07 Dec 2017 16:43:08
A few more points after speaking to Ed001.
Just a reminder as we need a fair few more for next summers charity football match in which it's Ed002 vs Ed001 being armchair managers.
£35 match fee per player
Held in the midlands at a floodlit pitch
Winning eds charity will receive 80% of money raised, whilst runner ups charity will receive 20% ( to give it the feel of competition)
The aim is to raise £1000
I've been tinkering with some programmes and streaming services, looks like the game will be able to be streamed to the posters which is great.
Any age is welcome to play, we have had a wide variety so far!
A lot of emails regarding not being able to play, but would like to donate to the eds charity. I've come up with the idea, that if people want to do that, they could donate to either eds charity, as a type of "I back you to win" donation. An we could get a poll going to see which team the posters back to win via donations :)
I've ran several football clubs an events so everything is in good hands. I'm friends with Dermot Gallagher also as he's from my town, and I'm sure I can get him to referee.
All we need is a few more sign ups, hoping to be able to pass everyone on to the eds this weekend so they can pick their teams.
Email benjaminallen1991@hotmail. co. uk (remove spaces)
Your name/ username
1 strength
1 weakness.
Cheers gents.

1.) 08 Dec 2017
08 Dec 2017 10:46:12
Any chance this will be added to YouTube or streamed? Probably wouldn't be able to catch a stream due to work and time difference but would love to give it a watch, could maybe do some commentary over the YouTube version using their login names for a laugh? Cheers.