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14 Jan 2019 22:28:09
Don't always believe what you hear.

That's according to a quickly deleted Instagram post by Hudson-Odoi.



1.) 14 Jan 2019 22:39:57
He should stay, he certainly will have a good career with us. A lot better than what bayern can offer. Hopefully Chelsea knuckle down and don't feel pressured to sell.

2.) 14 Jan 2019 22:51:25
It is a strange post J by CHO.

It could mean don’t believe the press that I’m going to Bayern or it could be don’t believe Sarri or the club when they say I’m going to play more games until the end of the season.

Anyway, it took it down very quickly.



08 Dec 2018 21:20:34
Yeah, I'll take it. A very professional performance, I think Sarri learnt from our recent poor performances / results and realised you can't just blindly play your style in every game in the Premier League.


1.) 09 Dec 2018 00:53:57
fantastic 3 points biggest win in the last 12 months hands down. well done to the players who received constant negativity off fans on this page. azpi, alonso, luiz, willy fantastic.



26 Jul 2018 20:51:53
Apparently Bernard has agreed to join us on a free after leaving Shakhtar - apparently.


1.) 26 Jul 2018 22:30:03
is he any good?

2.) 26 Jul 2018 23:36:38
A squad filler - although it would seem a fair few teams were interested.



09 Jul 2018 23:38:42
BIG NEWS! Jorginho's mum / possible mum / someone who says they're his mum on Instagram / someone who say's she's his mum on Instagram AND who he follows / a hacker who has set up an account got Jorginho to follow them and is now claiming to be his mum - has followed Chelsea on Instagram.

Hope that cleared up the Jorginho story for you!

Obviously he is singing for Chelsea.


{Ed033's Note - Which song is Jorginho singing? :)

1.) 09 Jul 2018 23:59:43
"Mama Liked the Roses" by Elvis Presley.

2.) 10 Jul 2018 08:58:35
It is his mum and his sister's official accounts which can only mean one thing. Good signings for the ladies team I think!

3.) 10 Jul 2018 11:25:11
It doesn't add up that Chelsea's looking to bring in Jorginho, Seri and Golovin into the same squad. Unless something has changed or something's missing.

4.) 10 Jul 2018 11:49:25
Mama we're all crazy now.

5.) 10 Jul 2018 13:23:00
Well Seri looks to have gone to Fulham. Maybe the Jorginho rumours have substance. However, I feel we will settle for Golovin in the end only.

6.) 10 Jul 2018 15:31:28
Tying Jorginho into a financial package with Sarri allows Abramovich not to lose face - so I think this rumour may have legs.

7.) 10 Jul 2018 16:38:07
Been a while Miss Darren Wood, how are you? Good to see you.

8.) 10 Jul 2018 16:44:26
DiMarizio stating that Seri is heading to Fulham. That would mean that Jorginho deal might happen.

9.) 10 Jul 2018 22:50:14
Good work J. Funny post.



10 Dec 2017 10:34:13
After only a handful of games Bakayoko is being written off and unfairly compared to Matic.

Matic wanted to go, he was going wether we signed Bakayoko or not. The press, and pundits, seem to think we signed Bakayoko and then decided we didn't need Matic anymore. Bakayoko has struggled in some games but not many players hit the ground running during their first Premier League season, certainally not when their as young as he is.


1.) 11 Dec 2017 19:59:45
Very good shout J. The problem with Bakayoko seems partly down to concentration also the fact he has come from the French league which is nowhere near the pace and intensity of the premiership. He has shown some quality and a lot of strength. So I think play Drinkwater who is premiership ready and feed Bakayoko in.




J.'s banter posts with other poster's replies to J.'s banter posts


16 Feb 2019 14:16:13
Just watching Brighton Vs Derby.

Ashley Cole might have lost a step, but he is still class.


1.) 16 Feb 2019 16:18:51
I’d still take him as first choice LB 🤣 that’s how desperate we are. Least he’s a fighter.



16 Feb 2019 08:51:02
In my opinion Chelsea have got a decision to make, they've got to pick between their manager - Sarri, and their best player - Kante.

When played in the holding role Kante is the best, and most important, player in the side. But he is being shoehorned into a position that doesn't suit him. Every now and again he will win the ball in the attacking third, in a similar way to how he used to in the defensive third, but it's his use of that ball in the final third that causes problems. He simply doesn't look comfortable in his new role, but he is such a quality player that he can't be dropped.

Now, i'm not completely down on Jorghino. I do not think he is a bad player. He has almost played as much football as he did last season already, this combined with the much higher pace of the Premier League probably means he needs a rest. But Sarri will never take him out the side and Sarri will never put Kante alongside him to take the pressure off him. Away against City, where I was pained to agree with Jamie Redknapp's assessment of the game (a horrible situation), it was clear to EVERYONE except Sarri that Jorginho needed help and Kante should have been played deeper. Pogba is going to cause Jorginho problems on Monday night, Jorginho will need help - but he won't get it.

I was supportive of Sarri for a long time, but his mismanagement of this area of the pitch that makes me want he club to move on. There's an apparent inability to recognise that he needs to adapt his tactic's to suit his squad, not the other way round, and that his tactics will not work against every opposition. If the club decide to stick with him, and stick with his tactics then they may as well sell Kante because he doesn't fit into those tactic's - we may as well sell him and buy someone who does fit into the tactic's.

I know who I'd rather still have at the club next season.


{Ed001's Note - why do people keep talking about Kante being a holding midfielder? That was exactly the mistake Conte made when he first took over. He played Kante as the holding mid and Matic in front. Once he swapped them over you went and won the Prem. Kante is a central midfielder and there is no need to make a decision between him and Jorginho. All Sarri has to do is play him a few yards deeper with the freedom to go where he feels he needs to. He is just playing 5-10 yards too far forward to use his cleverness and reading of the game to cut off opposition attacks as they are bypassing him. He does not need to be in a holding role for that.}

1.) 16 Feb 2019 09:16:02
I think we are agreeing with each other, aren't we Ed?

I never described Kante as a holding midfielder. I said that the more advanced role (I agree about 5-10 yards too far forward) doesn't suit him, I also made the point that he should be played deeper to help out Jorginho, not replace him. If we're going to rest Jorginho then Kovacic is probably more suited to that role.

{Ed001's Note - you just said: When played in the holding role Kante is the best, and most important, player in the side.

And that is a direct quote mate.}

2.) 16 Feb 2019 09:20:39
Thank you Ed great response sense at last.

{Ed001's Note - cheers mate, I just do not understand why Sarri doesn't spot it.}

3.) 16 Feb 2019 09:40:46
Ok, I should have put deeper role.

{Ed001's Note - no worries.}

4.) 16 Feb 2019 10:08:46
J, I always enjoy reading your posts but I am not sure why Chelsea have to choose between Sarri and Kante.

Sarri does seem to be set firmly in his ways when it comes to style, shape, certain players and substitutions but I think the structure of his coaching staff should be able to discuss these issues with the manager in a full and frank way.

It is in their interest to get constructive messages over to Sarri. After all if he gets the tin tack it’s likely they will as well.

5.) 16 Feb 2019 10:12:01
100 % agree with you Ed1, you do talk a lot of sense mate and that's why i agree with you a lot. If only you could phone Sarri and tell him to play Kante slighter deeper for us lol. He just needs to swollow that bitter pill and accept that he may have been wrong initially.

{Ed001's Note - I don't understand why it is so difficult for him, it would not stop him playing the way he wants to.}

6.) 16 Feb 2019 10:20:18
All we need to do is switch to a 4-2-3-1. Simple. Kante isn’t or never has been a holding mid he is best in a two man like he played with Matic and Drinkwater. When will people realise. Even Gary Linekar still doesn’t understand. Pundits should know better.

7.) 16 Feb 2019 11:49:25
My point was mainly that Sarri won't change. I agree, the side is screaming out for 4-2-3-1 but Sarri won't do it and, whether you think he's a holding, deep lying or central midfielder, I think 99% can agree that Kante is wasted in his current position.

Tom, I can't see Sarri listening to anyone, including his backroom staff. It's this stubbornness that's his downfall.

8.) 16 Feb 2019 16:48:02
I agree there J. I think Kante is our most consistent player just out of position. Dropping Jorginho for Kova and playing him deeper would help too and of course CHO for either Willian/ Pedro. But I also think his stubborness will cost him his job.

9.) 16 Feb 2019 19:02:48
I think sarri probably does know Kante would be better a tad further back but he is so insistent on his system using a ball winner ie kante, that I don’t see it changing unless we have an actual system overhaul.



10 Feb 2019 17:53:34
I recently wrote on here stating that, with the right players, Sarri's system, his plan A, will work in the Premier League. I also said in that post that he currently doesn't have the squad to play that system and, until such point that he does, he will need to go to another plan to win games.

This match vs. City has been some of the most naive management that I have ever seen. His system would struggle against this City if he had a squad of players perfectly suited to it, it was never going to work with our current team.

I still think that some of the players (most of the players in this game) performances, including Hazard, have been completely unacceptable but the management of them is unacceptable too.

On current form we won't get top four, its foolish to think anything else. My other concerns that i don't trust this team and, more to the point, manager to beat City in the League Cup final, United in the FA Cup or one of the decent teams in the Europe League.

Sarri may have to go in order to save this season, but the club need a huge review of their structure going forward!


1.) 10 Feb 2019 21:02:26
Brian Clough said that a manager should choose a tactical system to play after looking at the players he has at his disposal, not the other way round. This is Sarri's problem: he has come in and imposed a system on players who: 1) are not used to it; and 2) not the right players to play it. This makes him a bad manager. Sarri should have introduced his system slowly as he got the players in who he thought could play it.

Sarri has not only tarnished his own reputation but also that of several players especially Jorginho, Alonso (who it is obvious was never suited to Sarriball), Barkley (who just looks lost), and Kante (who we can all see getting more and more desperate every game) .

Sarri has to go.

2.) 10 Feb 2019 21:09:30
I always read your posts with interest J and your above post is no different. As always you make some very constructive and valid points.

I think is wrong to blame ONE person for our problems and I hope the club and fans reserve judgment until the end of the season.

The board, in my opinion, need to make a statement saying Sarri has their full support asap.

3.) 10 Feb 2019 21:34:00
Mrs Costa, I would like to think the resin the board employed Sarri was because they looked at the way his team played and thought we want some of that.

I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t have joined if the board told him they wanyhim to play three at the back or the Jose way!

They should have realised what they were getting and so should have the fans!

The board need to back there judgment and support the manager, just for a change!

4.) 10 Feb 2019 23:07:53
A lack of a plan b is a problem though Tom. If the club backs him, and invest in the squad, then there will be games, especially in the Champions League (if we qualify), where he will need to change his tactics.

You can get away with it against 95% of the opposition in Serie A, but not in the Premier League and not away from home against good European opposition - and that's with a squad that plays the system well.

His stubbornness is his downfall.

5.) 10 Feb 2019 23:33:18
J, It’s hard to imagine some players understanding a plan B when they can’t work out plan A.



26 Jan 2019 22:19:12
I don't care how much promise he has.

I don't care if it will come back and bite us.

I don't care about the criticism we'll get for not bringing youth players through.

I don't care if he's done it because of poor advice.

If Hudson-Odoi has handed in a transfer request, a boy of 18 still learning his trade has handed in a transfer request, because of a lack of first team game time then that boy needs to go! Accept the offer, sell him, and move on.

Terry, Lampard, Cole, Drogba, Cech, Hazard, Makalele - none of the players that came before him during our recent history of success, some of the best players in the world, were bigger than the club. No player, or staff member, has ever been bigger than the club.

This boy most certainly isn't bigger than the club.


1.) 26 Jan 2019 22:23:49
Absolutely J.

2.) 26 Jan 2019 22:27:40
Terrific post. I wouldn't sell him to Bayern, I would sell him to Leipzig. If he wants to leave so badly, he won't care where. Been tapped up by Bayern's top brass.

3.) 26 Jan 2019 23:03:15
I wouldn't care where he went. He wants out, he can give to the highest bidder.

4.) 26 Jan 2019 23:38:20
It's a unfortunate situation tbh. Chelsea have done all they can in trying to keep him but it's obvious his head has been turned by Bayern. I understand CHO wanting to play but it's clear you're highly rated by the club and fans, you're continuing to learn and you've had more chances with the 1st team at his age than any other youth product in years. If he has no intent to be patient and work his way into the team, similar to what Ruben has been doing, then good riddance. We have two ageing wingers and another who's future is in doubt, he should be waiting until the Summer to make a decision if he really wanted to be here.

Of course if i was him looking at the youth that's come and gone in recent years i'd question whether i should move on as well, but it's clear we rate him much higher than previous players. As you said no player is bigger than the club, especially not an 18 year old. If he goes hopefully we'll look to bring in Pepe with the money. He likes Chelsea and has all the attributes to be a success here, especially being a left footed right winger.

5.) 27 Jan 2019 00:48:02
Well said J. My only problem is Chelsea have Brought this upon themselves the guy played out of his skin and then didn’t play again for half a season. Chelsea have failed another youth product in my opinion through lack of first team football and it’ll cost us once again. He’ll be a star in Germany and I’ll be following his success.

6.) 27 Jan 2019 01:59:48
Yes j totally pal good words the time and effort we’ve put in from youth and repays in this way get rid and he will do well in a rubbish league.

7.) 27 Jan 2019 05:51:08
What are you on about Nibby. Cho owes Chelsea nothing. He has nothing to repay. He’s good enough and we haven’t found a spot for him. He’ll do well at Munich.

8.) 27 Jan 2019 07:35:40
Played out his skin? When? Against forest? Against some
Turd in Europa league? Hmm,

9.) 27 Jan 2019 08:35:17
Spot on J. The quicker we move away from this chapter the better now. Chelsea may not even accept his request.

Do you guys think that the club will be looking to replace CHO this month if he is sold? Any input from Eds will be appreciated?

{Ed001's Note - he is only a reserve, there is no need to replace him.}

10.) 27 Jan 2019 08:00:54
I don't even think it's a case of being angry about the time and effort the club have put in.

It's simply a case of, for whatever reason, he no longer wants to be at the club. No club should keep a player who doesn't want to be there.

I do think that the club is steadily bringing him through, and he shouldn't be demanding more mins at this stage of his career, but it's his choice.

I think he'll have a very good career, but if he doesn't want it to be at Chelsea, to the point where he is handing in a transfer request, then sell him. It's a disappointing situation but good luck at Bayern.

11.) 27 Jan 2019 08:58:30
Isn’t three wingers - Four if Morata is included - a bit few though? .

{Ed001's Note - that is nothing to do with Odoi though, the club were looking to buy even if he stayed.}

12.) 27 Jan 2019 09:08:07
CFC Adam Willian and Pedro can’t even play well against turd in the Europa league let alone premier league teams. I’m finished discussing Hudson-Odoi anyway the toxicity of some of you fans slagging off players is a joke. I support him and his desisuon regardless of the outcome.

13.) 27 Jan 2019 09:12:15
Ed001 well that tells, how do you think we have handled Hudson-Odoi?

{Ed001's Note - personally I think the club's made a mess of their handling of youth for a long time. They seem to be viewed more as assets for future sale then potential first team players.}

14.) 27 Jan 2019 09:35:09
prob is football is a business now that's the difference theses days.

{Ed001's Note - sadly you are right, but they should remember that the key to this business is that winning trophies is the way to make the biggest money.}

15.) 27 Jan 2019 09:55:35
Maybe they'll change their ways, constantly changing managers and not trusting youth players, when they stop winning trophies then?

It's got to be said our silverware record over the last 10 years hasn't given them a reason to change their ways.

{Ed001's Note - yet you are looking much weaker every season because of it. This is a long, slow process and it will be too late if they wait until silverware stops coming.}

16.) 27 Jan 2019 10:18:52
Cheers ed. Sad to see it.

{Ed001's Note - welcome mate.}

17.) 27 Jan 2019 11:44:01
Don't know why I said Morata and not RLC, which was what I meant. But a bit curious that the plan has always been to buy another winger regardless of CHO leaving? Or perhaps that was simply due to my brain fart? ;)

{Ed001's Note - Chelsea have been looking to sign players for that role anyway, which is probably a large part of the reason the lad wants to go.}

18.) 27 Jan 2019 12:38:13
Okay thanks!

{Ed001's Note - welcome.}



25 Jan 2019 16:35:08
Was at last night's game, thought it was a good performance - especially in the first half. Here's a few points I took from the game.

Chelsea need to ditch this one year contracts for over thirties rule. David Luiz is playing some excellent football at the moment and deserves a two year contract. Really wouldn't like to see him leave at the end of the season.

Emerson was dynamic, had great interchange with the players ahead of him and put some great balls into the box. Everything that Alonso isn't - should get a run of games in the Prem.

Jorginho was brilliant in the first half, completely dictating the game. His pen was absolute class too.

I don't blame Hudson-Odoi for looking at his options in Germany, especially when it's one of the biggest clubs in Europe who are very keen on him. It's not as if the players ahead of him are performing. Willian was woeful when he came on and Pedro was generally unimpressive. Sarri says that he is in the same position as them, I'd suggest he's a better option now.

Can't wait to see Higuain in this team, especially if Emerson plays more, and plays like he did last night. Got a feeling we'll get a very good season and a half from him.

Loftus-Cheek is back in training. Kante, Jorginho and him has to be the future midfield. Neither Barkley or Kovacic have managed to make the attacking role in the midfield their own - Loftus-Cheek has a real chance to do just that.


1.) 25 Jan 2019 17:16:34
Agree J. I was hesitant with Luiz playing in a two man CB to begin with but he's been great this season. His passing ability has helped a lot with our attacking play and we'd be foolish not to give him what he wants. Playing Odoi and Emerson with their abilities to take players on and cross the ball will help Higuain massively and hopefully Sarri plays them. No doubt if Higuain played last night we'd have scored a couple more goals. With RLC he's my preferred 3rd CM choice and hopefully he can work his way into the starting 11.

2.) 25 Jan 2019 17:59:24
I strongly support the one year for over thirty rule cos it clearly brings out the best in these older players. Give them more than one year a lot of them tend get their feet off the gas besides younger players should get more chance.

3.) 25 Jan 2019 18:06:33
I support that there should be exception in rare cases when the player in question is clearly exceptional; though in the case of David Luiz, I want the club to offer him a one year deal with another year based on his performance.

4.) 25 Jan 2019 23:08:06
Besides older players usually give their best when their contract is close to ending- I guess it makes them wanted the more by clubs. Sometimes you start asking yourself why this player haven't been playing this well all this while.

5.) 26 Jan 2019 03:50:51
I do not understand why we don’t put club options on the contracts, that way we can trigger extensions if viable. Man united had the option on De Geas contract and also mata, probably others.

6.) 26 Jan 2019 08:52:19
I don't know why we can't treat every situation on it merits, rather than a rule for every single player over 30.




J.'s rumour replies


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20 Feb 2019 17:46:20
The only time the club are likely to see Conte again is in court.




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19 Feb 2019 10:29:48
This is not going to be a good couple of years for Chelsea Football Club, the expectation of guaranteed Champions League qualification is gone. Whether it's down to bad form or contracts naturally running out, the squad is going to see significant change. Make no mistake about it, this is going to be a tough gig for whoever takes over at Stamford Bridge.

The clubs philosophy simply has to change now. Despite hearing the word transition all too often when new managers have joined, I believe that whoever is in charge of the club from the summer onwards will have the first opportunity to oversee genuine change since Mourinho’s first stint at the club. The clubs philosophy of short term solutions and quick changes needs the change, they need to give someone the time to oversee a long term change at the club. I think they saw this as being Sarri, but his tactical ineptitude has been found out. We talk about Sarri failing to adapt to the situations he finds himself in, it’s now the club that need to adapt to the situation they find themselves in.




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14 Feb 2019 17:10:32
Very natural, instinctive, finisher.




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28 Jan 2019 21:54:22
Local Bristol press have been reporting Semenyo will sign for us for the past couple of days.




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18 Jan 2019 11:04:32
Its definitely been reported that they're keeping an eye on his development at Wigan this year - they'd be a good loan option for him next season.


{Ed0333's Note - thanks for the feedback mate have a groovy weekend




J.'s banter replies


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21 Feb 2019 10:21:43
There would definitely need to be some form of acceptance, and agreement, from all involved that this would be a long term solution. The days of quick fixes and papering over cracks are done.




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20 Feb 2019 23:52:33
It's going to be a tough gig for whoever gets it Shak, there is no doubting that. I think the club need someone that will get immediate respect from the dressing room, who knows the league and how to win games in it plus, maybe more importantly, knows the club and can install a long term vision.

It's probably a case of heart ruling head and without a doubt a huge risk, for both the club and him, but if I were Chelsea I'd get Lampard back. It would involve the club backing him long term and not worrying about short term success but I think (we'll, probably more hope) it'd work. One of the main factors would be the good pairing of a director of football with him.

I'd much rather him than Zidane. Who I happen to think is the best footballer I've ever seen btw.




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20 Feb 2019 19:16:15
People go on about Pep sticking to his style and the Man City board backing him. But, even with all the money spent and changes he has made, it hasn't been all good for Pep at Man City. Pep has been given the means to build the perfect squad for his style. But even with everything at his disposal, and similarly to Sarri, I think that Pep's style, and his stubbornness to change it, can be found out against the top opposition, although it's only against the very top opposition that Man City are caught out (not 4-0 at Bournemouth) .

Let's not forget that he spent a lot of money and made a lot of changes at Bayern Munich too. Pep is also stubborn when it comes to his style of football and when you consider that he took over the European Champions, and was never able to regain that title, there's an argument that his stubbornness to his style cost Bayern.




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20 Feb 2019 17:52:43
It's unbelievable that Sarri hasn't realised that the players in the squad don't fit what he is trying to do and, just to see this period out, change his system to suit what he has at his disposal. At best this is stubborn, at worst it's incompetent.
You need to have the ability to adapt to survive. Sarri has shown neither the ability nor even the inclination to adapt in any way, shape or form - therefor his career as Chelsea manager will not survive.




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16 Feb 2019 11:49:25
My point was mainly that Sarri won't change. I agree, the side is screaming out for 4-2-3-1 but Sarri won't do it and, whether you think he's a holding, deep lying or central midfielder, I think 99% can agree that Kante is wasted in his current position.

Tom, I can't see Sarri listening to anyone, including his backroom staff. It's this stubbornness that's his downfall.