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15 Jan 2018 21:26:33
Good update on Andy Carroll on West Ham site by IRONMIKE (seems to be ITK) . Chelsea offered £2m loan for Carroll and they've refused. Either buy him outright or not at all. Cost is £20m. Does seem Conte is off in the summer though for definite.

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15 Jan 2018 21:47:22
20m for Carroll? May as well throw it in the Thames.

15 Jan 2018 22:07:41

16 Jan 2018 11:53:04
If I were Chelsea manager and we bought Carroll for £20m while ignoring Sanchez and Aubamerang, I don't think I'd be waiting to the summer to say 'Ciao'.

15 Jan 2018 20:53:42
With the stadium plans now getting the go ahead and estimated costs reaching a billion I can't see Roman pumping in loads of money for transfers I know we have sponsors that generate a lot of money but still it's a hell of a lot of money so I'm open to seeing youth development in our team for a year or two and build a new team around established players such as Kante hazard Courtois providing they all stay
The likes of rlc, Hudson-Odoi, Sterling, Ampadu, Musonda, Abraham to name a few would be welcome additions around the first team for me and I'd be happy
I know it's a little step back from what we're used to but sometimes it's like that to take two steps forward for a bigger stadium, crowds and revenue
Don't know how everyone else feels about that views greatly appreciated as normal guys and girls.

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15 Jan 2018 21:05:32
Chelsea F. C. want a loan for £500m as do not want to rely so heavily on roman, there looking for sponsorships deals to help with this. ( I think )

15 Jan 2018 21:19:00
why else do you think the spending has stopped? The costs are rocketing (if it goes ahead at all! ) we cannot afford to do both. Shame really.

15 Jan 2018 21:19:33
Thanks Matt for your reply and bit of info that would be good if they could secure that 👍🏻.

15 Jan 2018 22:12:04
Guys think about it, he's asking more money in wages than what Hazard would be on if he signed the new contract. Even City weren't willing to pay up in wages but you think we will? . He'll be at Man United, the rumours have come out of nowhere just to either make it look like we tried to sign him to keep certain fans happy or it came out of the Arsenal Camp to try and drive the price up from United. Maybe we contacted the agent to see if he'd take a big cut to join us but that'll likely be as far as it goes.

15 Jan 2018 20:51:27
Oh dear god, reports from Manchester press is city have declared no longer interested due to high wages and there olreporting chelsea making a Late bid for Sanchez. it's like there kicking us when we're down then will report. Alexis chooses Jose over or and conte, then we go back for Carroll lol.

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15 Jan 2018 21:20:30
Sanchez priced himself out of ANY move to Chelsea either now or on a free in the summer.

15 Jan 2018 21:40:12
He said he wanted to stay in London a while ago if possible, literally asking Chelsea to come in for him. But it's not going to happen, he wants more than what Hazard is getting and even Citt pulled out because of this. so don't get your hopes up. It's simply not happening.

15 Jan 2018 17:09:35
Hey Ed002, as an old time poster and one that once wrote a song to bring you back to the Chelsea page after you received similar abuse on our page I was just wondering if at all there is anything we regular posters can do to bring you back. I have been on here long enough to no that no matter what there will always be a few people who try to cause chaos and disrupt the community, it’s kind of like our everyday lives on earth, how aa few dent the image of a rather peaceful group or bunch.

Like many on here I come to understand that we must respect your
as we have no idea what sort of insults your getting, luckily we have Ed001 and 018 who also help us a lot. I just want to know if there is a way we posters can help to reduce the trolls from the forum. Again thanks for your hard work over the years.

{Ed002's Note - No, there are plenty of people who want to wreck it for everone else. It is much better that I don't provide anything re to Chelsea and transfers.}

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15 Jan 2018 17:44:08
Hey ed just after a yes or no answer, I know your not going to give us any info regarding names of transfers but is they anyone you no we might sign that we don't no about it? Again only after a yes or no if you don't want to its cool, we are all just in a bit of a rut at them min. Thanks either way.

{Ed002's Note - Not surprisingly I have no why of knowing what you know and what you don't know.}

15 Jan 2018 17:51:10
As a constant poster on here and as frustrating as it is without your input 002, abuse isn’t right and although we will keep asking most of us understand why you don’t update. Shame some idiots ruin it for rest of us who loved the excitement of being linked to certain players,

15 Jan 2018 18:23:13
Ed2 do we have anything else in the hat for january barring andy carrol, Benteke and Boyake rumours. Yes or no will do.

{Ed002's Note - I am not interested.}

15 Jan 2018 10:40:24
Ed2 please save us from our misery or add to it. Are chelsea interested in Andy Carrol. I promise I will not abuse you on my countless other accounts.

Only joking ed, understandable if not but if you could give us anything, we would all appreciate it.

{Ed002's Note - No, sorry it is not worth the abuse that will come with it.}

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15 Jan 2018 10:57:42
Not a worry ed2, appreciate everything you do here mate

Ps : just checked your appreciation site on Facebook and a few crackers on there.

15 Jan 2018 09:01:48
United - Sanchez
Arsenal - aubameyang / Malcom
Madrid - Lewandowski / Aguero / hazard

These are what papers are going with rumour wise, maybe not completely accurate and will have other targets but chelsea front not even the eds are hearing who were in for, so frustrating,

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15 Jan 2018 09:08:45
Quite embarrassing isn't it. I wouldn't stick around if I was hazard or Courtois if I heard that.

15 Jan 2018 09:19:02
Historical Chelsea weakness, self destruction.

15 Jan 2018 09:23:16
Exactly Standard, I don't completely blame Hazard and Courtois for their decision to delay signing new deals or even wanting out.

15 Jan 2018 09:30:48
Behind the scenes the club has refused to accept that you sit still in this league, need roman to come in and show that ambition like he first arrived, marquee signings needed, we’re going to be what Liverpool where 4/ 5 years ago. Talking about history and hoping we can break into top 4 and attract top players.

15 Jan 2018 10:19:03
Our ambition level right now very much resembles the one of Arsenal, except from the fact that they're more ambitious than us right now. Incredibly conserning.

15 Jan 2018 15:54:18
Arsenal are usually linked with big players unfortunately. Lemar, Auba etc.

Hwever, we are linked with players like Caroll, Benteke etc etc. You may aswel throw Peter Crouch in there aswel. We have already purchased players like Zappacosta and Drinkwater etc. I wonder why none of the big clubs were rivaling us for any of our signings.

If i am honest our ambition at the moment does not match Stoke City's. If I was Hazard or Courtois i wouldn't personally sign a contract. But being a die hard fan i wish they are as dillusional as out board and sign something.

Premier League Match Preview Monday 15th January 2018

15 Jan 2018 05:36:08
{Ed's Note - we have posted a new article entitled, Premier League Match Preview Monday 15th January 2018

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15 Jan 2018 04:11:26
Don't know why fans are upset, Andy Carrol would be a quality signing, an absolute beast among men in the air. Furthermore, our depth is unmatched, players like Drinkwater, zappacosta, Batshuayi, Kennedy and Cahill are players teams all over the world would love to have.

Lastly, Bakayoko. He's had some stick but he's a clear upgrade over matic. Well worth the 40 million.

{Ed001's Note - you seem to have something wedged firmly in your cheek there Stan....}

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15 Jan 2018 06:02:56
Really your saying MR BAK is an upgrade over magic?! Really are you just a fan or do you actually know football! Matic is playing Really well in Man Us middle and like he did when he players with us he knows how to run the game and keep things in check! We are away off of allowing Matic to leave and if we could switch back and have Matic in our midfield I think 95 or more percent of footballers would agree! We wasted 40 million and with an extra few million we could have bought or made efforts to buy other players who would Have done way better for us! We need a striker a midfielder attacking one and another flank wide to backup Moses’s and Alonso! We need to make the top four this year and if this rate we are I’m trouble Liverpool just overtook is and Tottenham is not far behind we need to stay focused and find our stride again and with our team light as we are we could finish 5th! Abromovich needs to bring in some help and fast or we are going to bite our own words! Please watch your football please and pay attention and you will learn!

15 Jan 2018 09:04:29
You guys have heard about sarcasm, right? ;) I surely hope it's sarcasm at least!

15 Jan 2018 09:11:18
Was having a laugh Jets, I post fairly regularly and I'm probably the most critical Bakayoko fan.

I am not impressed at all with chelseas transfer dealings, it's very disappointing as we've been blessed by big signings, chasing success as hard as we can and it's difficult watching us fall behind.

But we are spoilt fans and maybe our share of success is behind us. You never know with football and all we can do is support all the players, regardless of the disappointment.

15 Jan 2018 13:59:32
Standard, you forgot to mention what a massive upgrade Morata is compared to Costa - and it only cost us about £20mill!

14 Jan 2018 23:07:27
Very rarely post on here, but it's a place where I can air my grievances, I suppose.

What has happened to this club in regards to transfer activity? The names we're after lately is beyond baffling that it warrants some form of explanation. Been supporting this club since the 90's, and I can honestly say that we were more ambitious back then with who we were after compared to nowadays.

Tomorrow's reports has us linking with Andy Carroll, Richmond Boakeye and Christian Benteke. Goodness, gracious me.

Let's be honest with ourselves, two names who we've been rumoured with lately, Benteke and Thorgan Hazard, would only be purchased to make Eden Hazard happy. Heck, Kylian Hazard is 22 and we all know he's not going to make the first-team, yet he was signed to a contract - let's be honest with ourselves, he was only signed to appease Eden.

This club is crying for a new set of wing-backs. I don't mean to offend anyone when I say Victor Moses is crap. I can't name a single thing he brings to this team. Michy, on the other hand, is continuing with his impersonation of a statue whenever he's on the field. this team is crying out for goals! Morata is out of form, yet he knows full well he's under no pressure because the second choice striker provides nothing to this team.

No wonder Conte is unhappy at this club. I won't blame him whatsoever when he resigns. This board needs a wake-up call and fast.

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14 Jan 2018 23:24:03
would have to agree we also continue to make poor signings although i don't think anybody expected bakayoko to be so poor and let's be truthfull most of us where excited by his signing. but the players signed in recent years have been below average who ever sanctioned deals for the likes of cuadrado and co should be shot and so 2 the people who sold salah de bruyne lukaku bertrand.

15 Jan 2018 00:08:19
Most of us on here are on the same waive length. 1 word = Frustration. Transfer activity of recent times is as bad as its ever been. Join the club.

The players we are linked with are an absolute joke. I don't see Man City, l'pool, Man Utd etx is. hell not even Stoke linked with players like Carrol and Benteke etc. Absolute joke. Its the norm these days.

15 Jan 2018 03:37:04
i didn't even mention above we sold mata to united after he won chelsea player of the year 2 years on the bounce.

14 Jan 2018 21:58:59
Liverpool have really turned the corner, what a performance against City. They have some serious quality in their team. Salah, Mane and Firminho are as good as Sane, Sterling, Aguero. They are also spending money. A couple of defensive additions and a goal keeper and they are pretty much set to be competing with City as having the best first 11. Man Utd will spend their way out of trouble.

I feel we are being overtaken very quick and fast. Worrying times, especially given that Conte will leave at the end of season. Its shambles, the players probably know the coach will leave and it appears they have switched off as a result. I still we should try to sign players if availavailable now and not wait tilk summer.

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14 Jan 2018 22:35:43
Imagine if they sign another decent centre half and a quality keeper like Oblak with Keita joining also. Personally think their starting XI is better than ours it’s their keepers that let them down the most.

14 Jan 2018 23:18:30
Aubayemang supposed to be joining Arsenal, and not even his first choice of clubs.


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