15 Dec 2019 12:11:38
Here are some premier league stats on Zaha for the past 3 seasons;

2017: 7 goals and 9 assists
2018: 9 goals and 3 assists
2019: 10 goals and 5 assists

He is a player that seems to have been improving every year and whilst playing for Crystal Palace.

As a Chelsea man, I have to say the above statistics should be the minimum of what we need from our attacking wingers. Unfortunately, no matter how good our wingers have been recently they leave a lot to be desired from a goals/ assists perspective which is what matters in the end.

Willian is a very good dribbler of the ball but his end product isn't good enough. Pedro is very inconsistent. Pulisic and CHO are young players and will come good.

If Wilf is attainable in January then maybe we look to sign him.

1.) 15 Dec 2019
15 Dec 2019 12:21:08
Alternative is that we wait for Sancho and get into bidding wars with Man Utd in the summer which would be poor.

Our board definitely won't agree and ruin its transfer/ wage structure and match what he probably gets at Utd if you take Rashford and Martial as the precedent.

Also there is no reason why we can't sign two, one in Jan and another in the Summer.

2.) 15 Dec 2019
15 Dec 2019 12:56:54
Nice stat CFCShak, thanks. As I have been saying, my friend Olive has said he will be joining this January with possibly a Chelsea player going the other way. He can also play in The Champions League which is a bonus. Olive has also overheard whispers about 2 or 3 other players as well whilst ironing Romans shirts😏😏.

3.) 15 Dec 2019
15 Dec 2019 13:44:52
Brilliant info G8, it makes perfect sense to sign him as he is very good player who improves our team.

4.) 15 Dec 2019
15 Dec 2019 14:54:09
I don’t see how anyone could say we should buy Zaha for the figures quoted. He’d be our most expensive signing ever and at 27 he’s already at his peak now. Whilst he does have a decent level of assists I don’t think of him as a creative player which is something I think we need. Is he an improvement on what we currently have, yes most likely but I only see it as an incremental improvement and for £80m I’d argue we needed someone who would be a big improvement.
If he comes I’ll be supporting him from the offset but with our own academy players being phased into the first team I think we can look to bring in a player who is not HG and therefore isn’t monumentally overpriced.

5.) 15 Dec 2019
15 Dec 2019 15:24:59
Nobody knows what the figures are Fuser so I wouldn't worry about that right now. In addition, CP are keen on a striker from us and therefore a swap plus cash is on the cards. That doesn't seem too bad given that he could cover for the striker that goes in exchange.

Zaha isn't a creative player, however, he is an attacking winger who has more end product than what we currently have in the squad. He will improve what we currently have and is possibly attainable in January. His an experienced premier league player and so nothing will come as a shock. He has my blessings.

In terms of breaking our transfer record, I will say that transfers these days will surpass our record given the level of money involved in football.

6.) 16 Dec 2019
16 Dec 2019 08:24:55
I’m not worried about the figures. They have very little impact on us fans but I worry more about the expectation that would be placed on him (by fans and media alike) Perhaps he could surprise me and be our Sterling but I personally don’t see him having that sort of impact. I see Zaha as an incremental upgrade, and for the price we can do a lot better buying a player from Europe.