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12 Jul 2020 12:22:16
Ed you mentioned Cakir was on the list of Chelsea goalkeepers Chelsea were interested in do you have a link for the rest or does anyone else? Just can't seem to find it.

{Ed002's Note - It is not worth going in to detail about the defensive positions.}

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12 Jul 2020 13:01:20
Hi Ed002,

After yesterday's depressing performance by our defence, I believe every one of the chelsea I'd more worried on gk, cb and lb. Would be wonderful if you could help us ease our anxiety with your insights on defence. Please consider for some good fans who genuinely look for info like me.

{Ed002's Note - I cannot help with the defence I am afraid.}

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12 Jul 2020 08:32:13
Latest update: Havertz is waiting for Chelsea to get Champions league before committing. Very worrying with these players I don't see it happening.

Kepa, Christensen, Rudiger, Emerson, Barkley, Jorginho and even Tammy for me would be moved on this summer. I know people will criticise my Tammy choice but he's non existent in the game apart from being a bit of a poacher. We're so much better with Giroud in the side and Tammy doesn't warrant a new contract at CHO's wage with this form. If Werner is starting with Giroud back up I'd move Tammy on.

And people on here slate and don't want Declan Rice? He's a heck of a player he's got heart and leads not like Christensen in the back line I'm fed up of him how long will an academy product be babysitted? He's never reached that next level he can't handle any striker with a little bit of power. He's had enough chances, Rudiger as well. Why not get Rice in and Thiago Silva on a free? He's still 5x better than what we've got not now and then get rid of Christensen and Rudiger to go back into the pot. People can slate Rice but he'd be a massive short term fix for defence being a leader and tracking runners then he can eventually go back to DM when Kante leaves or doesn't take to his holding role very well.

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12 Jul 2020 10:12:14
Ed said yesterday on banter 3 page that Havertz isn't factoring in champions League into the move but some players do. I was concerned when I saw that reported too but then would we start talks with the relevant people if that was a must?

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12 Jul 2020 10:26:49
Let’s hope it’s true mate.

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12 Jul 2020 10:32:44
Agreed, especially after yesterday's performance. I look at our current team and I can't see where the creativity is. As much as I like jorginio he doesn't suit the way we set up and doesn't really create much anyway, Barkley seems to slow the play down before deciding to make a final pass. Mount has the drive and the press but not sure of creativity. Players coming in like Ziyech and hopefully Havertz will bring that creativity we need.

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12 Jul 2020 10:38:08
I think Mount has been the best from our youngsters and it is worrying when you think he has been just 'average. I agree with your views on Mount Mc1993. I'm not convinced with Barkley either.

I think on top of your list Bobby, we have Alonso, Emerson etc etc.

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12 Jul 2020 10:44:44
Yeah, the positive for mount is it's his first season and he has decent return, hopefully he improve more under Frank and having players like Ziyech around him.

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12 Jul 2020 10:23:21
Ed2 do you know whether or not qualifying for the Champions League is an important factor in the Havertz transfer?

It would come as a surprise given than Bayer haven't got Champions League qualification.


{Ed002's Note - Not as far as I am aware.}

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12 Jul 2020 11:04:55
All supporters IMO have a tendency to over hype home grown players.

Mount has had IMO a good first season in the Premiership.

James had that bad injury and is struggling to find his form.

CHO, again a bad injury. I would like to think we will see him back to his best next season.

Tammy started really well but I think the Jury is out on him.

Gilmore, looks a proper talent. I hope he comes back in a few months time stronger.

Christensen is no longer a youngster, he should have reached a better standard than this. I have now officially given up on him.

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12 Jul 2020 11:19:05
Thanks Ed2.

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12 Jul 2020 12:18:27
For me Mount and James will be the only ones who will go close to quality players, James has had a dip in form but he’s young remember. RLC is quality but injury problems will stop him being the player he should be. Tomori I think has a lot of potential but no sure and with CHO I think his attitude could be an issue.

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12 Jul 2020 12:21:08
I didn’t include Alonso as well Shak only reason is I doubt two left backs will leave this and I don’t mind Alonso as backup just as long as we bring in Tagliafico/ Telles for first choice. Alonso is handy incase we go three at the back also.

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12 Jul 2020 12:31:37
Personally I think we should invest in top quality defensive coach who can teach the defence how to defend.

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12 Jul 2020 15:57:44
So you want to spend £60m on a stop gap for CB and sign a player who’s 36, and spent the better part of the last decade playing in a dominant team in a poor league 😂 we’ll be the envy of the premier league.

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12 Jul 2020 16:33:46
Not a stop gap when he’ll go to DM he could evenstay there, and I suppose you’d prefer Christensen skinny frame next season up against someone like Benteke. Get a grip lol 😂.

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11 Jul 2020 16:12:04
Hi ed.
Are we interested in Trabzonspor goalkeeper Uğurcan Çakır?

{Ed002's Note - He is indeed on a long list of GKs that Chelsea have.}

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11 Jul 2020 16:43:06
There will be lots of fans and posters who will say, understandably, anything is better than Kepa.

I’m not a fan of judging any player unless I see him live but I do suggest a YouTube viewing. Looks a proper show pony!

I would love to know the Eds view of him?

{Ed002's Note - They need the money and have allowed Eddie Newton to offer him to Chelsea whilst his agent has offered him to quite a large number of sides who have also shown an interest. Roma only recently had an offer turned down.}

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11 Jul 2020 16:51:17
Take Pope all day long!

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11 Jul 2020 19:44:20
agreed Tom. Wouldn't mind Pope and Rice to sort our issues out. Get a bit of height in there. We look like a Sunday league team defending set pieces at the moment.

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12 Jul 2020 08:06:44
Do not think KEPA is our biggest problem. If we had better defence we would not have to talk about KEPA s much.

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12 Jul 2020 09:00:12
Probably unlikely we’d get him being on the United books but the way Dean Henderson came flying out to collect a long ball into the box late in the game yesterday so dominant and impressive. Having a keeper who commands his box will help the defence so much. Although watching some of our defenders I’m not sure they have what it takes even with a solid keeper behind them.

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12 Jul 2020 14:57:20
Kepa has had a poor season and has deserved to be criticised.

IMO having him in goal doesn’t make Christensen and Rudiger understand positional instinct.

Maybe if he was more focal it might help but let’s be honest, both of them look occasionally as if they are lost in a maze!

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10 Jul 2020 18:53:52
Ed002 any truth tottenham offered willian a lucrative contract and big signing on fee thanks.

{Ed002's Note - Willian has a number of options but the preference is to stay at Chelsea, else stay in London if that is not possible. Going forward there is a future option to spend at least one year playing in the MLS. It is all part of an ongoing scenario to work out what is best and what can be done to keep everyone happy.}

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10 Jul 2020 17:50:43
I read on the European page where Ed02 said Alaba is willing for a move but the club in question cannot make it happen this summer. Ed could be kind to if Chelsea could look at him when available?

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10 Jul 2020 20:51:02
I am guessing the club is Real Madrid.

{Ed002's Note - Right - they have other priorities first.}

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09 Jul 2020 19:06:19
Hey Eds. Do Chelsea hold any interest in Facundo Pellistri?

{Ed002's Note - Chelsea are one of many interesting sides. There are more viable preferences to him.}

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09 Jul 2020 06:22:16
Fabrizio Romano has just confirmed that Harvetz has demanded to if Chelsea makes important bid next week. I thought I should share.

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09 Jul 2020 09:42:10
We need him to say "here we go" lol.

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09 Jul 2020 10:25:28
I guess we just have to leave this to if and when it will happen.
we still have this season to finish . and more focus also needs to be on a stronger defence for next season.

Ed002, when you get time . would you share who will be intergrated into the first team for 20-21 and who would likely go out on loan or sold from those who are currently out on loan or in reserves etc.

{Ed002's Note - You need tos earch the posts - this has been done to some considerable level of detail already. Perhaps search on one of the loanee names - Salter perhaps.}

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08 Jul 2020 15:52:07
Ed who is interested in michy bat's and will it be loan or sold.

{Ed002's Note - Efforts are being made to sell him with Crystal Palace a potential option if a price can be agreed.}

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08 Jul 2020 18:52:30
Let’s just hope they’ll cough up a half decent fee instead of loans to buy i’d rather just see players gone permanent. I’d take 15m for him.

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08 Jul 2020 18:58:34
I really liked Michy as a player and IF he goes palace i hope he does well, j.

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08 Jul 2020 21:06:51
I didn't realise you were selling him kenny.

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08 Jul 2020 21:05:34
Thanks Ed for reply
Hope he does well there seems like a nice fella i know people are pissing you off Ed with havertz thing and rightly so
My question is he being purchased to play 4231 or 433 I just don't see how all this great talent we have will fit in lol
Hope your enjoying a few margaritas
Plus lads I have been a bit critical of mount lately I have to say first half yesterday he was brilliant so apologies
Might be hard on kepa see if it has same effect haha take care lads.

{Ed002's Note - MB is simply a potential option. I would not worry yourself about formations, nothing is ever as fixed after the defence.}

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08 Jul 2020 23:03:05
Ed002 any chance giroud going? Inter reports agian? And if him and michy went would we then go for a striker to replace them? Possibly moussa dembele? Thanks alot.

{Ed002's Note - Yes there remains a chance - he is of an age where he wants to be playing regularly. Dembele won't be joining.}

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09 Jul 2020 00:39:55
Ok ed so if he and michy went would we look to bring a striker in? Or just stick with werner and tammy? thanks.

{Ed002's Note - Why do you try and complicate matters after I have previously explained things?}

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09 Jul 2020 02:10:28
Sorry ed, my bad thanks for answering.

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09 Jul 2020 05:47:59
Thanks Ed appreciate it enjoy your weekend.

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