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14 Jul 2023 17:18:09
Hi Ed has anything changed with colwill everyday liverpool and especially klopp want him
Is klopp up to his nonsense again with levi taping up
And do you see levi staying

Thanks in advance.

gianfranco gola

{Ed002's Note - They and the two other interested sides have been told he is not for sale.}

1.) 14 Jul 2023 23:39:01
Brilliant thank you do you think he will sign a contract extension

On challah you said he has been affected by someone else staying another year is that silva not colwill I take it

With colwill chalobah baddishille and fofana silva isn't that enough for this season.

2.) 14 Jul 2023 23:41:59
Two other interested sides being. I shall guess Brighton and Newcastle.



03 Jul 2023 22:05:42
Saw this on euro page
Could you imagine this
{Ed002's Note - Kylian Mbappe (S) Wants to move to Real Madrid but for them the financial outlay could be too much this summer unless they included Rodrygo and perhaps another in any deal. Madrid would like wait for another year until his contract runs down but know that PSG have a plan to renew, give him a lump sum signing on fee and have an obligation to sell next summer - that may suit everybody. Newcastle would not be in a position to buy him. Realistically, Madrid, Middle East, Manchester United, perhaps Bayern and Chelsea if they could clear significant wages from the books. Chelsea could look to striking a deal including players. Bayern Munich will likely not get involved. }.

gianfranco gola

1.) 04 Jul 2023 09:25:59
Oh that's so cruel! Never going to happen.



03 Jul 2023 21:58:25
Hi Ed is tiago silva staying for next season.

gianfranco gola

{Ed002's Note - Probably but it would be his last.-}

1.) 04 Jul 2023 00:28:57

2.) 04 Jul 2023 04:23:13
Last season at Chelsea or last season in his career?

{Ed002's Note - At Chelsea.}



20 Jun 2023 07:09:51
Ed on the utd page interesting reading

Ed002's Note - Moises Caicedo (DM/ CM) Arsenal have enquired after his availability and been told he is not for sale. Prior interest of Manchester United, dating back before he joined Brighton, remains. Liverpool have not made any approach to Brighton although they may have an interest in taking the player. West Ham and Newcastle have an interest - but with the departure of Potter Chelsea will take their interest to Kone and Ugarte but will return if they cannot both be signed - don't lose sight of them as they won't be signing either and are looking for two DM/ CM players. A representative of the player says Brighton will demand a very significant fee after the player signed a new contract. Expect Arsenal to return in the summer - but I expect MU to focus on other players. Player wants to move to Real Madrid but they have no interes.

gianfranco gola

1.) 20 Jun 2023 07:46:11
So no ugarte, kone and caicedo wants elsewhere. If there was only a childhood xhelsea fan who's best freinds with one of our players and would love to come back.

2.) 20 Jun 2023 08:44:54
Personally I think we will sign caicedo, lavia, Jackson, gk, and possibly a AM if Mount and Havertz leave.
Most players want to play for Real or Barca, I don't blame them, why not
I think the club are doing very well in moving players on.
Have more faith.

3.) 20 Jun 2023 10:01:05
Standard I have to agree with you mate just give mount what he wants and get rice the bond is great do wonders to unite the team both class both English I don’t see a down side to it then all that’s needed is a top class striker. I think we’d have a very good season but it doesn’t appear to be heading that way still they must have a solid plan in place so keeep the faith.

4.) 20 Jun 2023 10:50:07
If only elite level football was that easy! ED02 has stated numerous times that the club have offered Mount a very lucrative contract and want him to stay! If the player wants to leave what can the club do?
Likewise Rice, if he has his heart set on Champions League football what can we do? What will be will be.

5.) 20 Jun 2023 12:45:57
G8, if your mount, a 2time player of the season, you want to be paid accordingly. When you see haverts and sterling on 300k a week you can understand why he wants to be paid accordingly.

Rice is interested in coming to us, but for God knows what reason, we're not going for him.

6.) 21 Jun 2023 08:29:47
You've summed it up perfectly G8. Havertz (according to reports) is not on 300k a week, but wants to leave, and it appears we may get a substantial fee for him. Unfortunately I feel if it's Arsenal he will do great there as he'll be played in his proper position.
Ed002 has intimated Sterling is viewed by the club as a "mistake" buy along with Aubamuyinyang and Koulibaly, the latter 2 who will be gone this window. Sterling will get limited time under Poch I feel. Pressing and headless chicken running are 2 completely different things (Conner falls into same category) so I expect CG to go for a good fee to a mid table side (where he will excel) and Sterling (hopefully) will move in winter window to Saudi where, tbf, he will be great. Lukaku is the conundrum, he don't want to be here, he wants Milan. Milan don't want to buy back, only want loan, Chelsea want to sell not loan, so there remains an impasse despite "conversations". He has turned down Saudi offer, and will "expect" to be targeted by clubs, dream on brother, you have, and never have had a "first touch" worthy of anything near top level, and your input, professionally, is not good enough.
So, if we can move (the deadwood) Lukaku, Sterling, Kante has gone (much to my disappointment) our top earner is Reece James at around 250k per week, so our wage structure will get a sense of reality moving forward.
Nobody is bigger than the/ a club!

7.) 21 Jun 2023 18:30:09
Kiwi enjoyed your post. I think Sterling will be very difficult to get rid of because of his wages and that he wanted to return to London. As for CG going to a mid table club- he’s already at one. Lol.



02 Jun 2023 18:22:49
Ed Marc cucerella

Is he for sale or would the club take a loan
And who is interested

And do you invisage him leaving this window


gianfranco gola

{Ed002's Note - He is for sale.}

1.) 02 Jun 2023 18:44:48
Thanks sorry for annoying you but any interest.

{Ed002's Note - Yes.}

2.) 02 Jun 2023 20:08:32
Thanks ed.

3.) 03 Jun 2023 00:23:37
Oof hope we don't lose to much on the transfer. I have a feeling we'd be lucky to get £20 million.




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25 Mar 2024 20:15:44
Hi ed
Would tiago motta be on the list of managers chelsea are lookimg at
Seems a good up and coming manager.

gianfranco gola

{Ed002's Note - No.}

1.) 27 Mar 2024 16:08:21
Ok thanks.



10 Mar 2024 08:47:10
------------------There is no point discussing this - particularly given you don't understand.----------

gianfranco gola



29 Feb 2024 09:20:06
Hi ed002 its increasingly obvious according to the media poch possibly won't be our manager next year which is a shame i like the guy and did really want him to workout

If the reports are true we are looking at possible replcements already

My question is do you think the new owners would consider jose mourinho

Imo i think the fans would instantly take to the new owners and forgive last 2 years if they did

But would he suit this new project and set up

Sorry for long drawn out questiom.

gianfranco gola

{Ed002's Note - You don't need to apologise for the long post but for the abuse of the English language in the first sentence.

Jose Mourinho (C) I would not totally rule out a return to Barcelona for Jose Mourinho. There will be a bitterness from some of the fans for what he achieved in 2011/12 but he will certainly be in the mix. Has turned down offers from the Middle East but further attempts are being made to take him to Al-Shabab. The owners of Chelsea have broken most links to the previous regimes, although they did try to get a couple of folks to stay longer, but a move for Mr Mourinho would be a significant change of direction although he has support from a senior advisor to Chelsea and his representatives are offering him back to the club. The advisor feels if Rui Faria were to come as well, it would be a good move. Possible, but wildcard at best. Bayern Munich may offer an interesting option and should not be discounted. Napoli offer an option, but it seems unlikely.}

1.) 29 Feb 2024 10:40:18
Get the band back together!

Thanks Ed.

2.) 29 Feb 2024 13:30:07
As I've said. It's a no brainer and the primary move we can make to turn the tide. Chelsea cannot make the same mistake they did with rice.

3.) 29 Feb 2024 14:31:55
I wouldn’t have Jose back under any circumstances.

The player who decided he wanted to play for the gooners has been done to death.

4.) 29 Feb 2024 14:36:28
Jose not for me, great first time round, second time around didn't really work out need to look to the future, if Poch is replaced is difficult to find a decent candidate among those linked to us possibly Alonso but he's off to Liverpool I wouldn't mind Howe or Frank from Brentford or a left field choice of Clarke from Scotland but really hard to knpw who would work out, if I was in charge would give Poch another season

Rice went to Arsenal for Champions league football something that we couldn't offer.

5.) 29 Feb 2024 15:01:38
Thanks for reply and sorry for my abuse of english language ??.

6.) 29 Feb 2024 15:09:52
I also would not want Mourhino back, it did not work the second time.

What we need a progressive coach (whoever that is) to take thus young team forward. I thought Poch would be the coach to do this but sadly I seem to be wrong.

Two things to take in to consideration is the fact that Due to our terrible injury record, he has not been able to fiels his strongest 11 in one game never mind the majority of the season.

Secondly, there will be a lot of clubs looking for new coaches in the summer.



27 Feb 2024 06:33:05
Hi ed002 hope your well

Are the board happy with pochetinos year so far
What did you make of the final.

gianfranco gola

{Ed002's Note - The board won't be happy with how the season is going. I did not see the game.}

1.) 27 Feb 2024 09:46:44
If the owners are happy I would be worried.

2.) 27 Feb 2024 10:03:23
Get mourinho on the phone.

3.) 27 Feb 2024 10:19:26
I will remember Jose fondly but I never ever want to see him as our manager again.

4.) 27 Feb 2024 10:36:25
Jose would be a good fit right now, the young players will benefit from his wisdom and winning mentality and he would engage the fans and unite the club. Bring back Steve Holland as coach and promote JT to the first team squad.

5.) 27 Feb 2024 11:36:26
Ed002 - do you anticipate a change in the summer, either with the head coach or the overall sporting model, given the way the season is bearing out?

{Ed002's Note - There is nothing wrong with the "sporting model". As I have explained previously the coach may change in the summer. I suspect he probably will.}

6.) 27 Feb 2024 11:39:30
The same Steve Holland who is Southgate’s assistant. That’s a progressive combo!

Jose is all our yesterday’s and his only current plus is “he is available. ”

FGS, if we change our manager yet again let’s make it a positive change. The bloke from Spirting Lisbon gets good reviews. I say again, I hope Poch remains as our manager for many seasons to come for obvious reasons!

7.) 27 Feb 2024 12:30:26
Maybe they should seek outside advice into is it really down to poch or is he doing what he can with a poorly built squad,

Any manager will do better next season as we will have a no9. Poch has one hand tied engine his back and is being hung out to dry for taking to many shots to the face,

Roma moved on Jose as he was too much hassle and results wernt good, he was sacked from us 10th with Costa hazard cesc Terry courtois . everyone knows Jose likes older experienced players, who couldn’t get a tune from a young salah, what’s he going to do with Madueke and mudryk,

8.) 27 Feb 2024 12:59:30
Coach changing again ? what an absolute shambles we are in.

9.) 27 Feb 2024 13:10:05
I think top quality managers have the ability to manage the players they have got.

That includes improving there fitness, movement with or without the ball, wining individual battles, creating space, concentration and mentality. There are other things like playing players in the best position.

Any new manager may well end up with a new CF but he will have to make our existing performances better with basically the same squad.

I do consider Poch to have been unlucky with player injuries but other clubs have suffered with injuries as well.

10.) 27 Feb 2024 14:09:39
Thanks for reply ed appreciate it have a good week.

11.) 27 Feb 2024 21:21:52
TomB the difference with injuries is the turnover of our squad. They’re practically all new and so not used to playing with each other so when there’s constant chopping and changing due to injuries no fluidity or cohesion can be established. Other clubs whilst having injuries have for the most part settled squads who’ve been together for several years so any injuries aren’t as impactful as the replacement players have been around the squad and in training sessions with the squad before.

12.) 27 Feb 2024 21:30:16
fuser, you are probably correct in your assessment about injuries effecting the building/ cohesion of the squad and its lack of consistency.

It’s probably just me but I’m not a fan of making injuries an excuse. I believe it’s a now a squad game and regardless of age or experience if your a member of the first team squad the player has to be regarded as good enough!



25 Feb 2024 21:24:52
I had a 6 month working contract in Cornwall in 2017 and I drove home to belfast in september afterwards and on that night liverpool fans plus pundits were wanting klopp out they had just drawn with Saville 2 2 and the fans were going mad
And they l9st to city 5. 0 few days b4 and everyone was saying klopp hasn't a clue he won't succeed because he doest coach defending and his defence is shocking

3 months later he signed VVD and the rest is history

I believe if we signed a striker a proper no 9 it will be the same for us.

gianfranco gola

1.) 25 Feb 2024 21:48:19
gola, remember it well mate.

A striker would have been a good signing but I still believe the club thought they had that position covered.

Anyway, hopefully we will sign a CF in the summer window.

2.) 25 Feb 2024 23:37:31
Tom the club thought they had it sorted? Jackson who's never scored more than 10 goals in a season and broja who's just come off an acl? And they think they had it sorted? Lol.

3.) 26 Feb 2024 04:53:20
Standard, are you the Australian captain (Starmer) hindsight?

I think Nkunku scored a lot of goals last season but that fact wouldn’t work for your continued negativity would it?

Jackson’s performances although still raw have in my opinion improved through this season. He should have scored a lot more so far but I would guess he will get about 15 goals in his first season. Jacksons first season reminds me a bit of Drogba’s first season. The Drog was bang average that year.




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01 Apr 2024 11:51:24
Im just glad we all recognise gusto as a great player and i personally would cash in on james he is injured every season
Gusto is a great signing only 21 i think so his potential is huge.

gianfranco gola



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18 Mar 2024 09:29:20
Agree tom i like cucerella id would sell chillwell and buy a left back like gusto young and full of potential or keep maatsen if we can.

gianfranco gola



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12 Mar 2024 07:43:36
I sort of agree with you pete but you are a bit scathing on yhe fella
If lavia ugo and chuky were fit i suspect he would of played less gamrs but he has done everything he has been asked whilst playing
I think our team would play 4 3 3 if lsvia was fit
Caicedo and enzo as 8s.

gianfranco gola



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03 Mar 2024 00:40:03
No aparantly we were thrre to see the big eagle and sign there under 12s.

gianfranco gola



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16 Feb 2024 11:02:07
And fofana tomb and thanks for the info by the way I never knew any of that stuff and I didn't even ask for it what a guy.

gianfranco gola




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27 Mar 2024 16:08:21
Ok thanks.

gianfranco gola



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25 Mar 2024 19:18:24
Ok thanks anyway.

gianfranco gola



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25 Mar 2024 10:19:21
Can i ask who it is ed.

gianfranco gola

{Ed002's Note - It is not worth getting in to as talks are continuing with another organisation other sponsorship and there may be horse trading going on related to training kits and the wonmens kit.}



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25 Mar 2024 10:18:32
Anywwre but north kent medway gravesend its a complete dump.

gianfranco gola



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14 Mar 2024 09:42:45
Can he play up front g8.

gianfranco gola