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28 May 2020 16:57:49
Premier League restarting on the 17th June according to BBC.

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27 May 2020 21:32:07
Ed002, are Chelsea still looking to sign a ST despite Giroud's extension? Or will they just focus on signing a winger?

{Ed002's Note - Chelsea would like to add a striker and are willing to let MB leave. There remains an outside chance that Giroud could yet leave if another player came up and he had an option as a starter.}

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28 May 2020 13:14:19
I’m hoping the stories of Leipzig not accepting a penny less than the release clause for Werner are true and we have one less competitor in getting him, hopefully there not negotiating as there annoyed with way LFC acted towards player,

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28 May 2020 14:38:30
As good as Werner is if he wants Liverpool then leave him
go there. Don’t want any player at the bridge who used us as 2nd choice but that’s just me.

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28 May 2020 14:56:47
Does he really want Liverpool thou, surely he knows he’d be squad players, his not getting ahead of there front 3.

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28 May 2020 16:58:43
He would start and Firmino would drop back and play the 10 behind him I think with Salah and Mane out wide and two holding midfielders behind. It also gives Klopp the chance to rest one of the three and rotate. He would get plenty of games.

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28 May 2020 19:25:34
I think the argument regarding forgoing players whose first choice isn’t your club is awfully petty and shortsighted. Most non-English kids don’t grow up dreaming of playing for Chelsea and if they say they do it’s likely lip service. We’ve had countless examples of guys coming here and giving their heart for the badge with affinity for other clubs such as hazard. I also don’t think that it’s realistic to fit Werner into that squad without someone exiting and that the squad wouldn’t get unsettled. The first time a big game comes up and one of the four is on the bench the cracks will start to show.

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26 May 2020 22:43:39
Ed002, would you mind reposting your excellence summaries on:
A) how transfers are conducted and
B) the breakdown of costs involved in a transfer deal?

{Ed002's Note - (a) The scouting staff will prepare reports on players and provide an idea about price; coaches will look at the players but have no idea about price; they will go to a Director of Football (or perhaps a mix of the finance director and others responsible for the monies) and say we would like this player and we think he will cost £x. Checking against available budgets, the club will likely approach his agent to ask if the player might be interested in the move and a broad idea about the package the player would want, and any broad idea about what the club would want - and what terms they may be open to (cash up front, spread over a year etc.). This sits inside the overall transfer process which looks something like this:

The same way as any other club do. The process should be along the lines of: Clubs will typically informally ask an agent (a) if the player is going to be available, and (b) would the player consider a move to the club. There may be some broad discussion on the sort of deal that would be offered but no more than that. If the answer is yes, it is then necessary for the club to approach the player's club to ask if they would be willing to sell and if they would grant permission to speak to a player's agent formally to negotiate about a transfer and even to the player about actually making a move. This will typically involve the showing of serious interest (perhaps through an offer) or actually agreeing a fee and responsibility for any significant costs (agents fees etc.). Once this has happened the club will be able to speak formally to the player's agent and perhaps the player himself to look at the package that will be involved. Many players are looked at and discussed at a high-level with agents and clubs; a subset of those have an offer placed; a subset of those involve discussions with the player's club; a subset of those involve discussions over terms, and; a subset of those go ahead.

Agents will often try and get more specific details of wages and other financials before they should - but most clubs are happy to follow this process. Players will often talk to other players about moves but, whilst wrong, is tolerated as it would be impossible to manage.

Alternatively, a selling club may ask an agent to find a new club for a player and he will talk directly to potential selling sides about the fee, personal terms and interest.

The rest of the time agents will be on fishing trips trying to find interest in their players.

In terms of what happens when the negotiations take place, broad agreement (player available and open to discussions, understanding of the price) will already have been reached. The clubs will meet to discuss the details of the transfer fee, other costs associated with the move and the structure of the payments and any additional fees (e.g another €5M for winning the Champions League etc.) but this does not take a "few days".}

(b) It might be an apt time to explain again about the cost of transfers (excluding wages). What is paid by the buying club would typically include:

(a) Transfer fee - the big number.
(b) Any levy applied by the local FA – 5% for the Premier League.
(c) Tax due on the transfer fee – typically this will be VAT (at varying rates across Europe) some or all of which should be reclaimable.
(d) Agent fees – this may be to one or more agents (as an example, Liverpool have spent £44M plus VAT on agent fees (nearly double the next highest) last season alone).
(e) Tax due on the agent fees – typically this is VAT at the local rate where the agent bills from – it is not reclaimable.
(f) Intermediary fees – this may be to one or more sponging leeches (what do you mean you have a super agent?) .
(g) Tax due on the Intermediary fees – typically this is VAT at the local rate where the Intermediary bills from – it is not reclaimable.
(h) Signing on fee to the player (possibly including non-reclaimable VAT if the player is VAT registered).
(i) Legal fees.
(j) VAT on legal fees which is reclaimable.
(k) Moving/relocation costs for the player.
(l) VAT on moving/relocation costs which is reclaimable.
(m) Solidarity and Traing Contribututions (see below).
(n) Paying up insurance costs to the selling club (usually waived).

What is paid by the selling club would typically include:

(a) If the player is under 24 and moving between different football associations, a Solidarity contribution paid to his previous clubs responsible for his training - this is 5% of the transfer fee received (apportioned 5% of the contribution for each year from the season of his 12th birthday to the season of his 15th birthday and 10% of the contribution for each season from his 16th to 23rd birthdays). This is generally (there are exceptions) recoverable from the buying club but responsibility (that is meant to be with the buying club) can be assigned to the selling club.
(b) If the player moves to a higher category club (all clubs being categorised 1 to 4) then Training Compensation is due for the period of age 12 to 21. Compensation is due to all clubs when the player turns from amateur to professional and thereafter only when he moves from his final training club to another club. The initial training compensation is levied at the training costs associated with Category 4 clubs. The subsequent figure is agreed between the sides or tribuneral if necessary. This is generally (there are exceptions) recoverable from the buying club but responsibility (that is meant to be with the buying club) can be assigned to the selling club.
(c) Any monies owed to the player if he did not request a transfer – again this is 5% of the transfer fee received.
(d) Any monies owed to the player in terms of his contract (typically outstanding owed wages (not future wages) and bonuses).
(e) Any money contractually due to a previous club as the result of a sell-on clause.}

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27 May 2020 03:16:09
Outstanding Ed, thank you for this.

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27 May 2020 06:05:11
Thank you very much!

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27 May 2020 11:53:44

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27 May 2020 13:49:35
Wow incredibly detailed response, the Liverpool agent fee figure is baffling too, they get paid extortionate sums at times. Cheers ed.

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27 May 2020 16:18:56
Fantastic answer.

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26 May 2020 17:08:33
Chelsea make Benrahma priority, and apparently already made contact with Brentford, not sure if click bait but thought I'd ask ed, skilful player / Mahrez like, cheaper option to sancho.

{Ed002's Note - No idea, sorry. Certainly there has been interest from other PL sides.}

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26 May 2020 17:16:19
Appreciate quick response,

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26 May 2020 22:39:51
I spoke to Brentford's French scout today and he said Chelsea had watched him earlier this season.

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26 May 2020 17:06:59
I assume the rumour about the lad from Brentford signing for us is Just more paper talk.

I had the pleasure of watching him play and I was impressed but I would have reservations!

If it's true, what are the Eds and my fellow posters views?

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26 May 2020 21:33:48
I’ve only seen clips of him, skilful and clips are usually him going past a player, can’t really judge a player on a highlight reel and take into account his opposition. who knows.

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26 May 2020 23:43:49
As you say very skilful but he is very one footed.

He was outstanding in the game I saw and he got people out of there seats. I guess the concern of some will be can he step up to the Premiership but I think he could comfortably.

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26 May 2020 13:27:47
Ed002 is there anything new on sancho? With the virus is his price lower? Do Chelsea still want him this window and willing to spend big? Thanks.

{Ed002's Note - Not really. The issue remains the overal cost. His agent has made a very significant demand which Chelsea are not going to pay. So the asking price from Dortmund might have a little room to negoitiate, but the agent fees need to reduce very significantly. Borussia Dortmund are in no rush to sell either.}

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26 May 2020 14:05:54
Why is his agents being so greedy, looks like he will stay another season at dortmund then, if which is looking likely willian and pedro go interesting to see if we get another winger in, guessing havertz could be an option as am/ rw, are we looking at any other than sancho?

{Ed002's Note - The agent sees this as his big pay day with FIFA looking to introduce a 10% cap on total transfer fee as soon as they can.}

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26 May 2020 14:31:57
Seeing as sancho wants to join us why doesn't he talk to his agent and tell him to reduce the fees?

{Ed002's Note - It is not really how it works.}

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26 May 2020 14:36:58
This is where players need to take a bit of responsibility, agents are there for the interest of the player, If sancho is happy for his agent to possibly prevent any move then fine but if he is keen to move to a certain club, . Chelsea or united then he needs to change his agent,

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26 May 2020 15:03:22
I would of thought the player has the final decision on where he wants to go and agent should be helping him get the move he wants not hindering it.

{Ed002's Note - You need to understand there is a very significant amount of money involved.}

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26 May 2020 15:26:18
Ed002, would you say it would be easier for Chelsea to sign Havertz as compared to Sancho?

{Ed002's Note - Well it would be more cost efficient but the asking price is again very high as I previously explained. Sancho would settle a lot quicker being English. Havertz has serious interest from elsewhere but nobody will look to an offer at the full asking price.}

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26 May 2020 18:55:10
I think havertz would be worth it tbh and would settle in england, would they be willing to lower the price? Or potentially take players in exchange?

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25 May 2020 20:17:03
Ed, do any clubs have an interest in signing Ross Barkley?

{Ed002's Note - Perhaps Newcastle will provide an option.}

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25 May 2020 21:32:58
I have read that Lampard wants to keep him. Is there any truth in that, Ed?

{Ed002's Note - I don't know what Lampard wants but unless someone makes a serious offer he will stay. The general feeling has been that if he wants a new challange and there is a reasonable offer, then Chelsea will not stand in his way.}

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25 May 2020 21:34:33
Thanks Ed. Would seem like a sensible move for him.

{Ed002's Note - The situation at Newcastle remains unclear. They have to resolve two positions rather than leave it to two advisors who are explaining to the potential owners about ownership, transfers etc..}

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25 May 2020 22:09:30
Good age. Newcastle will have money apparently, English, think we could get very very good money for him,

{Ed002's Note - You might be a little over-enthusiastic about this Matt.}

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26 May 2020 00:00:34
Haha wishful thinking mate, Ross to me is the most frustrating player, has everything to be a top top player, physique speed height shooting passing etc etc but doesn’t seem to have a brain. Hope your doing ok ed.

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24 May 2020 11:28:47
Hello Ed. I hope you and your loved ones are doing great.

As for questions i do have some. Do Chelsea have any interest in

1.Marcus Thuram?

2. Tagliafico?

{Ed002's Note - Thank you for the good wishes (a) Borussia Muenchengladbach are not looking to sell Marcus Thuram and Chelsea has no interest. (b) Nicolas Tagliafico (LWB) the agreement is he will be made available this summer - first choice for Barcelona but money may be an issue - and priorities are an issue for Inter who have preferred options - far from first choice for Chelsea but on a lengthy list of LBs but the club has considered - although interestingly Ajax will be taking a LB from Chelsea this summer. Atletico Madrid has also taken a look at him but would need cash from sales to make any move - and they will prioritise others. PSG has an interest if they cannot get the player they want as part of a complex transaction where they would buy and then sell on a player. The issue with PSG is they have Bernat and too a youngster, Mitchel Bakker, from Ajax last year and he will step up. So PSG is unlikely.}

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24 May 2020 14:42:57
Would the LB going to Ajax maybe be Maatsen? Just signed a new contract so would be a loan deal maybe?

{Ed002's Note - No, Juan Familia-Castillo (LB) who they have a cheap option on.

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24 May 2020 18:20:39
At this point, with all of the talk on this site about the LB position and who might be first-choice, you are simply teasing, Ed ;)

{Ed002's Note - I won’t bother then if you don’t think he is a Chelsea player moving to Ajax.}

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24 May 2020 19:58:21
Oh I am sorry if my message was misinterpreted!
What I meant was quite simply that yesterday some guys on this site were arguing who the first-choice left back was for the club, and I just found it a bit funny that you then mentioned "a lengthy list", perhaps adding some more fuel to what is a pretty irrelevant discussion :)
You don't have to post this or anything, just wanted to explain :)

{Ed002's Note - OK - but there is a long list.}

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