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18 Dec 2018 15:30:20
Hi all, I'd just like to get your opinions on our possible January transfers. It look like we'll push to Callum Wilson and possibly for Pulisic (to arrive in the summer? )

What do you all think of this? I think Wilson's pace and genuine strength will be incredibly effective in our system. Pulisic would be interesting. I'm from the states, and while he is far and away our best player, I'm not sure that he will do well with Chelsea.

What do you think, and what other rumors have you heard about?

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18 Dec 2018 16:10:47
Calum Wilson is the perfect January transfer. Fast strong and knows were the goal is, and come summer if we got a big name he would be brilliant back up, 24 and home grown. knows the league, Abraham 3rd choice next year?

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18 Dec 2018 16:20:49
I believe that he is 26, but I still think he is plenty young enough! Do you have an idea of what "big name" you think would come in during the summer? I've been hoping for Icardi for the last few years, but I'm not sure that will ever happen!

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18 Dec 2018 17:53:27
I think we have needs at LB, RW and CF.

Like many others on here i think that Ben Chilwell would be the ideal signing at LB, but I don't thing Leicester will sell him for anything other than a ridiculous price. To be fair, with his new deal, the club seem pretty content with Alonso so we probably won't see much movement here till the summer. I've mentioned him before, and I will mention him again, but Jay Da Silva is having a fantastic season.

Pusilic seems like a fair shout for the RW spot, I'd also like to see a move for Thorgan Hazard who is having a very good season in Germany.

I agree that Wilson would be the ideal signing for the CF position. Could even have the type of season that would eliminate the need for a "big name" signing.

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18 Dec 2018 19:00:05
I’m not sure to be ho eat, I personally like icardi but he isn’t a Sarri type player of Sarri likes the target man who gets in the score sheet. Oscar did won’t be in the game for 75 min but 2 chances could bogey two goals, morata in theory is his type to link play and technically good but mentally he is so weak you have to feel for him. Mitrovic would be another one similar to Wilson for me. Good option but will only upgrade in summer, I honestly don’t know what strikers are about who are top class, the Cavani type except Harry Kane?

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18 Dec 2018 19:22:34
I tend to disagree with your Icardi statement, I think he does well holding the ball up. IMO he's able to be more than a target man, his movement is very good, he's strong and has pace. I think Icardi would not only bring goals, but he would bring a similar scrappy attitude like Costa's, which I think we've been missing.

Remember that Sarri used Mertens and Hazard, who are smaller players, as a #9. But I do remember that he wanted a reunion with Higuain, so maybe he does prefer a big man. Only time will tell!

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18 Dec 2018 19:53:19
J don’t know which Jay Da Silva you’ve been watching but he’s only played less than half their games. He can’t even get in the side ahead of Lloyd Kelly. We need to cut his loan short and send him somewhere else. I like Wilson but the price is a joke why not Vardy? A short term option who’s homegrown until we can find a world class striker. Vardy is a leader too he’s horrible but he’s what we need I’d try for him and Chilwell in a double deal very unlikely but it’s what I’d like to see.

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18 Dec 2018 06:25:09
Hello Ed001 hope you are well.

What do you make of Nicolo Barella. and is there any interest from Chelsea for the player?


{Ed001's Note - according to the club and at least one of his team-mates, yes there is interest from Chelsea. Naingollan was talking about it and how he thinks the lad is his successor for Inter, which would make sense. Cagliari have ruled out a sale in January and Barella himself has said his family are Inter fans and he would be keen to move there. He has also made it known he wants guaranteed first team football and talked of an interest in joining Liverpool, not so long ago, which sparked off rumours of him signing. I think he is just one of those players who is looking for a move and is touting himself, rather than he was especially interested in joining Liverpool or particularly interested in Inter. He does talk a little too much about other clubs for my liking, it feels disrespectful to Cagliari for me.

I have to be honest, I have not seen a lot of him playing, when I did see him there were some nice touches etc, but overall he was unimpressive. Like I said I haven't seen a lot and as the likes of Pirlo and Naingollan are saying he is top class and they have seen a lot of him, I would personally bow to their wisdom on this.}

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18 Dec 2018 08:29:57
"some nice touches. " I'm of the same view especially when you look at his long range passing abilities. He's a young talent and could attain great heights of the likes of Pirlo, hopefully his glut liking of other clubs won't come in his way.

. and hopefully we snatch him.

Thanks Ed001.

{Ed001's Note - I think, to be fair to the lad, that he is being asked leading questions by journalists and so can hardly say "f off I wouldn't join that shower if they paid me a billion". But it still does not look good and he would be better off batting the questions away and just talking about Cagliari.}

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18 Dec 2018 08:50:28
Just curious. is this usually the case with Hazard and Real Madrid?

{Ed001's Note - no mate, he is not being led in that respect, he is leading the conversation. It was the same thing as Lukaku kept doing while at Everton, when he spent his entire time talking up the prospect of a move. Hazard is just desperate to move to Madrid, though it is beyond me why he is so keen on them. They are a mess and his career is too short to be taking a chance that they will avoid the kind of decline Man Utd have suffered.}

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18 Dec 2018 09:32:39
Ed do you mean according to chelsea or cagliari there's interest? And do you mean his italy teammates like jorginho maybe?

{Ed001's Note - Cagliari and I meant a team-mate at Cagliari. Sorry, that wasn't very clear I realise now.}

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18 Dec 2018 09:42:27
Ed can i ask which teamate/ s,

{Ed001's Note - I don't know if I can say to be honest, without checking, I wouldn't want to get him into trouble.}

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17 Dec 2018 18:37:03
Ed reports that chelsea scout was at betis espanyol match, any idea who there watching? Thanks.

{Ed001's Note - just had a quick look at the line ups and the only possibilities I could see, off the top of my head, are Lo Celso, Guerrero and Moron. Not sure if any are good enough as I have not seen them play but I know that they are held in quite high regard by some Spanish fans I know of Betis.}

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17 Dec 2018 19:36:21
Junior firpo?

{Ed001's Note - I don't know mate sorry. I don't know anything about him.}

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17 Dec 2018 02:59:28
Ed are chelsea interest in cengiz under thanks.

{Ed001's Note - I believe he has been looked at but I think Arsenal are in pole position for him if he moves.}

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16 Dec 2018 23:42:09
Ed001, are you aware about which players Chelsea are looking at as a replacement in case Hazard leaves?

Thanking you in advance.

{Ed001's Note - I'm not but I don't expect it to happen in January.}

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16 Dec 2018 22:51:43
I maybe on my own on this but considering we've had problems at the ST position for a while and although Hazard at ST has been working, he clearly likes it better out wide, i'd love to see Sarri give Ruben a go at the ST position. Personally he's our 2nd best attacking player behind Hazard, but since Sarri prefers Kova in the Midfield because of his work rate and his ability to read the game better, why not? . He has all the attributes to be a world beater there.

His physicality and the way he uses his body to go past players is incredible, his eye for goal has been much better this season and his link up play (especially with Hazard) is brilliant. He does have a tendency to "over do it" when he goes on those mazy runs, something Sarri doesn't like, so at least if he done such a thing at ST it wouldn't be anywhere near as bad as doing it in midfield.

We need another attacking player in this team that can pull defenders out like Hazard and Ruben is the only one that's been capable of doing it. It's not like we'd be losing goals replacing him for Willian, Hazard, Ruben and Pedro as our front three and bring Giroud of the bench if needed. Personally i think this would work wonders and would allow Hazard to flourish even more. What do you think?

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17 Dec 2018 08:44:36
I agree. I think that RLC needs to be tried further forward more often, and in regards to Hazard, I think he is best when he is coming from a wide or deeper position.

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17 Dec 2018 10:28:34
I agree - I've been posting for a while that we should try RLC in the false 9 position - it would also overcome his lack of defensive ability which will stop him becoming a Worldy in midfield.

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16 Dec 2018 22:00:29
1) striker
2) right forward / winger
3) balling playing CB
4) goal scoring / creative midfielder
5) Left back

These are priorities and I'd say in this order, come January / summer
Drinkwater Bakyoko Moses Zappacosta morata Giroud luiz Willian Pedro Cesc I imagine will be last season at club. Plus some of the regular loans, piazon kalas Nathan if still at club, Michy maybe? Don't know if Sarri has place for him, we can spend some serious serious money with a lot of it from player sales, Reece James ola Aina has good loans playing regularly so a spot on bench is good enough for me, CHO I'd love to see him at Dortmund used in a deal to get some actual experience, Abraham if I'd like to see as 3rd choice but I prefer Callum Wilson and Sarri maybe only likes one striker on bench, mason mount I'd like to stay with derby ( if they get promoted ) and get some Premier League experience, Ampadu I'd keep, seems really mature and I like him. I like Christensen too but doesn't look aggressive enough but is such a good passer of the ball, left back Alonso just looks really low in confidence so bottom of priority list,

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16 Dec 2018 23:09:33
Matt, maybe the situation that dictates our in and outs in January could be the clubs assessment of a transfer ban!

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16 Dec 2018 16:49:20
Hello Ed001 hope you are well.

Are you aware of any interest in Immobile from Chelsea and what are your thoughts on him as a striker. I’ve only seen a couple matches myself and thought he looked pretty average but his scoring record looks very impressive.


{Ed001's Note - I have not heard of any interest from Chelsea. I have only seen him once and he looked like his name summed him up but that was when he was in Germany.}

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16 Dec 2018 19:14:07
Lol right on, thanks mate.

{Ed001's Note - very welcome, sorry I can't be of more help.}

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15 Dec 2018 08:56:59
Hi Eds, thanks for all the insight you give us, really helpful. Do you think / know if there's any truth in these Wilson rumours? He's doing well for Bournemouth, but the way teams defend against them is a lot different to how they do against us. Will he be able to cope with the parked buses etc.

{Ed001's Note - according to Bournemouth you are one of 8 Premier League teams that have been tracking him this season. So I would think there is some truth to it.}

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15 Dec 2018 14:17:02
Thanks for the quick reply Ed! I reckon if we want him enough, we'll get him. Hopefully not at the expense of loaning them someone like RLC. Could be like the days of Remy, just hopefully with less injuries.

{Ed001's Note - might do Loftus-Cheek good to spend a few months there playing regularly?}

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15 Dec 2018 15:29:29
I think RLC will be needed, this season. And in think he'll be a starter next. He's found a role and he's learning it at Chelsea, that's clear IMO.

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15 Dec 2018 16:17:49
Call me scarred from Lukaku and Ake, but I fear one more loan for RLC and that'll be him done here.

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15 Dec 2018 18:08:32
I’d be happy with that. Wilson is 24 / 25 big strong rapid and homegrown, and come summer if we got a big name in he would be able to get time in Europe and cups, ed, do you know the right winger forwards were interested in.

{Ed001's Note - off the top of my head I don't know who is still a target. You have shown interest in a few, such as Pulisic, and looked at a few, such as Lozano (took me ages to think of his name then, nearly ended up with 'the Mexican lad playing in the Eredivisie' as I can't think for the life of me which team he is at - old age!!), but I have no idea which are still of interest. I am pretty sure you have decided against Bailey now and I would think Pulisic is of more interest now he is struggling to hold down a place and looking for a move, but that is all I can think of. This is when I wish I had access to a database like Ed002 does, so many times I thought about starting one, but never maintained it when I did. Plus so much of what I am told I can't keep recorded, when the reasons for a player moving are personal (ie their wife has told them to move after they were caught dipping their wick elsewhere). Sorry babbling now!}

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15 Dec 2018 18:41:10
Lazano was very good at World Cup, good option and would be a lot cheaper than Pulisic, big fee for a player who isn’t a starter but I do like him; I think we’d all appreciate you having your own database and ifmkatikn on players as unfortunately Ed002 has had problems sharing.

{Ed001's Note - Pulisic isn't a starter because he is looking to leave and is not signing a new deal.}

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15 Dec 2018 19:32:27
Oh I see, I had it the other way round, his not starting so wants to leave rather than he wants to leave so not starting.

{Ed001's Note - I think most people did. If Dortmund had not played so well, I think he would have been back in the side anyway, but they can afford to leave him sidelined when they play like this.}

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16 Dec 2018 01:17:30
Cheers ed!

{Ed001's Note - welcome mate.}

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16 Dec 2018 21:49:21
Ed, do you think Pulisic would suit Sarri's style of football? From limited viewing, Pulisic looks more like a dribbler type, a guy that advances the ball through his dribbling. But Sarri likes his teams to play more pass and move football. So doesn't seem like a natural fit.

Do you think he could be a good option opposite Hazard? And bonus question, what's your opinion on Callum Hudson-Odoi and Ampadu?

{Ed001's Note - well Hazard is a player that advances the ball through dribbling and he fits perfectly. In the top end of the pitch, you need variety. Pulisic is an excellent player who, all things being equal, mesh really well.

I have only seen a few flashes of Hudson-Odoi, sub appearances where he has not had time or opportunity to properly make an impression. However, he does look to have something about him.

Ampadu I think is excellent. Has the ability to be a world class player in either central defence or defensive midfield. What I like about him most is his intelligence and assuredness. Every player makes mistakes, it is how they respond to them that makes a big difference. He just gets on with it, without being phased at all. He is not in a position where he can really chase back 50 yards to make up for it, like a forward, so he has to just get on with it and he does that.}

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17 Dec 2018 21:24:52
Thank you for that, Ed. Seems like you have the same view on Ampadu as I do.

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12 Dec 2018 12:28:26
Ed001, Ed002, any substance in the Denis Suarez to Chelsea rumours?


{Ed001's Note - I am not sure mate. I can't remember whether it was him or not you are interested in. I thought it was Arthur you were looking at bit then this story has come out so not sure if I am misremembering and they have it right, or if they are guessing Denis Suarez just from knowing you are interested in a Barca player.}

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12 Dec 2018 16:20:40
Hi Ed001; how about the the Cagliari midfielder called Niccolo Barella? Any truth to Chelsea being in negotiation for him?

{Ed001's Note - there has certainly been some interest but he is looking for first team football guaranteed.}

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12 Dec 2018 16:34:49
Thankyou my man.

{Ed001's Note - welcome.}

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13 Dec 2018 10:12:01
With all the talk of Fabregas leaving, someone should replace him I guess?

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