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03 Aug 2012 22:54:41
Do u think anything will happen soon ed our transfer targets are in London with Olympics why we taking so long let's get them wrapped up and get them on the squad do u think anything will happen soon thanks {Ed002's Note - Soon I can't say. If you want the bottom line - three to come. That is it.}

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3 ed002? so is it true we are after and going to get Cesar, Cavani and Hulk or is there a slim chance of us getting Micah Richards? {Ed002's Note - Cesar? I have explained where I think the options are.}

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Tell me who is the most promising out of all the rumors that are going round. Could it be possible we sell Ash Cole and go for a left back? Are we still going for Cavani considering his latest performance at the Olympics (I rate him, dont think he plays well for Uruguay but a solid club player).

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Azpilicueta, Javi Martinez and Hulk/Shurrle/Neymar

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I agree with the previous comment as all of the players mentioned are versitle and cavani ect are not

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03 Aug 2012 15:16:05
If we do end up getting our desired 'Striker, Right back and Right Winger' is there any one else we could possibly get? If we get all three players in those positions we should have everywhere covered but will there be an offer for another player in a different position? {Ed002's Note - It depends on people leaving, but for now that is it.}

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Sahin - deep lying midfielder.

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Agree but I think that position will be looked at next year maybe January.

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03 Aug 2012 15:10:11
Yossi Benayoun may move to Fulham after they offloaded Dickson Ethuhu to Blackburn.

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You couldn't get two more opposite type of players!

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03 Aug 2012 09:26:50
Ed is there any latest on solomon rondon of Malaga, I remember some interest a while ago?

Thanks, Webbo {Ed002's Note - Spurs are pushing to see if Malaga would let him go "on the cheap" given their difficult situation.}

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Typical Tottenham!

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Great Move by Spurs then great player

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03 Aug 2012 09:17:25
Striker Hunt i think we should bring in neymar or cavani

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BOOOORRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGGG!! Or new to the site, in which case - sorry!

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Easier said
than done

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03 Aug 2012 03:46:00
Ed, is it true Werder Bremen have the option to buy De Bruyne after his season long loan with them? {Ed002's Note - Just a one year loan.}

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Ask yourself, why would Chelsea purchase a player, loan him to a club to gain experience and offer him with an option to buy at the end of the loan period... Before he has played a game for the original club that purchased him.

Seriously Ed002 your patience is astounding.

Melbourne CFC

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Chill out Melbourne. It didn't make sense to me either, hence the reason I asked Ed in the first place. And it isn't a completely random question as the report on Werder Bremen's website states that the loan move includes a buy out option.

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The report on Werder Bremen's website? You sure it isn't a link to a rumour?

Its a fu*king stupid question mate. I wasn't having a crack at you to begin with. But now i realise you my friend are a gilfnard.

Melbourne CFC

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You're making yourself looking like a real douche. From their official site, "SV Werder Bremen have secured the services of Belgian international Kevin de Bruyne as the 21-year-old offensive midfielder leaves Chelsea with immediate effect and moves to Werder on loan until 30 June 2013 with a buy-out option." {Ed002's Note - There is no option for Werder Bremen to buy De Bruyne. For a small fee Chalsea may recall him at anytime. Try not to be so rude to people, it makes it look so embarrassing for you when you are wrong.}

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03 Aug 2012 00:00:36
Ed are there any clubs looking seriously at meireles? Have napoli changed there mind? {Ed002's Note - Napoli's interest in Meireles seems to have waned as has interest from another EPL team - we will see what happens.}

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Ed did we ever consider or offer mereiles to Napoli part exchange for cavani ? {Ed002's Note - It is not how these matters work.}

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Newcastle are interested apparently {Ed002's Note - And possibly Spurs.}

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Reports surfacing about Spurs interest in Meriless & Sturridge. Any contact made with Chelsea ED by Spurs regarding these two? {Ed002's Note - Meireles interest exists.}

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