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10 Aug 2020 17:27:53
Ed002 suggests on the Leicester page we may well have indeed walked away from Chilwell due to the asking price. Maybe some truth in the Reguilon rumours.

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10 Aug 2020 17:59:49
Very very good. I pray Leicester City doesn’t drop Chilwell’s asking price so that we can move from him to Reguilon.
He also said that Benrahma could be heading elsewhere that isn’t Leicester City, I was wondering if he was coming to Chelsea.
The Turkish goal keeper Ugukan Cahir also looking like someone we shouldn’t rule out.

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10 Aug 2020 18:11:23
Great news RJ28P, I’ll take one of Reguilón, Cucurella or Tag (from Ajax) over Chilwell.

We move .

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10 Aug 2020 18:30:45
Yea Cucurella is a good shout.

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10 Aug 2020 20:32:10
I still think we will get Chilwell. Would want him over anyone.

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10 Aug 2020 23:03:52
on sky sports news now wev expressed an interest in tagliagico.

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10 Aug 2020 13:45:28
Good afternoon Ed002; please is Chelsea interested in Vinicius Junior?

{Ed002's Note - I dealt with this months ago. Try searching.}

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09 Aug 2020 23:03:24
"Chelsea defence is a mess"
"'They lack leaders "
"Too many individual mistakes"
"Collectively not good enough "

* Chelsea want John stones

Survey this is a non starter. I mean he is literally and English luiz, good on the ball, has a mistake in him almost every game,
We need a leader, not someone who is a child but can't play ahead of two holding midfielders in defence.

{Ed0666's Note - Even I wouldn’t wish John Stones on you lot and I can’t tolerate Chelsea at the best of times

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10 Aug 2020 08:33:13
Seeing headlines like stones to fix Chelsea’s leaking defence, nearly fell over. These people get paid to write about football too,

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10 Aug 2020 09:57:20
Honestly, I share your pain- if truly the headlines like ‘Chelsea linked with John Stones’ is authentic, it gives me the feeling that nothing has changed (and we will still struggle to get results) .
The way I see it, if the club wants to raise cash for their transfer budget exclusively by players sale alone from this window then it will take the team 4 to 5 years to correct the problems in the team that is if the good players in the team don’t loose patience and decides to leave and if the other teams don’t continue investing into their squad. Let’s have it at the back of our minds that good players like Kai, Werner, Ziyech, Pulisic etc will be hungry for trophies and if they can’t get those trophies- will look to leave; consequently, that means investing in good players will ultimately mean the club has to keep investing in good players to make the team better (which means money) or risk loosing the ones that have already been acquired.
I feel that if the club wants to get it right quickly, the club has got to take some losses on certain players and invest heavily on their replacements, i pray though that the club finds a way around it.

{Ed002's Note - You misunderstand about players sales - the club had raised in excess of £175M already. You would do best to ignore the finances.}

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10 Aug 2020 11:00:04
If you feel to put us out of our misery and please give us an update on the GK Defence . i / we woud immensely appreciate it


{Ed002's Note - Why would I do that - you know what will happen.}

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10 Aug 2020 11:53:56
I am only surprised you haven't been getting stick about Midfield and the Forward positions as well Ed002!

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09 Aug 2020 11:52:00
Hi Ed with Willian looking increasingly like leaving I have the feeling ziyech will be viewed as adequate cover on that right and that a youngster may be brought in instead as he been our policy of late. That said I wanted to enquire about a few youngsters you mentioned back around Christmas that we were tracking and if there is still interest this summer and a chance for a deal to be done. Of particular interest was Matias Godoy, Emanuel Vignato and Reinier Jesus. You also mentioned two German kiddies that you couldn’t name at the time, there has in the last few months been quiet links between us and two German youngsters in the media so might I enquire as to our interest in VfL Bochum CB Armel Bella-Kotchap and Hoffenheim winger Nick Breitenbucher?

{Ed002's Note - MG is on loan at Dinamo Zagreb now. EV has been on loan at Verona and is returning to Bologna. RJ joined Real Madrid in January. ABK stays where he is pending a decision he has to make. NB nothing will happen this summer.}

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09 Aug 2020 12:23:00
Much love.

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09 Aug 2020 10:48:35
Talk of us making a move for John Stones this morning, but I really hope there's no truth to it.

Stones is another CB who is prone to mistakes and he's not the kind of leader we need at the back. Plus he's injury prone. Although having said all of that, of course I'd still get behind him if he were to join.

Out of all the CB's we've been linked to, I'm still favouring a move for Dunk. He's much more of a leader, no nonsense type of CB. Yet he is still well capable of playing with the ball at his feet.

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09 Aug 2020 11:41:49
Dunk and Torres for me Bobby.

Stones IMO would be work in progress. Anyway, my gues is he may end at Spurs. Jose always loved him.

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09 Aug 2020 12:49:16
Dunk and Gimenez for me with Rice in front. I know there’s no chance of that but that could be over two windows and there’s 3 leaders there also.

Hopefully Christensen, Rudiger and Jorginho our for funds towards them.

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08 Aug 2020 23:31:11
I've liked our bussiness in the market so far and if/when we get Havertz we'll have more than enough quality in our attack. It's crucial now that not only do we get quality signings for the defence but also making sure they're leaders. Pretty evident in this game we have absolutely no leadership at all, the lack of communication within our defence not only in this game but throughout the season has been shocking. Players like Dunk, Rice and Onana would provide a nice spine for the team, all show leadership qualities and are good enough. Of course there's better options in terms of talent especially at CB and GK but finding players who can organise a defence and just open their mouths is just as important for us right now.

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09 Aug 2020 05:38:49
I think it has been mentioned that Dunk is a Chelsea fan as well and Rice obviously grew up playing in our academy. Both British and have plenty of experience in the prem and honestly I think would be excellent signings. Give me Dunk over an untested centre half from a foreign league at the moment. We need leaders and players who will give everything for the shirt. No idea if there’s interest though.

As for goalkeeper I haven’t seen loads of Onana or many of the names linked. Priority for me with a goalkeeper is a big physical presence who commands his are well and communicates with the defence. Goalkeeper is definitely the most important signing for me along with Havertz who could be our next superstar.

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09 Aug 2020 08:39:20
Reports in the press today that it's Ben White from Brighton, not Dunk, who we are interesting - not that they're to be believed.

There's been a lot of discussion about Rice being a CM and not CB. We've played both back fours and back threes this season. If that were continue next season (I expect it will), then having someone like Rice who can move back from midfield into a three, mid-game, could be really effective.

We seem to be looking at utility players who are comfortable in a number of positions, Rice would certainly fit that.

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09 Aug 2020 09:14:24
I'm not really convinced that neither Dunk, Rice or White are a true step up in defence. Rice has no chance in DM should Kante stay as we expect.

I think a lot of these names are all being pushed by the media. I remember last month the media were convinced that we had signed Tagliafico. We now know his far from priority as Ed2 mentioned.

I'm convinced Chelsea will look for proven quality and will not settle for Dunk's and White's. The previous transfer windows where we signed a lot of average windows in costing us till today.

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08 Aug 2020 18:08:28
Ed002 will sarri leaving end juves interest in jorgiinho? And are any other clubs interested? Thanks alot.

{Ed002's Note - Juventus have not made any approach over Jorginho, the discussions with Patricio were over another matter. Additionally they would look to include a player or players in any transaction.}

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05 Aug 2020 18:36:27
Good evening Ed002; please is Chelsea interested in signing Kaio Jorge?

{Ed002's Note - Kaio Jorge (AM/F) is expected to have a very good future but Santos are asking a huge amount of money for the 18 year old (he has an $80M release clause) which has stalled discussions with Juventus who were looking at about a fifth of that price. Barcelona, Chelsea, Bayer Leverkusen, Shakhtar Donetsk, Monaco and Milan have approached or been approached about the player. Santos may accept something in the region of $30M - which is still a great deal of money for the player.}

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