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08 Apr 2018 17:06:53
I would have played. speed and width

Dave Rudiger Alonso

(rwb) zappa Emerson (lwb)

(lcm) Willian (cm) Fab (rcm) kante

HAZARD (am/ behind st)

Morata (st)

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02 Apr 2018 16:38:26
Prematch Dennis Wise was talking about how Chelsea have developed a winning mentality over the years; and RLC in interview talked about the massive influence on his development and in the dressing room generally that JT, Drogba and Lampard had - this is exactly what we're missing. We have no leaders on the field.

To be fair to Conte, I think that he had identified that which was why he was pursuing Vidal and Bonucci last summer.

The thing that irks me most is that Spurs, like Burnley, Bournemouth and Watford before them, didn't actually have to play that well to beat us.

So what now: for the life of me, I don't know why Conte is hanging about - he should go now and put Jody Morris in charge for the rest of the season - and Sterling, Chalobah, Palmieri, Kyle Scott and Hudson-Odoi should figure prominently in the remaining games. We're always being told that it's difficult to introduce younger players into the first team because every game is so important - well if now until the end of the season is not the perfect time, when is?! Will it happen? Of course not!

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02 Apr 2018 14:54:36
we definetly need a change of formation
i think we have the players to play
4 1 2 3 like bayern do i think it would suit our players with cover in every position

azpi/ zappa christensen/ luiz rudi/ cahill emerson/ alonso

any of those in back four

kante/ ampadu/ luiz as back up to. holding midfielders

barkley/ fabregas/ bakayoko/ drinkwater

willian / pedro morata/ giroud hazard/ hudson odoi even moses

so my team would be


azpi christensen rudi emerson


barkley fabregas/ timo

willian giroud hazard

this is based on current form and offers so much more going forward
thoughts lads.

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02 Apr 2018 16:04:34

02 Apr 2018 10:33:25
Fellow supporters, I would like to give my opinions and reflect on our clubs performance so far this season!
Firstly I would like to thank all the supporters including the Spurs fans for their warm applause for Butch Wilkins at yesterday's game. I'm sure we all wish and hope that Ray will make a full recovery.
I would also like to say that the Spurs fans who throughout the game aimed disgusting chants at Marcus Alonso were a disgrace and it's for that reason I hope we play Spurs in the FA cup final and my scores the winner!
I have been a constant supporter of Conte and that is not going to change but it seems likely ( according to the press and pundits) he will be leaving soon.
I would say that if we had finished 5th last year and won the Premiership this year he would be hailed as a total success.
Conte has constantly referred to a club plan. I have been critical of the our board and as I see it, the lack of a shared BP.
The club can easily say that there actions have brought us continued success and that's hard to argue with but I'm bored with the lack of continuity.
In my opinion only one player (Kante) has reached the same level as last year and there maybe lots of reasons for this.
I think Cahil has been found out big time on the left hand side of a back three, also I think his role as Club Captain has had a detrimental effect on his performance. This was shown in the first game of the season against Burnley when he was (wrongly in my opinion) sent off. He has tried to be a mute JT and there is only one JT.
Luiz was a shadow of the player he was last year and his young replacement (Christensen) has made critical mistakes in big games but this sometimes happens with young players.
Bakayoko and others have also struggled but the biggest dissapointment this year for me this year has been Hazard.
Sure he had problems with his broken ankle but if rumours are to be believed, since Conte found out he went behind his back to members of the board at Christmas his level of performance has hit an all time low.
Congratulations to Man City on being very worthy winners of the league and may I also thank all the posters on this site who wished me well through my period of illness and I hope to be back fully fit for next season.

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03 Apr 2018 02:46:24
is it just me tom or does it feel likd hazard rearly turns up in the big games yet never gets critiscised about it. he's either mentally weak or lazy or maybe both would it be worth selling an rebuilding . for me 100 percent yes. fabregas would be the first fells id run out the door legs are gone complete passenger. we need a top notch wing back moses has been a shambles since d fa cup final last year. hard to see where the board want to take the club the signings to be honest have been absoloutely embarrassing wev shown no ambition.

03 Apr 2018 09:00:05
Hi Magic, we have player problems, management problems, recruitment problems and board problems.
Our club is not unique in having these problems but they are magnified with the constant management changes.
Generally, now when a club changes manager it also means the vast majority of support staff are changed. Also, the manger may not fancy certain players or the teams style of play.
Some people like change and change can be a good thing but I would prefer a reasonable period of stability. Also, the club can say that change has brought success.
We should also remember that for many years we were blessed with a consistent base of strong dressing room leaders. We now, in my opinion, have no natural leaders and therefore no home truths are given from a players piers.

03 Apr 2018 10:24:19
i would agree with what you say natural leaders and role models in the dressing room we all no what big players like cech terry drogba lampard cole offered the club off the pitch aswell . now who do we have they all seem mentally weak an so does conte this season. hard to no who will take over and who will come and go. for me bakayoko looks worthy of being someone who cuts the grass not plays on it he looks hopeless. morata clearly has problems with self belief u feel the same with the likes of hazard etc he's weak minded at times and dat gas to affecr players.

03 Apr 2018 10:48:09
Magic, my guess is every club has had and stlll has “weak” players. It’s all about getting the best out of them. Most fans and probably correctly will say that’s the job of the manager.
Look us against Spurs. They should have had, in my opinion two players sent off. In years gone by our players would have surrounded the ref demanding action. Now we are so passive it’s pathetic!

03 Apr 2018 23:26:44
i don't support harrasing refs but put some pressure on anyway we lack leaders 2 many bluffers an average players were brought in an now why would any top player wanna join us over man city or united they can both outbid us an pay more wages an its clear as day the lack of ambition wev shown is poor. fabregas wouldn't get a game with stoke never mind a top team like city yet he always plays an he's rubbish its embarrasing how slow he is it drives me mad. top 4 gone now give youth a chance.

04 Apr 2018 08:50:27
I agree Magic, now would be a good time to play some younger players also maybe Emerson might get a belated run in the team. I hate to say it, given how bad he has been but maybe this is also a time to play Bakayoko again?
The majority of understandable criticism wouldn’t be happening if we had finished 5th last year and winning the Premiership this year but it is was it is.
There is always next season!

01 Apr 2018 17:23:22

Hazard invisible again, one long ball and 2-1 down, Moses still on, Short corners which I\'m pretty sure we haven\'t scored from this year? Top 4 gone, suppose I\'m negative? Embarrassing, 3-1, 28 years and record gone, conte breaking a lot of records.

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01 Apr 2018 17:47:00

I hate to admit it but it’s time for a major rebuild! Hazard has to go c’mon be honest when is last time he has shown up in a game that matters. Moses, Fabregas, Drinkwater, Pedro, Cahill, maybe Luiz ( depending on new manager)! We need to pick up a starting RWB, Partner for Kante, Attacking center midfielder. For depth a striker to compete with Morata, centre back another winger. I think Zappacosta, Zouma, Barkley, Palmeiro are decent role players. Need a solid back up keeper as well. Problem now is it just got tougher to get the quality we need by missing too 4! Next couple years going to define us for awhile. Need a solid plan and manager who will lay some roots here!

01 Apr 2018 18:23:18

Don’t no why we waiting till end of year just let conte go now, no reason for him being there.

01 Apr 2018 18:49:21

Hazard almost bound to go in Summer so you will get your wish no doubt, but I do not see this as a good thing at all. How any can want him to go I don\'t know, can\'t see who we are likely to get who will be better when we\'re not in ECL (and may not have the money to compete with likes of City/ Utd) . Even in this game today EH played a lot better than many/ most, but team not playing like a team and not controlling midfield in second half (Hazard often coming back too deep to help imho) .

01 Apr 2018 20:16:49

Can\'t wait for the season to end now. No top 4, maybe a cup final to look forward to but wouldn\'t expect us to win. Conte\'s been undermining his team all season and talking about how much better the teams are above us are so it\'s no surprise this team lacks confidence or motivation when your manager is spouting all that crap.

All the fans who have been calling others plastic because they\'ve wanted Conte out need to understand why. He\'s been negative all season ever since the summer, has constantly picked underperforming players every week and has never changed it up when games weren\'t going our way.

There\'s no doubt that the board are a massive reason for this but Conte doesn\'t want to be here and hasn\'t for a while. Shame it\'s ending like this but hey it\'s become a regular occurrence now hasn\'t it. As for Hazard i hoped for a while he would sign a new contract but right now i couldn\'t care less if he leaves. He\'s been poor for a while now, disappeared when we needed him most.

Only player who can hold his head up through all of this is Kante, rebuild around this guy because he\'s easily our best player in this team. A lot needs to be done in the summer. And after our last few transfer windows, it\'s hard to find any sort of belief that we can do some good bussiness. Anyway thanks for everything Conte, gave us a incredible season last year and hate to see it end like this.

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01 Apr 2018 19:11:04
Comments from vialli are pretty hard hitting.

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01 Apr 2018 18:43:34
Dreadful second half, and hugely disappointing to lose this game to a Spurs side we appeared to be well on top of until Moses sloppy pass just before half time.

But probably like many, this result hardly much of a surprise/ shock given season thus far.

What has clearly been missing this season is leadership and strength of purpose on the pitch when things begin to go wrong or to prevent this happening in first place. Manager's passion, continued presence of Terry in dressing room helped a great deal last season (as did not playing in ECL perhaps! ) to bind together team that won the league. Costa's bullying and skilful presence up front also so often decisive in close games.

Since January this year and perhaps because of rows with board (since Costa leaving? ) Conte seems to have lost his passion.

January saw us having an over-loaded fixture list with games that didn't really matter and we shouldn't have prioritised-- compared to top four finish/ good ECL diplay - like those Caraboa Cup semi-finals and FA cup games v Norwich which seemed to drain the players and result in then losing easy-on-paper league games. Our league season derailed by this.

Much careful thought indeed now needed about spine of team, other ins and outs, and right manager if Conte on his way (in many ways this v sad), and perhaps management structure of club (fat chance? ) .

Expect we're all feeling pretty down right now. Seems such a heck of a long way back.

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01 Apr 2018 17:23:51

Well, may be it is for the best. This team we have cannot compete with the top 4. One year out may help.

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01 Apr 2018 18:07:28
Positively dreadful. From the time we scored we gradually went backwards. We MUST get a defensive leader in the Terry mould, we are shambolic week in, week out. Christensen for all his early season promise has deteriorated alarmingly and all the talk about him suffering fatigue makes you wonder why he is even on the pitch. What has got into our goalkeeper (s) and defence with all this tippy tap across the line rather than clear it up field is beyond me. Forward wise we look good until we reach the penalty area and then run out of ideas and what use Fabregas was I will never know. Out of the CL helps but not with getting the right manager and players unless we stump up a lot of money, which if we do, you wonder why we didn't at the start of this season. The team is not good enough and anyone who doesn't think so just look at the points turnaround with some of these teams.

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