12 Aug 2018 17:46:55
Unpopular opinion. I'd like Lacazette at Chelsea.

1.) 12 Aug 2018
12 Aug 2018 18:08:12
Not unpopular for me. I'd love Laca. Very good striker, and we'd be lucky to have Auba starting against us next weekend instead of Laca.

2.) 12 Aug 2018
12 Aug 2018 19:32:39
Agreed, I really think he’s a good striker and links up perfectly too.

3.) 12 Aug 2018
12 Aug 2018 20:33:24
I like aubemeyang, and always had him down as lighting fast. Laporte kept up with him for pace, and stones, maybe that yard of pace has left him or there slow in the bundersliga, lac has good movement, okay pace and good finishing, think would do better the. Morata as I can’t imagine Sarri will be wanting loads of crossers from deep like Azpilicueta was doing for morata last year, wonder if they’d make him available.