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15 Nov 2023 07:48:52
Some indications are pointing to the chance that Chelsea will be pushing to sign osihmen in the January window. His hints personally and Mikel also urging him are suggestive that he is open to joining us if napoli permits.


1.) 15 Nov 2023 09:34:13
We need to buy premier league proven players, Ivan Toney will add goals and keep the English core as well.

2.) 16 Nov 2023 10:48:42
Osimhen won't happen. Saudis are ready to pay 200m for him. I am pretty sure we aren't.

3.) 16 Nov 2023 19:03:46
I think there is no chance he will go the Saudi Arabia but I also think it’s unlikely he will join us.

He is my first choice so I hope I’m wrong.

4.) 17 Nov 2023 08:40:48
The worry for me is that even Lukaku is a proven striker in Italy therefore I'm sure how good Osimhen would be in a competive Premier League.

I'm also unsure about Toney as most of his goals are from the penalty spot also we do not know how the gambling issue will affect him going forward.

That said I really could not come up with a name thst would fit into our first team and guarantee goals.

5.) 18 Nov 2023 11:02:11
Imo toney is up to it for Chelsea a trophy winning club. Osihmen may be expensive but we are one the clubs capable of pulling it off besides I saw in an interview where the player himself said that the Saudis were after him but he doesn't want to go there. That the more refused them the more they increase the financial package but he loves the epl where he said is the that most African players dreams of playing. My initial post was whether the club might be pushing for the signing in the transfer window or just for the summer às the said he's one of the players te club is interested in for the striker position.
Reason is that even as far as we're from the ucl spot qualification for next season, I think we can still make it with a consistent goal-scoring striker from January.



22 Aug 2023 21:02:51
Rumours have it we are about to sign petrovic for the goalkeeper position. Imo Chelsea have continued in their round-trip transfer again. Chelsea transfer strategies seem wasteful most times.

Like the Ed used to say it's buying for the sake of it. Welack tactics I our transfer. This has been the same with even when roman was here but it's becoming even worse now. It's obvious we need a world class goalkeeper, but instead of going for one we are getting immature one only to return to the chase later and money already wasted on the players we shouldn't have bought in the first place. We should have spent the money on the goalkeeper we needed instead of sanchez, and now petrovic both of whom are not enough to solve our goalkeeper needs.

Again, we aren't tactical enough in the choice of signings. We have spent more than others yet lack balance in the squad. We don't think of how a player will suit us rather how good the players are in the team where they are coming from. We just sign any random good player, but when they come here they struggle to fit in. This looks like the manager does not really play much role in the signings, but he's one who use them.

In the matches played so far this season even if some players are still not ready to play we lack coordination and cohesion in the attack as we lack players that can use the ball at their feet to create chances. The link up play around the attack is not good enough to score goals. We only pass around to retain possessions but no killer instincts. That's the reason I was saying we should bring back hazard to help in this regard.

As for poch his team set up is always flawed with leaving his back vulnerable at the back because he commit them too forward and leaving the back too open for counter. this is as result of not having cohesive attack. When attack loses possession it will be easier to run down the back. We need a proper no. 10. What is the use of good midfielders when there's no channel to launch the attack.


1.) 22 Aug 2023 23:41:18
You are welcome to your views, of course, but I think this is an unfair characterisation in response to Chelsea securing a goalkeeper they have been targeting for a while. As back up to Sanchez, he looks a reasonable option.

For a club without a plan, we seem to be pursuing players with a clearly established and defined profile.

The vulnerabilities at the back could reasonably be seen as playing a 3 that includes Colwill (2 starts for Chelsea) with Disasi (2 starts) and Silva (38 years old), with Sanchez behind them (a starts) and a midfield shielded by CG (out of position) while we wait for Caicedo to get fit.

Give it time to gel. It’s been 2 games.

2.) 23 Aug 2023 07:17:26
Sanchez looks a lot better than Mendy, who ended up being a liability.

After two games and some have their views on players already set in stone. It would bordering on laughable if it wasn’t so sad.

I will be constructive in any criticism of players or manager from game to game and make a fuller but not final assessment on all things Chelsea at the end of the season. For me that works but I acknowledge for others that isn’t the case.

3.) 23 Aug 2023 09:28:49
Ilo, I think Chelsea already have the "world class" goalkeeper on their books, Slonina. He has been loaned to gain experience in Europe after a very good appearance in pre season. This lad is being groomed to be the no 1 keeper for many years to come, hence Sanchez and Petrovic competing this year, rather than perusing an Onana or Maignan signing at great cost.
I agree with Tom, 2 games of 38, and we are judging, before the close of a transfer window, I'm sure the club have everything in hand and have all options covered.

4.) 23 Aug 2023 09:40:23
Petrovic will displace Sanchez as our No.1 by Christmas, he’s that good. There’s a reason why Brad Friedel and many scouts recommended him to most of Europes top clubs. I remember when we signed big Pete, he was hardly a household name and went on to become one of, if not the greatest goalkeeper in Premier League history.

The squad and Poch just need time to gel. He’s been in the job about 6 weeks. I think we’ll come good around November/ December and finish around the Europa league places. For me that’s good enough considering where we were last season.

This season was never about winning the league or even finishing top 4. If we can go from 12th to 5th/ 6th and gain a clear identity in the way we play I think that’s a massive achievement. Adding a cup would be a bonus.

5.) 23 Aug 2023 11:02:26
Kiwi and Dan, I enjoyed your well argued posts.



06 Apr 2023 15:23:09
I hope lampard return as rumoured is not true. Been having this feeling that boely and Co are not the right possible owners they were rigged in . they didn't make the highest bid for the club after all. Lampard will certainly take this team to relegation. No rationale in appointing lampard at this time thats not sinister in destroying everything that is roman. I feel there are rival fans in the UK government that want to destroy Chelsea.


1.) 06 Apr 2023 19:44:05
A lot of the players know him. He knows the club, he can steady the ship for a minute. Hopefully stay on after with the new manager and learn of them. And better his managerial career.

2.) 06 Apr 2023 19:49:47
Possibly even by ilo’s standards one of the most bizarre posts ever.

ilo, please support your post with facts.

Lamps will not get our club relegated.

Have you any proof that our current owners wasn’t the best/ highest bid?

Roman appointed Lamps as manager at a very difficult time and then sacked him when things when pear shape. How on earth this latest appointment has anything to do with RA is beyond me.

Why would the UK government want to destroy Chelsea or for that matter any football club?

3.) 06 Apr 2023 20:07:40
You do realise he’s returning as an interim manager? . It just gives the board more time to pick the right manager for us and I have no problem with that.

4.) 06 Apr 2023 21:05:50
Ed I'm no snowflake but his anti English rhetoric is starting to get on my Copenhagen cities.

5.) 07 Apr 2023 02:51:07
That has to be the most dramatic load of pish I’ve ever read here and there’s been some crackers over the years.

Whilst annoying your not posting much info ED if that’s the dribble your dealing with minus the abuse I don’t blame you.

Ilo you need to lay off the drugs son your brain gone to mush it’s either that or you just post here when taking a break from licking windows. Shocking just shocking.

6.) 07 Apr 2023 11:45:32
There were certainly MP being very vocal about sanctioning Roman who supported other clubs. The decision with regard to Boehly and Co was down to Roman and his advisors.
I am not sure they would have expected them to sack one of the best managers in the world and appoint a mid table journeyman.
So no conspiracy more naivety and incompetence.

7.) 07 Apr 2023 11:56:27
There are some who would want us to lose to the so called “best manager in the world”. Joke!

I am surprised that not all MP’s support Chelsea.

The most vocal anti RA speaker was an MP for a constituency in south wales. Let’s now all hate the Welsh. Joke!

8.) 07 Apr 2023 15:25:07
Interesting that Welsh MP, Bryant is MIA when it comes to the ownership of Saudi Arabia Castle.

9.) 07 Apr 2023 16:39:06
Bill, it won’t surprise you to know that I haven’t got a clue what an MIA is or a Saudi Arabia Castle

The latter sounds like a desert pub. Obviously no alcohol.

10.) 07 Apr 2023 17:30:29

For Mia = missing in action
Saudi Arabia Castle- formally, Newcastle.

11.) 07 Apr 2023 18:11:30
Blimey Bill, all news to me. Thanks.



29 Jan 2023 23:30:42
I heard Chelsea is back in for enzo and are finally pushing to sign him this window. I don't know a thing but could it be that we are ready to meet their demands. I believe we already know their stance and one can only think we're now ready. I know this might mean answering questions again.
Good day.


1.) 30 Jan 2023 09:56:40
I don’t understand why they don’t use that money for Bellingham.

2.) 30 Jan 2023 11:38:25
Both are good players and would be great to have both of them but i think we need enzo type more now. Enzo is more of the playmaker while jude is more an attacking midfielder but it's the playmaker that we really need now to feed the attackers and dictate the tempo of the game for us.

3.) 30 Jan 2023 14:48:32
Well the player has a say non? From what I have read/ understood Enzo wants to join Chelsea and Bellingham wants to play for Real Madrid.

César Luis Merlo is reporting the offer contains one larger payment up front plus five smaller installments for a total of £105M/ €120M. Matt Law is also saying there is wiggle room for negotiations so changes are probably still possible but either way, we look determined to get this done and Benfica are open to negotiate other than the release clause.

4.) 30 Jan 2023 16:35:37
We definitely need more creativity from midfield.



23 Jan 2023 13:00:35
I heard negotiations for enzo have restarted.


1.) 23 Jan 2023 18:26:09
I doubt there is any room to negotiate they have made it clear: release clause or no deal.




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22 Jan 2024 09:01:48
Couldn't find any information on this but please is Chelsea interested in mbape? Sorry but I think he's in the category, age wise Chelsea should like looking at the transfers lately at the club. Imo I think we should be sniffing around him as it doesn't look like Madrid is as keen as rumoured in the past.




05 Jan 2024 08:45:08
Are Chelsea interested in Mbappe?
Imo we should try to sign him as he fits the age and is world class.


1.) 05 Jan 2024 09:10:03
No, we are not.

He will either stay at PSG or move to Real Madrid.

2.) 05 Jan 2024 09:14:02
And not a very nice guy would upset the dressing room imo.



22 Oct 2023 14:52:38
On another note, I feel can't poch train our players on shooting accuracy especially the midfielders. In particular it's almost impossible to find fault with enzo but he can't just a shot in post range. He could have scored a lot in he could just get his short on target he often find himself in such situations but always shot wide.
He's still young and I want him to work on this aspect of the game to improve him even more. The guy exudes class and get frustrated with his shooting at the post. he had such chances ib game vs gunners and would have sealed it for us.


1.) 23 Oct 2023 07:33:50
I agree ilo enzos shooting does need improving.



18 Sep 2023 16:35:08
Was there age limit to our transfers? There seem to be more emphasis on the future with little or no for the present
. upon the amount spent we don't have a balance team.
If you don't mind I would like your assessment on the team and club in general.


1.) 18 Sep 2023 17:19:35
Club brilliant. Team work in progress.

No age limit. I think Silva is close to 39.



18 Aug 2023 22:14:21
I hope we still have some outgoings before the window closes. Players I think we should move on sterling mc cg . kudus for sterling. Ugochukwu is already in for cg departure and definitely a competition for chilly to replace mc.
These are almost impossible with the time left in the window.


1.) 19 Aug 2023 05:09:09
Lukaku, CHO and Sarr definitely leaving and maybe CH and Chalaboa if we get good offers.

The management have done very well in this window but with twelve days to go in the window have lots more work to do.

2.) 19 Aug 2023 08:29:14
Sorry that should be CG and not CH.




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18 Jan 2024 10:05:47
Sterling is on an obscene wage and cannot inspire the team yet you can not get a world class striker for the short term. English fans are UNIQUE indeed.




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17 Jan 2024 07:18:12
Bill I disagree that we finish the season with what we have even as our attack is not as potent as to secure us tge top 4.
Imo we need improvement especially for a striker as it's been a problem for us to score from so many chances we create every game. A potent goalscorer will push us to the ucl qualification. Though usually difficult in winter window but impossible, I would like to get a prolific striker this window if possible.




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16 Jan 2024 08:56:46
Though it might look out of order but I also saw something about loan for benzema.




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19 Dec 2023 08:14:16
Kiwi replacement for the players will likely be on similar wages too. Though sterling is on an outrageous wages and who ever that agreed to the wages for sterling should not be allowed to come close in wage negotiations again. For James I never knew I would be open to selling him but it looks a wise choice now as frustrates often with persistent injuries after another. I will also include Chilwell in the list as he's similar to James. Very good when fit but those days are almost unattainable. Availability is a skill that they both don't have.




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14 Dec 2023 21:18:43
Sorry for my curiosity but why do club want to sell cg at this point. Again what the kind of replacement the club looking at.





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06 Apr 2024 17:48:35
From our former strikers in the past the one we had in the past, I would prefer to have Diego Costa for this team.




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10 Jan 2024 07:46:50
I don't believe we don't have the players to breakdown oppositions but the way they are set up and coached. There's a reason poch doesn't win trophies as he's raved. His team is the easiest to play against as his sp predictable. He's not suitable for the project but it's not a worry for the clearlake I guess. The club has more quality than we where we are now.




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04 Jan 2024 19:16:16
G8 I agree that our season is still on track for a better position. We probably don't know anything about how the board but if we can get in the required quality into the team early this window hoping they settle in quickly, we can still spring a rare surprise this season. We only need certain few players to compliment the squad we already have and become a force in no time.

These I expected that the club should have started by now especially as our regular striker is off to ancon soon.
On a lame opinion, I know we already have enough cm in the squad 3 or more but I wouldn't mind having Paulinha of Fulham, and obviously a proven striker. Signings should be early in the window hoping they gel soon to help push us the ladder. i don't know a player now who can bring creativity to the midfield but I hope we can get one this window ASAP.

We can still achieve top 4 against the initial odds, after all our rivals are not fantastic this season which I now think city will still win it as arsenal and Liverpool can't maintain consistency till end.




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31 Dec 2023 07:46:48
Whitey cg has performed well beyond expectations but I will still not call him our best player, really our captain?
I still want more from him. His technical abilities are not good enough for me. He's energetic and run around for long but to what effects. A player in his position is expected to score more goals and assist. I know he's still young and could improve in the future, but all I see is hype around him.

The squad needs a balance with complimentary qualities. So if the club choose to move him on, I would not mind but will be keen on the qualities of the supposed replacement as a better replacement will make you even forget the sale.

He's not going to be the worst mistake, if at all. Besides, the other players can do what he's done. Chukwuemeka can even do better but for niggling injuries. He seems more skilful as the team lacks penetration into the box and dangerous positions.




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24 Dec 2023 18:51:52
Those are the indications of a coach who doesn't think winning at Al times possible is compulsory. Pochetino imo doesn’t have the winning mentality of Chelsea. Jose wouldn't unnecessarily rest his best players for flimsy reasons. Some of our misfortune this stem from this mentality and uninterested attitude of the manager. He will rather give excuses for his failings as though it doesn't really matter. One that doesn't make the players have the heart to fight for the team often, the soft tag given to the squad.
Though Jose may not play the sexy football but he can build a team capable of competing.