23 Jul 2021 07:31:11
So this could be a load of rubbish, but it looks like City are about to to get the Kane deal done.

If we're to stand any chance of staying with them in the league, we simply have to sign Haaland now. Because with Kane City are simply just too strong over the course of a 38 game league season.

Not saying we're unable to beat City as we obviously are as the Champions League final proved. But over the course of 38 games we simply need an out and out goalscorer to keep pace with them.

1.) 23 Jul 2021
23 Jul 2021 08:50:29
Plus Dortmund are about to sign Donyell Malen.

We are very quiet at the moment. Let's hope we can pull this off and shock everyone.

2.) 23 Jul 2021
23 Jul 2021 09:32:29
I am guessing Donyell Malon is Sancho’s replacement but I hope he's Haaland's replacement. Some reports though from Sky Germany yesterday said Chelsea’s talks with Borussia Dortmund have been informal, but upcoming talks between Chelsea and Borussia Dortmund in coming days could be formal, i don’t know what that means but I sure pray it’s positive news.

ASIDE: if Manchester makes a breakthrough in agreeing a fee with Tottenham for Harry Kane, I don’t see Borussia Dortmund selling Erling Haaland reasonably less than what Manchester City will pay for Harry Kane (that is Borussia Dortmund eventually decides to sell Haaland to Chelsea in this transfer window) .

3.) 23 Jul 2021
23 Jul 2021 09:39:05
The Harry Kane gist is coming from the Sun, perhaps that doesn’t leave much in terms of credibility.

4.) 23 Jul 2021
23 Jul 2021 10:20:12
I don't see that being the case . if we pay 135 or 150 being quoted that double what they would get next year. so Kane deal has no baring on this deals price.

5.) 23 Jul 2021
23 Jul 2021 20:30:56
Cant argue with that Obinna. If kane as reported is GBP 160m. Nuts if you ask me. Then what must Haaland be worth?

6.) 24 Jul 2021
24 Jul 2021 00:49:38
Malen is a CF not a winger.