and offers an opinion about what is needed, nothing more. Like you say Conte has been a breath of fresh air because he almost appears to be one of us with that touchline enthusiasm but remember in a different way, Mourinho was that breath of fresh air but when he made demands his first tenure ended when it should not have and by the time he kicked off second time around he knew he was finished; mind you the Hector, Rahman and Djilobodji transfers would have inflamed anyone. We have to accept that in all out time supporting Chelsea was and is and will be a rollercoaster of emotions.

8.) 23 Aug 2017 12:05:28
i agree in many ways but when hazard and pedro are back fully fit we and cahil and fabregas we shpuld have a starting 11 like this. courtois moses alonso cahil luiz azpi. bakayoko kante hazard pedro/ willian morata. bench den will be . cabalero rudiger christianson willian/ pedro fabregas batshuayi maybe drinkwater all of a sudden we have a good line up and strong bench no panic here we all would love 1 more top class player im sure.

9.) 23 Aug 2017 14:07:13
Honestly, AJH, I think things just look worse right now than they really are. Once Hazard, Bakayoko and Pedro are all back and fully fit it'll already look better. Our CBs are pretty damn awesome. Rüdiger, Luiz, Azpi, Christensen and Cahill. Man, that's good. Hazard, Pedro, Willian and Musonda should have the inside forward positions covered between them. 4 for 2 positions is good depth in my opinion.

Only thing we need right now is another CM, and a wingback (or 2). They don't have to be world class (though Alex Sandro would make our team so damn good), but they have to be good. Take the Ox for example. Is he world class? Hell no. But he's good, and he's young enough to get to a higher level once he sticks to a single position. I could definitely see him being an improvement on Moses at RWB.
Drinkwater is bang average though, I'll give you that. I wish the club would pursue a guy like Goretzka or Rabiot.

10.) 23 Aug 2017 15:33:33
Squad needs more depht, CM is a must as well as Left midfielder. Moses is amazing.

11.) 23 Aug 2017 17:36:35
Jackson mate, it was Drinkwater I was thinking of. I agree the press are whipping it up but Conte seems to be letting his mouth run a bit loose, he may be frustrated but it doesn't seem wise to be so candid.

I know you thought I was disprespectful about Cont recently suggesting he was unhinged (can't remember the exact phrase) and his last conference was much calmer and in control so maybe he has chilled a little. He does seem high maintenance though and I can see him exploding at some point.

I agree that as Champions you will be right up there, I expect your u, City, and hopefully United to be slugging it out, possible too early to see if we have truly turned a corner.

12.) 23 Aug 2017 18:10:35
A United fan telling us our manager seems abit high maintenance!
Oh the irony!

13.) 23 Aug 2017 22:31:54
I think you used "monkey with a machine gun" or something, AJH :-P He did seem to strike a frustrated figure earlier this month, but he's been fine since a week or so ago. I don't think Conte will be the one to stay 5 years at the club, but I think he can do an excellent job in bringing our club back to the level it belongs before moving on. So I certainly hope we keep him for another season or 2.

The big difference with Mourinho's last season with us is that the players seem to fully buy into Conte's vision. The way they followed his lead against Spurs said it all. They're going to fight for him, and for each other. That said, United and City both have a stronger squad with more quality in my opinion. A Manchester club will win the title, and I'm guessing it'll be United. I just want us to get top 4 and do decently in CL for this season.




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26 Jul 2017 12:11:37
Ryan, we will see. Not sure how an unwanted player can be worth £50M.




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26 Jul 2017 10:31:57
Behave yourself Ryan. WIllian was mentioned by a poster asking if anyone thought he would be a good buy, Neymar has never been an option. Matic is, but £50M for someone who is not first choice is just silly. I think Jose will look elsewhere, there's plenty about at a lot less money than that.





AJH's banter replies


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20 Apr 2021 15:13:53
Why? Because they want more money and they want to protect that revenue if they have a crap season. Finished 9th? No problem you can still play in the ESL and earn all that lovely cash.

Spurs last won the title. 60 years ago. City and Chelsea were bumbling along until Roman and the Sheikh appeared. Clubs that were big yesterday may not be big today, and clubs that are big today may not be tomorrow. It’s protectionism, pure and simple, designed to generate more cash.

And the worst thing? It’s the English teams, and my club in particular that is leading this, I’m ashamed.




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05 Feb 2021 09:19:35
He was a spent force when we was with us. He was fantastic but he seems to be yesterday’s man, the world has moved on and he seems not to have moved with it. Spurs were lot played well but it felt like Spurs didn’t put up a fight until the last 10 minutes. No shame in losing, but lots of shame in losing like that.




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03 Feb 2021 14:44:35
I think that’s fair although this season does have a ‘Leicester’ feel to it.

We have been bang average in a lot of games but seem to pull goals out when needed. It could suddenly click and we push on, or fall apart and down we slide. I’d hate to bet either way right now.




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03 Feb 2021 11:01:05
One of our fans placed bets at half time for 8-0 and 10-0, he’s not happy.

Silly game, whole game against 10 men but you still have to concentrate. As someone said up the page this is a very very odd season.




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02 Feb 2021 22:18:04
Tom, I visit other teams sites regularly. I spent the United Arsenal match on the Arsenal live chat.