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23 Mar 2018 16:16:10
Just a bit of fun I know we've dropped way down the pecking order in terms of being amongst the elite in Europe now but who would everyone like to see brought in this summer. I see it very unlikely we sign a new striker after spending 70 million on Morata so I doubt we'lol sign Icardi I think Michy coming back is an option for us though to replace Giroud if he leaves.

• Oblak/ Allison (GK) - Move Courtois on I'm sick of hearing him talking about leaving he's so negative and tbh he's a good keeper but not the world class one I was expecting him to be he can be replaced by these two.

• Alderweireld (CB) - We need a leader who can boss the defence and who is experienced to partner Christensen. Unlikely but we need someone of his type.

• Alex Sandro (LB) - I like Alonso as a WB but he isn't class and if go to a back 4 next year his pace and defensive qualities won't be good enough so I'd try Sandro again.

• Vidal (CM) - A couple of true box to box players is what we need not these one dimensional types like Bakayoko and Drinkwater. Im a massive fan of Luiz there too if we change to a 4-3-3. Also Van Ginkel definitely deserves his chance there. I'd also bring Willian into the centre like Isco and De Bruyne do for Madrid and City Willian has got the work rate and quality.

• Bailey (LW) - Now this is someone who is highly likely and will take us to the next level. He is dynamite and he's a big Chelsea fan. This position needs sorting this summer we haven't replaced Robben since he left. Bailey, Morata/ Michy and Hazard as a front three depending on whether Eden stays could cause damage next season I still think Morata could come good.

My Outs to raise funds:

Courtois, Cahill, Pedro, Fabregas, Drinkwater, Bakayoko, Alonso, Kalas, Kenedy, Giroud.

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21 Mar 2018 10:40:21
my set with this team

courtios (only just)

Dave Christensen Rudiger

Zappa Alonso
Willian. We

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19 Mar 2018 19:11:28
Just a questions of interest would anyone take Pogba to Chelsea? (not that it would happen) . Lest asume the price we have to pay is around 70-80 mil.

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19 Mar 2018 21:47:30
I would, think it’s typical Jose who hasn’t got best out of him and doesn’t trust him. Needs an arm around him and team set up to get best from him.

18 Mar 2018 18:25:57
Another awful Conte tactic performance so slow poor decision making even if we win in extra time Conte needs to go.

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18 Mar 2018 20:20:08
It would help if all of the players were giving their best - Hazard looks like he's dreaming of the Bernabeu.

18 Mar 2018 20:33:53
Doesn’t help Moses being horrendous, no attacking qualities what so ever and hazard deciding not to bother today, and bakyoko not being able to pass or tackle.

15 Mar 2018 11:55:50
As a Rangers fan first and Chelsea second, there is not a shadow of doubt that Chelsea should sign James Tavernier for Moses' position. He's everything Chelsea needs from a wing back. Southgate should be looking at him. And by the way pay Rangers a proper and EPL rated fee. Fantastic footballer.

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14 Mar 2018 22:11:59
Gutted we are out but we matched them over 2 legs. Messi was the difference. We have hit the post 4 times but not taken our chances. Hazard and Tibo were poor and maybe, just maybe, they might learn from this and stop talking up Madrid moves and start delivering at the top level for Chelsea. I hope so. On the negative side Moses and Cesc are no longer good enough. The rest must improve. For a change I will ask the negs on this site to pick out a positive. over to you Matt Martin and C1955.

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14 Mar 2018 22:35:02
🤣🤣 i agree we did ok mistakes killed us were lacking quality is it worth selling hazard an courtois an rebuild this team fabregas has to go moses not good enough either we need a top class striker again we do miss diego.

15 Mar 2018 17:23:22
For me they most frustrating player yesterday was victor moses. If we had a half decent wing back then maybe better crosses into the box and we score. Needs to go.

16 Mar 2018 08:16:11
G8: Bingo, my objective view just for you. I agree with what you say. This dropping hints about leaving needs to stop or we bite the bullet and cash in and the two main culprits would produce a decent return which, if used wisely, could set up going forward. There is not doubt Fabregas has had his day, unless he has time (a lot of it) and space he is hampering us, Moses has plateaued and I cannot see any improvement and we need wing backs that can cross the ball not hit the guy in front of you. Everything must be thrown at fourth place, that would set us up nicely for manager and players. Sorry G8 I wanted to rip it to shreds but you are now getting into the groove. Well done.

14 Mar 2018 21:37:03

Well, we had a go. Great performance from Chelsea I would say, apart from 4 mistakes, we haven\'t been to far behind.

Once Morata came on, we were beaten. He gives nothing right now and it would have made more sense to bring on Callum Hudson-Odio.

Courtois let in 2 awful goals, questions must be asked, also of Azpillicueta and Christensen. Another off night, more so from the latter. Willian was okay, hazard was okay when he was in the game and Giroud had a good second half.

We go next year, once our 2 superstars sign ;)

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14 Mar 2018 22:35:41
well done willian proving us all wrong the second half of this season.

14 Mar 2018 21:05:51

So to be so negative but Moses must be one of the worst chelsea players I\'ve seen wear the shirt he is so out his depth in this squad and in a chelsea squad he\'s terrible.

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14 Mar 2018 21:09:04
Another mistake, played superb apart from school boy mistakes.

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14 Mar 2018 21:02:30
END PRODUCT! that's what we need in the summer,

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