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19 Sep 2017 15:14:54
musonda kennedy hazard will start tomorrow.

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18 Sep 2017 16:49:49
So this isn't meant to be a negative post BUT I am concerned about our lack of depth up front now I've seen Morata and Batshuiyi against a few different opponents.

Having Hazard back will help share the burden of goal scoring and creativity, but for the first time in a while, we ran out of ideas against a team that usually aren't great at defending. Morata is a raw talent but he is not currently good at being a target man and bringing other players in to the game. He's also not an upgrade in his levels of positive aggression on Costa. I'm certainly not saying saying I want Costa back, but I don't think defenders currently fear our frontline like they used to, and like they do currently with the 2 Manchester clubs. Not sure who I'd bring in now though. prices are so inflated currently.

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18 Sep 2017 18:35:19
Morata is trying too hard and it is effecting his composure on the ball which is usually very good. That lack of an additional strike force from midfield is a real problem and Hazard back in full flow will be a major asset BUT with an injury we will struggle so another player with creative ability but also the ability to score is a must. where is that young Lampard?

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18 Sep 2017 18:54:46
I disagree. Before the Arsenal-game, nobody doubted Morata, and I don't get why they should now - indeed he didn't have his best game, but nor did any of his teammates. Also, don't forget what usually happens with Diego Costa in the games where nothing is the way he wants it to be, the referee perhaps a bit against him, and the other players not playing at their best - a red card waiting to happen.
I agree, however, that we need to spread out our goal threats and not be over-reliant on Hazard or Morata having a bad day at the office. But also, let's not forget that Pedro has often shown the ability to create something out of nowhere!
And if the other teams don't fear our attackers, that's on them - if they under estimate us, that will only be our advantage!

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18 Sep 2017 19:49:59
Morata was isolated and done brilliant. If he'd of given silly fouls away like Diego we'd be moaning out him. He didn't get any help from surrounding players, it's that simple,

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18 Sep 2017 23:45:05
Morata reminds me so much of Osgood.
He has all the attributes of becoming a legend with our club.
The worst performances were:-
(a) Cahill., teams let him have the ball and then press. I would rather Rudi.
(b) Willian. Workrate isn't everything.
Sometimes a point is OK when your performance is just average!
Onwards and upwards. We will still be Champions come the end of the season!

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19 Sep 2017 07:07:19
Not a dissimilar build to Osgood with that knack of ghosting past defenders but he needs someone to feed him.

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19 Sep 2017 15:49:08
TomB, Ossie? Morata? Go wash your mouth out with soap!

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18 Sep 2017 09:38:08
What is with this passing between the back 3 rubbish! They can do 10 passes between each other and still be on the edge of box. It never goes forward until we been forced back to tibo to punt it up top. Why don't we just do that anyway and cut out the pointless passes cos it's 1 stray pass away from letting the other team score. Morata is decent in the air get it up there and win second balls off him or make passes go forward not this side to side crap. Teams have sussed it they just let us do it cos it goes absolutely no where and they get into shape nice and compact then it makes it 10 times as hard to break down.

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18 Sep 2017 23:30:08
Agreed. The sideways passing between the back three drove me crazy yesterday. They never got over the halfway line and ended up booting it hopelessly up field every time. The passing was also so slow, no zip or anything about it. Frustrating to watch.

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19 Sep 2017 15:52:00
'What is with this passing between the back 3 rubbish! ' - thank you KP82 for making me laugh out loud - all this fancy-dan, foreign stuff, eh? Just boot it up to our big centre forward!

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17 Sep 2017 21:26:41
I said at the start of the season it is a 3 horse race for the title and I stick by that. The Manchester clubs and Chelsea. Mark my words not one of the other so called title contenders will get close. Poor performance Today but a clean sheet! It happens and Don Conte is no mug, he will sort it. Young Christensen now gets the next 3 games which will show us how good he is. Hazard and Bako nearing full fitness and we have already played 2 or 3 tough fixtures compared to others. Jackson called it right earlier, the ref was terrible. Nothing going our way. It will change. After Burnley, to be just 3 points off the pace in 3rd place having played Arsenal, Spurs, Everton and Leicester. I would of taken that. Long way to go but we will be in the hunt for the title.
Glass half full.

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18 Sep 2017 00:02:32
i bet u he won't start christainson he'll start rudiger.

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18 Sep 2017 01:15:20
I agree I think Rudiger will start.

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18 Sep 2017 04:51:50
Should be Azpi, Christensen and Rudiger vs Stoke but it will be Azpi, Rudiger and Cahill.

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18 Sep 2017 06:54:06
Agree Loco i also think he will start Cahill. Dnt like how he playes and i get nervous everytime the ball goes to him or if he needs to defend. Suppose he is our cappy now and will not sit on the bench a lot unless he screws up bigtime. Conte like to pick the same players anf Cahill is one of them. He has served the team well in the past but we have better quality on the bench that suits our stile better now after the JM era.

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17 Sep 2017 17:23:37
Shame about the sending off because I thought Luiz was our best player today. But he did achieve a 'Micky Droy' - the first player to do it in years.

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17 Sep 2017 18:20:00
Hey MDW what's that? Never heard the term before!

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17 Sep 2017 19:03:54
Managing to get the ball into the top tier.

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17 Sep 2017 16:25:51
Bakyoko was phenomenal, hazard look sharpe. I said in window we needed s forward, Willian and Pedro need competition.

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17 Sep 2017 17:11:18
Pedro would be a great squad player as he's more potent in front of goal Willian doesn't have enough end product for me and we should of pushed along with City to sign Sanchez.

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17 Sep 2017 17:36:21
I was bleating about Keita Balde all through the transfer window cos we were showed no interest in Sanchez.

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17 Sep 2017 20:03:20
I think Chelsea needs a midfielder in the mould of Oscar that can play partner Morata or play behind Morata. I think it will make things a bit easier for our attack.

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17 Sep 2017 20:49:46
Yeah let's sign another inconsistent player like Oscar who has one awesome game in 8 👏 👏👏👏.

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17 Sep 2017 21:18:26
Hahaha Chelsea fans!

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17 Sep 2017 21:18:59
A player who is versatile and can play the CF with a striker. like draxler who was available and would of been very good squad player,

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17 Sep 2017 21:58:25
Yea exactly Matt Martin! u just took the player I meant (in my initial post) out of my mouth. Thanks.

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17 Sep 2017 22:50:42
Hahaha Chelsea fans Obina? I'd like to know how much of a proper Chelsea fan you. I just give my opinion like everyone is entitled to on this albeit some should say less than others. Oscar was world class on his day but then days weren't often enough. Inconsistency doesn't win you titles.

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18 Sep 2017 19:54:22
Oscar was never world class, had some very good games, even brilliant but world class. never, he always had potential and he got to an age where potential should be talent, you can only be regarded as world class with consistency, but we need a player in oscar mound where he can have that bit of cesc with passing, the stamina and energy and good pace and ability to take players on, a player like kovioc ( spelling ) of Madrids like that,

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18 Sep 2017 22:04:33
Selling Mata and keeping Oscar was one of the worst decisions our club made.

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19 Sep 2017 14:54:42
Matt Martin, u are speaking my thought.

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17 Sep 2017 15:32:45
Overall a terrible performance today, not one player really stood out and Hazard done more in 15 minutes than everyone else in 90.

We had no intensity or pace to our game and our passing play was woeful. We passed from side to side at the back and then just booted it hopelessly forward.

And to top it all of we get another silly red card. Overall very disappointed with our performance today. Without Hazard in these bigger games we look pretty toothless. We'll certainly need to up our performances in the next few weeks with City coming up.

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17 Sep 2017 15:49:24
Fabregas made a wonderful pass to Pedro, though, but besides that, I totally agree - we seemed to lack both ideas and courage, and our defense was shockingly poor today. We let Ramsey walk inside our penalty area, and we really lacked balls. And then Luiz, after he'd started to wake up, go forward and show a bit of initiative, chooses to bail the team, coach and - frankly - himself by going into that silly, silly challenge. What a poor day.

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17 Sep 2017 15:51:29
Love Conte but he's got to take the blame for this. Bakayoko and Hazard should have started, or the very least Bakayoko and bring Hazard on at half-time, not in the 70th minute. Against big teams you can see the struggle we have playing 3-4-3 with Willian, Pedro and Cesc. Cesc needs to roam and willian just isn't good enough in big games. 3-5-2 with Baka and Kante as our Cdms would've suited us and giving Cesc freedom. Play hazard or Pedro behind Morata and that would've been our best shout. It'd have power in midfield which Arsenal wouldn't have coped with. Our hoofs up the field shows more reason why Rudiger and Christensen should be playing being out best ball playing Cb's. Everything was disappointing today, from team selection to the whole teams performance. Only people who deserved praise were the two players that should've started, Baka and Hazard.

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17 Sep 2017 15:59:23
Agree, rubbish all round take the point move on bakayoko and hazard have to start from now on conte got it wrong today 🙈.

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17 Sep 2017 16:15:02
All spot on. Toothless up front without Hazard which is a worry. Once again the frustration of the Willian/ Pedro work rate with NO end product. Both are really only impact subs and we need to find someone that is more creative in their position and who can score goals. As much as we are unlucky at times the number of red cards we are getting should be a concern, luckily this one was a the games end.

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17 Sep 2017 20:42:38
Yep and part of being toothless up front of course is that Costa gone. When in the mood he provided bite by keeping oppn defense fully occupied (creating space for others) and scoring plenty of goals. AS it is Morata needed/ needs more help up front and are attacking options look a bit limited.

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18 Sep 2017 09:38:17
Chelsea doesn't really have a squad to play 3142 or 3412. That requires one (even better two) strikers. One more attacking or attackminded central midfielder. Improvisation from yesterday didn't really work. Defensively we were not so bad but our creative part was poor.

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17 Sep 2017 15:30:59
Olliver was Arsenal's MOTM today. Pathetically biased display by a supposedly neutral factor in the match. Their CBs were allowed to do anything they liked to Morata. Morata fouls a guy once and complains a bit and gets booked. Kolasinac complains and doesn't get booked because it'd have meant him having to go off.

Luiz' red was deserved as it was reckless and dangerous, but I do understand the frustration that probably led him to doing it as Arsenal got away with damn near everything yet we kept getting called for the tiniest of fouls.

After the sending off Hazard was looking like actually storming breaking away on the counter and there weren't many Arse defenders back. Olliver quickly blew his whistle for an imaginary foul.

And the best part is that Olliver and his team will not come under any scrutiny and won't have to do any explaining as the red was the correct call and he handed out a couple of yellow to Arsenal players at the end when it didn't really matter anymore. It'll seem like he was fair and consistent, which is a load of BS.

Conte got it wrong with the starting XI as both Rudiger and Bakayoko should've started. But Olliver really gave us little chance to score today by letting them foul Morata over and over.

PS: Fab was just bad, as was Willian.

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17 Sep 2017 15:51:23
Couldn't agree more, one of the worst jobs I've seen in a very, very long time. And I usually think he's one of the better refs - no more! Fab didn't have a good day no, but he came close a couple of times after short corners, and please don't forget THAT pass to Pedro, which should've been an early 1-0.

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17 Sep 2017 15:51:54
Thank you Jackson, Conte starting eleven was wrong.

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17 Sep 2017 21:52:03
Oh come on just because we didn't win don't blame the referees. We weren't that good and Morata threw himself to the floor at the littlest of contact.

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17 Sep 2017 15:22:53
Definite red, worst part was I was hoping it was second yellow, 3 games without best defender, and kolasiac not booked for screaming at officials like morata was exactly same spot on pitch.

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17 Sep 2017 14:23:53
Like I said earlier if we play to our ability we should beat Arsenal, but just like the previous two times we've played them we're not playing to our ability and look sloppy to say the least.

We just seem to be passing it from side to side around the back and then booting it forward and losing the ball constantly. We're giving Arsenal far too much confidence in this game so far.

Hopefully we see a better performance after half time because after the first 15 minutes or so we were dreadful in this first half.

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