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14 Nov 2019 06:52:40
I'm convinced Harry Kane will not be playing for Spurs next season, he will probably end up in Spain.

In years gone by most fans would have wanted us to sign him.

My question is, would you sign him NOW if it meant selling Tammy?

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14 Nov 2019 11:08:06
No we need to keep the core of the team featuring Academy players as much as possible.
I think it will be tricky to improve the current squad substantially without disrupting the fantastic atmosphere Frank and his team have built this season.
For this reason I think we are more likely to buy rising stars rather than established ones.

14 Nov 2019 19:52:08
Kane’s legs are half gone and that’s why Spurs are struggling so badly. A year or two ago Kane was the first point of the Spurs press to win the ball back. He no longer has it in him to do it and that’s why they're suffering as Poch is struggling to adapt his system to fit a slower less mobile Kane in it.

{Ed047's Note - he’s not bad at putting the ball in the back of the net though

14 Nov 2019 23:12:28
harry kane is 26 he has had injuries. Apart from being a great goalscorer he is a brilliant link up player now, very clever and intelligent. Having said that please keep with tammy, he can only get better. Harry will be off to a bigger club next, that's if anyone wants to deal with Daniel levy.

16 Nov 2019 07:19:59
Oh I definitely agree ed047 but given that Lampard seems to want a high press I don’t think Kane would suit us.

{Ed047's Note - why do you think Kane has become slower and less mobile user?

16 Nov 2019 10:01:04
His performances for the Spuds have been far less energetic this season but that goes for the whole team.
So I presume its a question of motivation rather than fitness.

13 Nov 2019 13:12:07
Just a bit of fun for when we can sign players again what positions would you like to see strengthened and who would you sign? I'm going to be controversial and say I'd like a new keeper too. Kepa isn't filling me with confidence and he hasn't progressed like I thought he would.

1) Left Back (CHILWELL or GRIMALDO) - Full backs are a massive part of the game nowadays and Alonso can't do that. Massive respect for what he's achieved but I'd like to see either Grimaldo or Chilwell brought in.

2) Right Wing (ZIYECH OR NERES) - I'm
Not saying Sancho because I'd rather a left footed. We've already got Pulisic and CHO more suited to the left cutting in. That's why I'd like to see us go after a left footer.

3) Goalkeeper (ONANA) - I know a lot will disagree but Kepa hasn't progressed like he should have. He makes us nervous on set pieces, he's not great at catching and he should be a lot stronger with some of the shots that have gone through him. I've been very impressed with Onana for Ajax. He's a leader from the back, great on the ball and more importantly he's commanding for a keeper. Kepa is a bit too soft in my eyes.

So that's my three areas I don't think we need a lot mainly just replacements for Alonso and Pedro and my personal choice of goalkeeper.

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13 Nov 2019 22:29:43
I think sooner rather than later Kepa will be recognised as the best modern keeper in the world but I except at the moment he does have weaknesses.

IMO when we are allowed we will buy replacements for those who leave. I also think we will not sign players in this window even if we are allowed.

I think Pedro and Alonso will leave the club at the end of the season and I also think Barkley might be sold.

If I’m correct I think we should sign Chilwell and Neres. I don’t think we would rush to sign a replacement for Barkley as I think we already have enough cover within the club.

13 Nov 2019 23:20:39
I agree we have RLC and Mount for the LCM position so we’re fine with Barkley going once Ruben is fit.

14 Nov 2019 00:44:54
I think the roles that need targeting are a backup striker (assuming Batshuayi and Giroud leave), starting caliber left back (assuming Alonso leaves), and a winger with a lot of pace who is alright being a rotational option for the time being. I like Callum Wilson as a striker that compliments Tammy and would be open to such a role. I would like to see what Alex telles could do at left back for a major club. And for a rotational winter, I’ll go out of the box and suggest Michail Antonio. He is an absolute unit and can operate in a number of capacities which would be beneficial to have in a squad.

14 Nov 2019 08:08:41
You want Callum Wilson and Antonio? Don’t mean to sound disrespectful mate but they’re the exact type of average signings we shouldn’t be making no more.

14 Nov 2019 17:19:05
Remember BB91, at your invitation, all comments are just fun!

14 Nov 2019 18:46:28
That’s why I said I’m not being disrespectful and then carried on with my point.

14 Nov 2019 19:52:20
And that’s why you aren’t being disrespectful, it’s just fun!

14 Nov 2019 19:54:37
The fees for both Wilson and Antonio would be far too high for their ability considering they’re English. Neres seems far too lightweight. I’d go for Werner as he can play up top and out wide.

14 Nov 2019 21:18:41
I get that neither of those two get the juices flowing but what player that is quality would want to come into a situation where you will clearly be behind CHO, pulisic, and willian or as the clear backup to Abraham? I think vardy would complement Tammy excellently but there’s no chance he’d accept that role. Likewise I’d love Leroy Sane to compliment what we currently have but it doesn’t make sense.

13 Nov 2019 07:39:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 13th November 2019

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12 Nov 2019 12:30:57
I thought we actually looked far more defensively secure with Kante replacing Jorginho - Kante and Kovacic provide far more protection to our centre-backs than Jorginho and Kovacic (soz, didn't mean to burst the pro-Jorginho bubble) .

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12 Nov 2019 13:48:13
Hmmm, it’s tricky because jorginho doesn’t deserve to be dropped, but like the Azpilicueta / James situation James playing v zaha was best tactically. And kante kovecic plus a no10 who will press like mad will be important, Mount hasn’t been great last few weeks and but has an engine on him, I’d go for the same line up v palace,

12 Nov 2019 15:09:26
Kovacic and Kante is easily our strongest pivot, both good defensively and have the engine to run all game. I agree it's harsh to drop Jorginho but Kovacic has been the better player this season and you simply can't drop Kante. Sure some people would say play the 3 of them together but that doesn't work for me. It's far too defensive and not having a midfielder who can run inbetween the lines and contribute with goals or assists hurts us. 4231 with a Kante and Kovacic pivot with Mount or Pulisic at the 10 is the way to go for me. Then use 433 as well once Ruben is back fit.

12 Nov 2019 16:13:20
the trios performance against crystal palace was great, but I wouldn't get carried away as I spot some misplaced passes from kovacic, he seems too apprehensive and under pressure. jorg, kante and mount will always be my best bet. A fluid midfield, ball retention is better with jorg around.

12 Nov 2019 19:56:58
Jorginho is the main player in Lampard team sheet and rightfully so. I don't want to get into any debates but he is ahead of the trio for me. His creativity is what does it for me. Leader on the pitch.

12 Nov 2019 21:56:45
OscarAY; I disagree with your assessment of Kovacic, I think the trio (of Kante, Jorginho and Kovacic) are all good at the moment and all bring something different (that's important) to our midfield. I feel it will be quite a selection headache (for Lampard) for the game against Manchester City- we will see.

13 Nov 2019 04:08:56
One thing I did notice in Jorginho's absence was that the team had difficulty moving the ball quickly from the defense into attacking areas. Jorginho is great at finding space deep and providing a link. I think kovacic is more than capable of doing this and would improve in this capacity if called upon to do so regularly but I was very keen to discern differences in his absence and that was the biggest one for me.

13 Nov 2019 20:24:02
Agree 100 percent TK.

12 Nov 2019 07:39:01
{Ed's Note - Ed001 has posted a new article entitled, Review Of The Day 12th November 2019

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11 Nov 2019 15:45:24
Hey Ed001

I know this isn't really Chelsea related, but I hope it's okay to ask here anyways. What do you make of Sheffield United so far? I think we can all agree that they're the surprise package of the season so far, with them being in 5th place. However do you think it's somewhat sustainable or do you think they are over-performing? Also thank you for your great work, it's much appreciated.

{Ed001's Note - it depends on what you mean by sustainable? They are definitely capable of sustaining a safe Premier League place, but they are over-performing in terms of their league position. Teams are struggling to get to grips with Wilder's tactics. Once they begin to do so, they will struggle to pick up so many good results, but I do feel they are fully capable of finishing top half. They just lack goalscorers to pull them out of the mire when things are going against them.}

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11 Nov 2019 14:48:30
I have to be honest; the team has got me believing and dreaming (of a trophy) even though it isn't right to pressure Lampard and his boys (cos they are exceeding expectations in my opinion) . To be honest, I share in Jose Mourinho's worries of how Chelsea will fair when they clash against the big teams cos in my opinion, I think overcoming the big teams will be our rate limiting step to actually winning something (that is keeping in mind that we are serial winners) 😜.

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11 Nov 2019 23:04:41
I agree, when it comes to facing the big teams with world class defenders, midfielders and attackers, then that's where lack of experience will count. We have had a great run lately against the bottom half of the table teams. when we hit a bad patch, which we no doubt will, it will be a big test for Frank and the youngsters. But it will be experience whatever happens, and in the long run they will all end up as even better players.

11 Nov 2019 07:18:32
Now that it's established that the team can be very productive when Kante and Kovacic can play together (cos of their exploits against Crystal Palace) ; it's a welcomed development cos, we are going to be very strong as the trio of Jorginho, Kante and Kovacic can be rotated among themselves till the season ends which means that they all will be fresh and strong till the season ends.
Good morning Ed; I read that we are interested in Sergei Milinkovic Savic; please is the true as that would be something?

{Ed002's Note - I would not hold your breath.}

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11 Nov 2019 12:31:54
Why do you want him? We are stocked with talent in midfield! Kante, Jorginho, RLC, Kovacic and Mount. Not to mention Gilmour and Gallagher coming through.

11 Nov 2019 13:42:10
Agreed BB91. I also think Ed once said that Gallagher was very much in our plans in the future? Or perhaps that's just me remembering wrong; nevertheless, it would seem like a very strange decision to buy Savic although he's a great player.

{Ed002's Note - You remember correctly.}


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