18 Jul 2013 23:38:44
Alot of crazy rumours of late. One which has come to reality is the Rooney case. I really hope we look for an alternative, for me he is over-priced if we are to pay 30mil+ and taking into consideration his mammoth wages. His lost a yard of pace and his fitness is questionable. I could see him being an epic fail at chelsea. Being a strop after being dropped at Manchester United isn't a good sign for us because who is to say he will be ahead of Torres and Lukaku. Rather than fighting for his spot he hands in a transfer request. After all, many strikers would have been 2nd fiddle to RVP last year but the determined ones fight.

I hope we manage to get a deal done for Higuain as to that matter. That rumour excites me a lot more.


1.) 19 Jul 2013
RVP went through a bad spot, but he was still played. Rooney was out of position during this period.

Oh, and he never had pace, so nothing lost there.

I'd expect him to do well at Chelsea, he'd have something to prove.

Don't forget, Beckham was a model professional and fell out with Fergie. Maybe it isn't Rooney?

2.) 19 Jul 2013
Have said it before, not 100% sure but if anyone can get the best out of Rooney it's JM. But still not convinced. , there must be options as good or better out there. JM seems to have set his mind on him though so we can only watch this space

3.) 19 Jul 2013
Not good enough for Man Utd? Then he's certainly not good enough for Chelsea.

4.) 19 Jul 2013
The way Rooney plays fits into the Chelsea model in my opinion the only other striker that plays that role equally well is Jovetic and he's gone to city, it really wouldn't surprise me if we get him and he bangs in 25, 30 goals this season, you have to also look at how badly weakened it makes Man United.

5.) 19 Jul 2013
We certainly don't want Higuain, how would that look on Mourinho when he played 2nd best to Benzema at Real? As for Rooney, take a look at his record, says it all and he has more than established himself at club level in the Premier League. Ok he's not much of an International player but neither is Messi is he? Not that i'd compare the two but its the truth. I think Jose is a very talented manager and he can get the best out of any player. Having someone like Rooney in our squad wouldn't be a bad thing, time and options are running out for us, we need to act fast. Scott M

6.) 20 Jul 2013
20 Jul 2013 06:12:20
Because almost all of us cfc fans believe mourinho can get the best iut of any player, why not go into the season like this and save the club massive amount of money, I don't know about many fans, it is absurd as long as there is any available striker the fans will be calling for him to be signed up, who guaranteed that he can fit into cfc squad, no matter what his statistics in the past are, e.g kezman shevchenko torres pizzaro etc. Be careful what you wish for, with miurinho touch torres can deliver even lukaku can be world class, for preference see lampard tape on mourinho.

7.) 21 Jul 2013
I understand the reasons for being sceptical, I for one am a little unsure but let's look at it this way. Manchester United had their most successful period in their history with Rooney at number 9, 5pl titles in the 9 years he's been there, champions league & another 2 finals, league cups, only missing the fa cup, which we don't exactly need help with anyway & he only lost his place to van persie as he didn't want him going to city, well that's what I believe. The revenue a player of his standing brings to a club will justify the wages and tbh I don't see anywhere between 20 to 30 mil as being that bad for probably the most technically & statistically gifted English player of his generation - except frank of course. Its not like it's our money to worry about & I personally would like see it go through. Wayne Rooney in a Chelsea shirt? with Mourinho back? in a world cup year? We do have a habit of making history recently.