01 Jul 2020 17:00:16
I know what the word ‘EXCLUSIVE’ mean but Ed001; does a story or article being ‘EXCLUSIVE’ mean that it true or authentic even if the story or article is coming from a source that can be unreliable?

1.) 01 Jul 2020
01 Jul 2020 17:54:25
No. It just means that it is their own story.

2.) 01 Jul 2020
01 Jul 2020 18:42:51
Thank you Roman.

3.) 01 Jul 2020
01 Jul 2020 22:27:48
Last rant. have we even spent 5 minutes as a team working on defending corners and set pieces? We are as bad now as game 1! Pathetic. Azpi on 6ft3 player while Tammy takes post?

4.) 02 Jul 2020
02 Jul 2020 14:05:32
I would like to think so Feeling Blue.

I’ve been saying for some time questions have to be asked of our defensive coaching. Although I’m not sure anyone can cure Christensens lack of concentration or Rudiger’s walkabouts.