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14 Jan 2016 12:44:58
Well what do you think will happen to Guardiola then Ed002? (The brilliance of my questions amazes me! )

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{Ed002's Note - It seems nobody ever asks, but here goes.

Pep Guardiola will be moving on in the summer and whilst Bayern Munich wanted him to sign a new contract and commit to spending a longer time with the club – and he has declined that option. I had explained previously that talking with a Spanish former player who knows Guardiola well and works within the media, he said that Munich had originally asked to be informed in November of his future plans but then tried to accelerate the process once Brendan Rodgers left Liverpool - the reason being that Munich were interest in Klipperty joining them as Guardiola's replacement. However, attempts to have Guardiola decide earlier than planned fell on deaf ears. As I said in the summer, I have previously spoken with a well known German ex international player - and he expected Guardiola to stay and run down his contract and he felt that there are clubs who want him next summer - Manchester City being one. That is exactly what is happening.

So his options. Firstly he has already turned down three approaches, one from Zenit and one from each of the dark horses.

Manchester City – sustained interest in Guardiola and they will move Pellegrini on to fit him in regardless of winning the league and indeed the Champions League if Guardiola agrees to join. Will offer an outrageous package and the opportunity to make whatever changes he wishes to the playing staff - and they are willing to try and negotiate a deal for at least one really high-end player. His most likely option as it stands right now.

Chelsea – Guardiola and his representatives are aware Chelsea are looking for an new options and ideas for the summer and would be willing to allow a potential new manager to influence the future playing strategy that is currently being developed. Whilst they would make a very good offer in terms of a package to Guardiola and would pretty much be willing to fund a rebuild, they would still rely heavily on advisers when considering transfers – and he would need to agree to work within that frame work (which actually may suit him well). Certainly possible but Chelsea are going to be continuing to look at a wide selection of other options.

PSG – The club will continue to look to see if anything can be done with Guardiola and are willing to force Laurent Blanc out in order to make way. They will offer a certain amount of latitude with the team but they are wary of FFF regulations, FFP and the fans craving major French players being recruited. Quite frankly their efforts will be lost on Guardiola and it is impossible for me to see Guardiola opting for PSG with a language barrier and other otions available. PSG will look to shore up by signing Laurent Blanc to a new deal, but Laurent Blanc will need to think carefully before signing it - as he is well aware of what the club has been looking at with Guardiol.

Arsenal – As I have previously explained, during the pre-season and early on in the season there was an issue that was proving to be of great concern to Monsieur Wenger and there was a chance that he would not see out his contract. To allay fears that would happen, and after some discussions, he has now stated to the board that he will retire in the summer of 2017 when his contract expires. Unless the issue M Wenger is concerned about comes back to the fore, I think it very unlikely that he would step down next summer. Timing is not good for Guardiola unless he takes a further year off although it has long been known it is a job that he would liked to have the opportunity to be considered for. I cannot see it as any sort of option for 2016.

Manchester United – Guardiola would, I am sure, be interested in hearing a proposal from the club but will be wary of a number of matters. With LvG in place and the club already having planned for the future through to 2022 they will likely not pursue the matter unless something changes. A souring toxic fan base not bright enough to understand the future plans and want changes made now at the expense of the future could get what they want, but it may well be detrimental to the long term future of the club. Right now, a third party has a plan that they are trying to discuss with the owners of the club, and that may have an impact on this. Unlikely to happen.

Barcelona – Don’t totally rule out a return at some point. Certainly very, very unlikely but not impossible in the future.

Previously I said there were two dark horses remaining – I can now say that they have both already had their approaches turned down and it really is unimportant who they were.}

14 Jan 2016 13:40:55
That's a good read, Ed002, thank you for that. And brilliant question, Ed001. I don't know how you came up with it! ;-)

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{Ed001's Note - it was like a flash of inspiration mate, a bolt from the blue, a voice from the clouds.}

14 Jan 2016 19:07:07
Sounds like you had an epiphany. Cherish this day forever, good sir.

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{Ed001's Note - it is noted down in history for all to share in on here.}

14 Jan 2016 20:10:25
That is true. I'm liking the editors "co-op" thing. One of you asking the question, the other one writing a lengthy summary. Don't hesitate to share future moments of brilliance :-)

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15 Jan 2016 06:46:07
Yeah Ed001 thanks, Really interesting Ed002, thanks for the information.

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15 Jan 2016 03:34:57
wow, just wow. nice read Ed002

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15 Jan 2016 12:36:27
So ed01 if we want to ask ed02 a question which might come back with the reply "rtfp", can we ask you to ask him in future, as he probably likes you more than us.
Secondly when he gets fed up with this site during the transfer window, can we ask you a question and then you can be sneaky and say to ed02 something like "my mate down the pub wants to know this and that ", he will then give u the info because he likes u and doesn't know it's from this site, u can then give us the info. You can put the info on another rumour site, to be decided, so ed02 doesn't get wind of our devious plan.

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{Ed001's Note - that would be good thinking if it wasn't that I don't drink and Ed02 knows that. We might have to come up with a different ruse other than 'my mate down the pub'.}

15 Jan 2016 13:33:47
My mate at the gym, Ed001?

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15 Jan 2016 14:20:41
good idea, I do use the gym here when I get time. Just hope he never realises it is always empty as nobody else in this building ever uses it.

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15 Jan 2016 19:29:04
Is ed02 not from America, in which case I rather doubt he knows what a gym is, as most American men seem rather portly and rotund, having a bad diet of large burgers and fries (chips) . Ed01 are you not a member of a strip club, or a train spotters club, or a horticultural society maybe, perhaps that may be a better idea.

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{Ed001's Note - Ed018 is the train spotter, he also spots greyhounds, oddly, not sure if that means he likes to go to the dog track or what. A strip club? Hahaha my missus would kill me. I am sure I will think of something. Maybe tell him it was my daughter asking, who can refuse a child?}

15 Jan 2016 20:06:30
I think fitness is a pretty popular thing in the US as well, Sid. Sure, there are a lot of unhealthy Americans with diabetes etc, but it's pretty popular over there I think. Most fitness youtubers are located in the US, and if you look at some videos the gyms are crowded as all hell :-P.

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{Ed018's Note - it goes both ways over here in America. There are a lot of gyms around my area that always seem pretty busy but there are also plenty of overweight people walking around as well. Spotting greyhounds? No idea what Ed001 is on about}

16 Jan 2016 01:32:31
It's my rather dry sense of humour Jackson and ed18, I am sure ed02 and Americans in general, know more about a gym, than an average inhabitant of my home town in England.

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{Ed001's Note - don't listen to Ed018, he has a cagoule and everything. Just don't ask him about his notebook, he gets all excited....}

16 Jan 2016 14:09:15
Great Question Ed001 and a fantastic in depth response Ed002 :)

Ed002 You mention that Chelsea are in the process of developing a new playing strategy, can You elaborate on this?

Also You mention that Chelsea would be fairly willing to fund a rebuild, will this still apply if someone other than Guardiola is in the Managerial Hotseat and if Chelsea find themselves out of the Champions League?

Thank You in advance.

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{Ed002's Note - There is nothing to elaborate on right now in respect of the strategy from a on-field perspective. The club know they need to look at it and that is now in hand. As for changes in the squad, Chelsea has players who are getting older and they have players who will be moving on. The club will be looking to make changes and the new manager will get all of the support that he needs as part of that process.

It is recognized that a new manager will also bring new ideas and they will be integrated in to the larger plan}

16 Jan 2016 17:13:12
Thank You muchly Ed002 :)

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14 Jan 2016 06:10:11
Ed my G! I've checked and on the 10th December you said we wasn't interested in Pato can I ask please if that has changed since?

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{Ed002's Note - Pato has not had a good time this past couple of years and Corinthians loaned him to Sao Paulo until the end of the year - but it hasn't worked out that well. He has been in mixed form and unfit and I would think far from able to perform at the premier league level. Corinthians would be really pleased if someone were to buy him =- actually they are pretty desparate to sell and have now taken a pretty extreme measure through a third party to seek a new home. Although the LIverpool supporters are convinced he will be one of the many players joining in January, I am not aware of any deal with Liverpool for him - and I can't see where he would fit in given Benteke, Origi, Firmino and Sturridge not to mention Ings returning at the end of the season. Spurs might just look to him to solve their striker issue. The Arsenal manager has spoken with an ex-player about Pato but I think it unlikely any move to the Emirates will happen. Spurs is, according to someone very close to the situation, one of his two preferred destinations - Barcelona being the other (although I get vhe feeling that if the question was posed again today he would say two other clubs). Clubs will have noted his wages are very high, he has some ownership issues that would need to be resolved before a return to Europe, and (importantly) he has a total of agents and representatives that would need to be paid as part of any transfer. I cannot see any English side taking him on, the answer for him is back in Brazil until the summer, with Chinese second dividion side Tianjin Songjiang (who have made an offer) or potentially somewhere in Italy (but I doubt with a leading club). I appreciate that this will devastate the Liverpool fans who are still convinced it is a "done deal".}

14 Jan 2016 14:09:58
Thanks ed 😎.

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14 Jan 2016 00:53:11
Hi Ed

Many recent reports about Chelsea having interesting in Toni Kroos and prepared to lodge a bid due to his frustration and lack of playtime is there any truth in this if not is anyone else interested?


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{Ed002's Note - Kroos problem was with the manager. Kroos got the Real Madrid move he wanted but is attracting interest from Juventus. With Benitez gone he will likely reconsider his options in the summer rather than try and force a January move.}