02 Apr 2018 11:55:57
Many of us call for Conte's head but he's only worked with what was giving to him. Besides even our so called big players had stopped playing especially Hazard. Hazard is not world class for me because he goes missing in all the big matches. He's mentally weak and sulks often. Wouldn't mind selling him and investing in the right player. He often delay our attack and let opposition defenders get back to position.
I guess Conte's mistake was letting Costa go hoping the club would support him for another striker on the same level. Unfortunately we only got Morata. Diego and Matic departures weakened our squad as their replacement were not adequate.
Finally I still want Conte to stay provided the board will support him with his preferred transfer targets. I can't really see a better replacement for him atm.

1.) 02 Apr 2018
02 Apr 2018 12:56:48
It's pretty amazing that you can win the premier league one season, and struggle to finish 5th the next.

2.) 02 Apr 2018
02 Apr 2018 14:24:02
Well random red, ask Jose his next season was even worse.?

3.) 02 Apr 2018
02 Apr 2018 17:25:56
He ran out of ideas yesterday, 81st Min at 3-1 down he made first change in must win game, poc made tactical changes at half time as he saw problems, Come 60 min if we’re not winning team run out of ideas and look nervous, 1 game a week we pressed high and had most teams on back foot. Win ball back quick and had costa causing problems if he scored or not, this year we looked tired from day one, never pressed as high and set up not to lose rather than win, 7 defensive players on pitch at once whomever we are against.