02 Jul 2020 12:11:31
I can't envisage the club signing Chilwell or Rice as they both would each cost in excess of 50m +

I would rather the following;

GK - O'Nana
LB - Tagliafico
CM - Havertz

The above are all possible and can be done.

CB - At this rate I'd even take Phil Jones from Man Utd. Jokes aside, this will be a tricky position to fulfill. Ed did say our targets are not available. Any ideas and are there any realistic options out there Ed1?

{Ed001's Note - the obvious ones are the RBL pair Upamecano and Konate, probably better the former as he is more physically powerful, which is useful in the English league. Ben White is another obvious one, done well on loan at Leeds and looks a very good ball playing centre half. Thinking about it though, the likes of these and Zagadou etc are all young and learning, when you really need someone more experienced to take charge at the back. So maybe Manolas? Or try for Alderweireld? Issue is injuries with him but he wants out of Spurs so maybe worth a look for Chelsea. Or really left field maybe a look at one of the Sheff Utd centre-backs, particularly O'Connell I would suggest as their defence has gone to pieces without him. There are not a lot of options out there that jump out to be honest, but someone like that could be a revelation given the chance at a big move.}

1.) 02 Jul 2020
02 Jul 2020 13:40:22
Thanks Ed1. Your right we need a CB who can take charge of the situation. Just feel that covering this position will be very vary tough.

I'm still annoyed and frustrated following the manner of the defeat yesterday. It's hard to take given the comical defending from the lads. What do you think the problem is with Chelsea's defence or are the players simply not good enough?

{Ed001's Note - it happens sometimes, lots of youngsters with no real leader to sort them out on pitch. That is what is badly missing from your team, lots of good players but no real captain. Azpilicueta is a magnificent player and he has been a fantastic servant to the club, but he is not a leader. He doesn't rally the players or drive them on. That is the missing piece now. You can get away with it when things are going well, or like now you can sort things out in the water breaks, but long term you need that key man to step up and open his mouth.}

2.) 02 Jul 2020
02 Jul 2020 14:05:04
Interesting opinions there Ed but out of curiosity as you state there is not a lot of high quality availability in the CB market right now. What do you think about the rumours linking Rice to Chelsea and do you think if he were to be brought in he would be converted to a CB as it seems to be a lingering rumour and with a lack of options in the position as you say, he could be the revelation we are all hoping for. Personally I’d go all in for Skriniar but I think Conte would likely give up his left leg then sell a player of his quality.

{Ed001's Note - Rice is an excellent midfielder but as a defender I am not convinced. It would seem a waste of his talents to put him at the back. He is getting better and better in midfield.

I do like Skriniar but Inter are unlikely to sell. His only issue is a lack of pace, which could force a deeper defensive line.}

3.) 02 Jul 2020
02 Jul 2020 14:12:50
How about Diego Carlos? Have been reading a lot of positive stuff about him, and he must have a releasen clause since playing in Spain. Perhaps he would be a good option?

{Ed001's Note - I haven't seen enough of him to judge, though I know Liverpool are interested in him.}

4.) 02 Jul 2020
02 Jul 2020 14:16:47
Ed001, what I don't understand this, whose exact fault is it that our defence is so bad?

1) Is it the quality of our CBs?
2) Is it because of Kepa?
3) Is it because our midfield fails to screen the players (as in Jorginho)
4) Is it because Lampard doesn't know how to organize the defence?

Thoughts Ed001?

{Ed001's Note - I think it is a mix of them all to differing degrees. Lampard probably could organise a defence, I don't think it is so much that he doesn't know, it's more that his ideas are risky with the players at his disposal. He is taking a chance on being more attacking, leaving gaps at the back and trusting in his defenders to be able to deal with it.

One of the goals was certainly down to the more attacking emphasis meaning the midfield failed to screen, the one when Christensen tried to chase the ball out. What Christensen should have done is been aware that the midfield were not in position to cover him. However, the midfield or right-back would normally have been in place to fill in behind him. They didn't do that because you were chasing the win and taking major risks to do so. On another day, Christensen chases it and the player on the ball messes up the pass and you recover it. So that one is a (sort of) combination of 1, 3 and 4, though I wouldn't refer to 4 as a lack of knowledge, just a conscious decision to be more pro-active and go for wins rather than sit back and take the draw. Personally I see that as a good thing.

Kepa is certainly an issue, he doesn't command his box or organise the defence effectively. The players certainly do not seem subconsciously confident in his ability to deal with things and they are second-guessing their positioning due to it. Your set-pieces are all over the place, the players are in a muddle and that is something a quality goalkeeper would help deal with. I am not sure what the thinking is behind the set up in these situations, but that is one area that does worry me with Lampard. It might just be he needs time to figure it out, but personally I would be looking to bring in an experienced set-piece coach to help him. Not necessarily Allardyce, but someone like him who has great knowledge of how to work set-pieces, that he can work with on the training ground for a few months. It is a very specialised area, it might even be worth employing a specific coach to work on these areas and create plans for dealing with specific opponents etc. Modern day players are not as flexible and adaptable as the old timers, they are coached so intensively and have instructions shoved down their throat to the point where they can no longer just figure out who marks who and who picks up what spaces for themselves.

Overall though, you do need a leader figure at the back. Without that, you will always have lapses when you least need them as a manager can only do so much from the side of the pitch.}

5.) 02 Jul 2020
02 Jul 2020 15:19:26
Brilliant Ed1. Thanks mate.

{Ed001's Note - very welcome.}

6.) 02 Jul 2020
02 Jul 2020 20:40:00
Any clubs interested in Ajer of Celtic ed? Seen a few Celtic games and he’s looked very impressive. A unit at around 6’5” I believe so could help us from crosses haha.

{Ed002's Note - Wrong page - this is the CHELSEA page.}

7.) 02 Jul 2020
02 Jul 2020 17:27:54
Yes Big Sam or Tony Pulis to sort out defence. Unless we wait for JT.