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09 May 2019 23:14:02
Kepa is going to be one of the best keepers in the world in a few years. The boy is actually good. I mean like really good. Huge price tag and since the first game away at Huddersfield he hasn’t been moved by it. Won us the game against Watford and with the help of brilliant goal line clearances had the chance to take us to the final.

Top lad.

Come on Chelsea.


1.) 10 May 2019 02:04:38
Considering it’s his first season he’s been one of our best players. He’ll be even better next year 🙌🏻 And he knows how to keep his legs shut 😉.

2.) 10 May 2019 08:53:07
Suppose this makes up for the poor display against city in the final?

3.) 10 May 2019 12:09:00
That first penalty save was comedy gold haha

Funniest pen save I've seen in ages. The classic FIFA (the game) strategy of keeping.

4.) 10 May 2019 15:24:47
Kepa is a fantastic keeper, his shot stopping abilities are phenomenal and great reflexes. Future is bright.

5.) 11 May 2019 01:34:12
Won us the semi final against spurs too in the penalty shoot out in the League Cup. Feels good to go into a penalty shootout confident again. Only ever seen Courtois the snake save one penalty at west brom away and that was lucky.

6.) 11 May 2019 01:03:24
For probably the first half of the season I was unconvinced. Then he began to show glimpses of class. Now I'm very excited for his future if he keeps up his recent form. He definitely needs to improve his collecting from crosses though.

7.) 11 May 2019 10:52:57
Kepa does indeed look to be both developing and indeed settling well.
It’s easy to forget that he has had 13 clean sheets in the PL this season which even for an experienced keeper is no mean feat.
I don’t know if one of the Ed’s can answer something that has had me scratching my head.
We know that Kepa had to buy himself out of his contract and that supposedly was around £70+ million. As I understand that sum isn’t the same as a transfer fee and has to come from the player and I doubt he had that sort of cash under the matteress
If that’s correct then its the player would be getting the money from Chelsea to compensate so no amortised fees etc in the accounts but would that money be paid by way of annual sum or more likely a one off signing on fee which if that’s correct surely would see a massive jump in the clubs declared wage bill.

{Ed002's Note - The "buy out clause" is legally binding between a club and a player. The "buy out" is effectively what it says - a means for the player to buy himself out of the contract. As an example, if a player wishes to buy himself out of a contract, he pays the applicable FA (on behalf of the club) the amount of the "buy out" clause effectively becoming a free agent. The problem is that in most cases a player would need to obtain that money from the buying club - and this is fraught with issues regarding "tapping up" and, of course, taxation (as it can be seen as income for the player and would therefore be subject to income tax). There was a test case about the taxation issue in Spain about five years ago which is why they have an exception. All players in Spain and Portugal have a clause that allows the player to buy himself out of his contract without tax implications. This was to address a ruling from around 30 years ago allowing players a way out of their contracts. The other notable point about Spain and Portugal is that the clauses if invoked by a non Iberian club need to be paid in full by the player (there are local rules that stop tax being due) but by needing to put up 100% of the money upfront would end many transfers then and there. It works differently in Iberia to elsewhere as the tax implications do not make such clauses viable. All players in Iberia must have a figure set and agreed with the club. So "buy out" clauses are very rare. Related to this is the Webster Ruling but I don't intend to go in to that now.}



19 Jan 2019 14:09:59
Hey lads, obviously everyone on here knows I don’t have contacts and have never claimed to but like during the bakayoko transfer as I know a good friend of his who told be he’ll be coming to Chelsea and I shared just thought I’d share also that Fekir is thought to be the player we’d be after to replace Eden if he leaves.

Hope Eden stays and we still go for Fekir which could happen too? Just thought I’d share.

Cheers and looking forward to the big game this evening.


1.) 19 Jan 2019 14:52:50
Fekir IMO can play left but is more of attacking midfielder, not an out and out winger, seems odd replacement, insigne would be best hazard replacement.

2.) 19 Jan 2019 15:51:30
Well Mart for our national team Fekir does play wide, but yeah he is more effective in a 10 role and it is his preferred role probably why he isn’t as effective in the national team.

3.) 19 Jan 2019 17:02:43
fekir would have the bit of creativity and magic we need and of course had a few goals in hin.



09 Jan 2019 08:45:35
9 years now that I’ve been on this site and it’s the first time that I’ve seen the focus fixed on who’s Positive and who’s negative and to be honest that’s a stupid approach for a banter page.

If I’m being honest off the top off my head G8 and TomB are the only two posters who are positively constructive with their comments while a whole lot other barely make any sense but are quick to call others out as being negative.

Some comments can be “toxic” yes I use this word cause it’s pure drivel but some really good posters who banter and look at things objectively (not always in support with our beloved blues) but objectively nonetheless are called fake fans and negative and for the good of the site this has to stop. It’s a banter page and though I do agree that “ it is my opinion” is not a good argument nor a constructive defense of ones points, some posters do have constructive criticisms and instead of banter everyone turns on them.

We all live Chelsea a bit too much but what can I say it’s hard not too so how about we stick to banter and stop the personal attacks.

Ps. Jorginho had a good game, but I stick to my point against smaller teams who sit back he just doesn’t have what it takes ala Cesc, Busquet Verrati, Pirlo s etc to make that defense splitting pass. Let’s banter.


1.) 09 Jan 2019 10:14:13
i get your point being a banter page and maybe your right we shouldn't get so worked up an negative a lot of time i just say stuff for a bit of reaction of certain posters i no il get 1 off haha but yeah it is a very toxic place this site at times i always love tom b s insight.

2.) 09 Jan 2019 10:53:28
I never get any shoutouts on here : ( . lol.

3.) 09 Jan 2019 12:51:01
Agreed about Jorghino against teams who play defensively as he offers nothing creatively which we desperately need from at least one of the three CM players.
Additionally not one of them has a record of scoring regularly which heaps a major pressure on the front three.
Luiz has taken over the reponsibility of playing Cescs role leaving Jorghino to pass the ball 15 yds sideways or back.
The whole balance of the team isn't right at the moment but at least we seem defensively more solid.



17 Nov 2018 07:03:32
Apparently Pulisic is coming in, that would be a brilliant signing. Let Willian go and use Pedro and Pulisic on the right flank. All we need now is a striker and we can go on to challenge City properly.


1.) 17 Nov 2018 07:31:13
We can only dream. Please give us info ed1 or ed2.

2.) 17 Nov 2018 08:19:34
Truly we can only dream. Pulisic is something! What a player if we can bring him in.

3.) 17 Nov 2018 08:41:51
We need Willian as Hazard's backup.

4.) 17 Nov 2018 08:52:40
A lot of rumours about pulisic, however they all appear to be spineless, it's the same story being recycled by most the tabloids. Why would Dortmund sell at this stage of the season? I find it hard to believe.

Ed1 do you know anything about the above?


{Ed001's Note - nothing about him moving in January. I know he was considering his options if Dortmund did not show that they could challenge in Europe, but they would not be happy to let him go now and I doubt he would force his way out. It would go against character for him to do that, he is not Dembele and he is very well advised. The summer would be when I expect him to move.}

5.) 17 Nov 2018 09:12:06
Thanks Ed1. I thought the rumours sounded a bit over the top for January.

The summer is a long way away so rumours about a summer deal should be left for then. Anything could happen before the summer, currently he hardly plays, he could get injured, he could lose confidence due to playing time etc. Seems like paper nonsense blowing both January and Summer options. So if they get January wrong they can push for summer.

{Ed001's Note - well you never know, Chelsea might have seen an opportunity and Dortmund need the funds to invest in the team, but it seems unlikely. Sarri does want a right winger though. I just feel it unlikely and have not heard anything regarding them looking to sell, quite the opposite. Last I heard they were trying to push offers away to keep a team together so they can try and win the title and be competitive in Europe.}

6.) 17 Nov 2018 09:52:09
Nice one Ed, appreciated mate.

{Ed001's Note - welcome mate.}

7.) 17 Nov 2018 10:07:50
Ed001, the report does say that Pulisic won't extend and Dortmund are looking to sell in 2019. (Which is in line with what Ed002 said earlier)

Could it be possible that we are looking to get this deal done early and pay a little extra? This would ensure less hassle if some other club decided to hijack the deal in the summer. Moreover, with Moses possibly gone in January, we might be left a little short of cover on the wings.

The way I see it, this is a win-win for both the clubs. (And Dortmund already have a lot of attackers from what I have seen)

{Ed001's Note - it is certainly possible mate, like I said I expected him to move next summer, so it might make sense now he is on the fringes. He always said he wanted to move to the Prem but he does want guarantees about game time. Not sure Chelsea would give him them. There is certainly interest there, but the reports do seem to be jumping the gun in the hope of being proven right later, because no one remembers the wrong guesses, just when they get it right early.}

8.) 19 Nov 2018 11:33:25
I have only see Pulisic play 3 or 4 times but I have been underwhelmed - at a reported £70m there are much better options out there.

9.) 20 Nov 2018 12:54:22
Yet another over hyped player whose performances this season have been average at best.
He certainly would not be an improvement on Willian and the transfer fee being mooted is ludicrous for a player unable to command a fist team place in a weaker league.
If we are to spend big money it needs to be on players who will substantially improve our first eleven .

10.) 22 Nov 2018 10:14:53
I think Pulisic is a little better than Jordan Sancho that some group of Chelsea fans seem to prefer. I feel his (Pulisic) not being in Borussia Dortmund starting eleven this season is cos of his refusal to extend his deal with the club. I don't think Pulisic is over hyped- he's a very good player imo maybe not worth £70m at the moment. He can replace Willian in the Chelsea squad.



18 Aug 2018 23:03:35
Was I the only one that thought Kovacic was Hazard at times the way he glided passed players. He’s going to be a steal if he continues like this. I hope the club make his move permanent. Hazard and Kovacic changed the game.


1.) 19 Aug 2018 00:44:02
No mate. I got confused too, couldn't tell the difference.

2.) 19 Aug 2018 01:02:32
Hahaha, I thought the same thing too. The best thing about him asides his skill is his ability to win back the ball.

3.) 19 Aug 2018 01:08:14
He’s quite the complete centre mid. Personally i thought he was a better all round midfielder than Kroos. Kroos is better on the ball but I do think he’s abit lazy and slow.

4.) 19 Aug 2018 07:09:17
KingFrank let's not start comparing players cos Kroos in on another level number.

5.) 19 Aug 2018 10:41:34
Obinna, you complain when people ridicule your opinion. Yet here you are telling someone else off for giving theirs.

6.) 19 Aug 2018 12:05:34
Please KingFrank, I am sorry I apologise, I don't mean it that way. I'm just caught up in the euphoria of the kind (beautiful) of football that Chelsea is playing. Sorry mate.




ELI's banter posts with other poster's replies to ELI's banter posts


03 Mar 2020 21:51:38
I thought Gilmour had an outstanding game and thought he couldn’t show any more class then he nutmegs James Milner.

Pedro, Giroud and Barkley were brilliant as well top team performance.


1.) 03 Mar 2020 22:13:28
Gilmour reminds me of Fabregas- maybe faster with more is tackles. I think he's a natural playmaking midfielder.



26 Feb 2020 21:57:42
Even Lyon put on a huge effort. They might not win the tie but have to tip my hat to them.

We on the other hand lack real character.


1.) 26 Feb 2020 22:16:57
ELI, we lack more than character along with about 4 or 5 other things.

Actually, the more I post about last nights game the more cheesed off I’m becoming. Sorry for not being positive lads.

No more posts until the next game/ nightmare!

2.) 27 Feb 2020 09:03:13
Me to tom
We haven't lost this many home games in a season for 25 years says it all.

3.) 27 Feb 2020 13:39:13
Tom I don't blame you mate.

I felt so frustrated after the game.

I have looked forward to the game long enough and to perform the way we did was unacceptable.



22 Feb 2020 14:36:34
Who else wishes we could play the spuds every week?! Great performance from the lads Giroud, Christensen, Mount, Alonso and Barkley were immense. Now focus on Tuesday night. Come on you blues.




19 Feb 2020 19:26:16
Ampadu is in the eleven against the spuds tonight for anyone that is interested.


1.) 19 Feb 2020 19:46:24
Shall now watch the match. Thanks ELI.

2.) 19 Feb 2020 19:56:36
Massive game for him. Personally if it was up to me he’d already be back here and playing for us at DM. Perfect for that role.

3.) 19 Feb 2020 20:26:58
Watching werner.

4.) 19 Feb 2020 21:31:37
Ampadu’s playing cb and playing very well like to see him there for us next season good on the ball good organiser/ talker from the games I’ve seen.

5.) 19 Feb 2020 21:36:40
He’s had a great game Ampadu.

6.) 19 Feb 2020 22:29:24
Mr Ampadu, very tidy player!

7.) 19 Feb 2020 22:45:15
Ampadu isn’t aerially good enough yet so I think DM is the best place for him.

8.) 20 Feb 2020 09:42:34
Couple of things about Ampadu performance which was very good given his lack of playing time.
He was given a lot of time by the Spuds which he wouldn't get against many PL teams.
Secondly whilst I think he could become as good as Luiz in a relatively short time we need a defensive rock at the heart of our defence which I don't see him becoming in the short term.
I agree that his best position currently is midfield but I think he will need a loan for a full season somewhere he plays regularly before being considered for a starting place.

9.) 20 Feb 2020 11:21:53
I do Believe Ampadu and Tomori/ Zouma parnetship should work amazingly.

You can see Ampadu has leader qualities in him just need to give the boy some confidence by telling him that you believe in Him.

I actually surprise that Christhensen get so much game time recently as in my opinion he is our weakest defender of all 4.

10.) 20 Feb 2020 13:53:43
LRD, I think Christensen has been ok over recent weeks. I hope he is back from injury soon. Apparently gone to Italy for a face mask, something my old lady wants me to get.



13 Feb 2020 12:57:24
Morning Ed002 hope you’re doing well this fine day?!

I saw you update on the Liverpool page on Werner and Sancho just thought I’d put this on here for the fellow blues who would like to read it (especially regarding Jadon Sancho) . Thanks for your hard work and time.


{Ed002's Note - No problem.}

1.) 13 Feb 2020 18:32:03
Especially interesting. Seems the Sancho price really is extraordinary!




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29 Mar 2020 14:14:25
Cheers Ed001 mate and Saim as well .


{Ed001's Note - welcome mate, sorry if it came across as I was having a dig at you. Again just general frustration with the situation that has been getting worse over the years.}



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29 Mar 2020 12:28:00
Wasn’t blaming anyone anyone Ed001, I do admit it might have come across that way, I think it’s fair to say 95% of the insults on here are caused by the same individuals, you ask any regular on here we could tell it was him after his very first post.

Goes without saying how much time and effort you all put in on all the sites, which is appreciated so I wouldn’t expect you to keep watch of every single individual who enjoys trolling, but what I meant by “coming back” was more or less letting his opinion do damage thus stopping your input or that of Ed002, or any other person’s time on here for that matter when it’s pretty obvious it’s the same Individual.

I do realize that everyone does more than enough on here, I mean I have been an active poster for over the last decade, my first post was me only hoping that posers like KingFrank and a couple others don’t ruin it for myself and the other lads. It has been a recurring theme, lost a couple of good posters as well because of the toxicity of the minority who stop Ed002 from being on here, and I don’t blame him and I don’t blame the posters who left as well and I sure don’t blame you or any other Ed. I’m simply just trying to point out that perhaps if posts like his weren’t let to mare and dent the majority that would be great. I like a good banter back when we weren’t as much on here me and a few other posters used to visit the other pages all in the name of “good banter” so I’ll never be put off by that but there is a limit and he has crossed it more than once as thus his opinion on here can’t be taken seriously.

Obviously, I guess I could have phrased that a lot better in the previous post but being on here for so long seeing the same thing occur every single year becomes rather irksome. Thanks for your hard work and hope you’re taking care of your self and your loved ones.


{Ed001's Note - no worries mate, I wasn't irked or anything, sorry if it came across at that. This is an issue that we would love to find a fix for too. If we could find one, trust me he would not be back any more. We don't mind giving people second chances, but some people just don't learn and we wish we could find a way to block them for good.}



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29 Mar 2020 11:11:35
Everyone can tell it’s him G8 mate, what I don’t understand is why the Ed’s let him comeback every time with a different handle doing the same thing over and over again. Then we all act shocked about the insults when it is literally done by the same person with different names. It is sad that he can sit behind his keyboard and ruin the community over and over and over again just by creating a new “persona” . Something has to be done it’s just not right, not normal.

King Frank or whatever you go by this time of the day, hope you realize you have a serious problem. Anyways hope everyone is safe we’ve been on lock down here in France and will be for another two weeks . Try ale care of yourselves lads.


{Ed001's Note - and we can only tell its him when he starts doing it. So don't start blaming us when there is nothing we can do. We don't hack your webcams to see if it is the same person. We don't ask for proof of ID or anything like that which could risk the information being stolen. IP addresses are no longer static and change regularly, so there is no real way to stop someone coming back. All we can do is delete the imbecile every time he reveals himself.}



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16 Dec 2019 13:29:50
To be fair Matt, Neymar was a Chelsea fan growing up and before Barcelona we were really interested in him. Obviously don’t think we would sign him but if we are really interested I could see him refunding his Barcelona form with us.




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02 Nov 2019 15:55:43
Thanks for coming back Ed002, still a big follower of the site.

Dazza in my experience over the years on here I know you mean well and just want some info on the club we all love but please, please don’t ask about every single player the media links us to. Ed002 did a list a few weeks ago and gave info on Werner. Let’s all try to just keep the questions logical and interesting.


Ps. Love to see Ed001 Shak, Tom, G8, Matt, Obinna and others keeping the page alive.





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02 May 2020 14:08:24
Like your team G8 but Kovacic should be in the 11, easily our best player this season, I think he is only going to get better. Other than that that team does look good on paper still think we should get a lb though.




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06 Mar 2020 14:59:48
Sorry for any Trouble caused Ed002 i totally understand if you’re not up for the grief right now but hopefully you’ll reconsider closer to the summer?!

Thanks a lot for all your info and hard work the site isn’t really the same when you and fellow Ed’s don’t contribute.




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03 Mar 2020 22:14:48
Don’t mean to dampen the positive mood but that performance from Gilmour is everything I hoped Jorginho was. 3 games out so maybe Gilmour gets more minutes and also let’s pray Kova’s injury isn’t as bad as it first seemed.




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28 Feb 2020 19:01:16
Wow dude you’re out of line, show some respect. All you do is create new accounts and cause trouble on here.

If you’re on able to communicate with the rest of the community on here why don’t you stay off.

Ed001 I apologize, please don’t let this stop you from contributing on here most of us appreciate your time, info and knowledge on the game. You too Ed002, please bare with us and our questions, I know most of the posters on here respect you all and value your time. Don’t let the silly minority like him wreck this.




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27 Feb 2020 18:53:46
I’ve been on here fore 10 years now and I think most can vouch for me, I’m not one to slate a player that plays for us especially not one of our own.

In fact I’m so happy the youth are going to get more of a shot under Frank and I am all up for that. I think Reece is going to be world class, if not of his I juries RLC for me would have been up their as well. Tomori and Tammy I could see having a future at the club as a solid part of our squad but for Mount I just don’t see it.

He has a good engine but surely that can’t be enough. It reminds me of when Lingaard and Cleverly started off at United and they really wanted to believe they were special, scored the odd goal showed passion but Mount doesn’t just have that little spark for me. Certainly not as a number 10 at least.